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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Could the evil that is Islam have caused us to introspect unfavourably over our own Christianity? Could paedophilia among our Christian instructors have cast doubt on the hallowed message? Whatever the reason for the rise and rise of atheism… it is real. We are rapidly becoming less religious. So is that good or bad?

As an atheist and an agnostic I have to be honest and declare my bias but I feel quite chuffed that people like me, who were brought up in a stiff religious environment, might have seen the light, because I mean fairy tales should cease to appeal to everyone after the age of around eight.

For otherwise intelligent people to believe the world was made in a few days by a bloke in the sky around seven or eight thousand years ago beggars belief. To believe that the first woman was created from a bloke’s rib is crazy and smacks of sexism.

Surely Christians can’t really believe two of each of the world's animals survived in Noah’s ark for 18 months or that a bloke called Jesus walked on water. It can make no sense except to a primitive mind. But obviously there was a bloke called Jesus making a nuisance of himself around two thousand years ago.

And he was clearly a good and decent bloke but one who, after his illiterate followers began to believe the magical tales, started calling himself the son of God. 

And that was when the trouble started because most celebrities in those days, including Caesar himself, had already declared themselves to be gods and this was intolerable heresy. They had no choice but to do away with him. 

You see it's a numbers game. Much like Pauline Hanson had to be done away with 20 years ago for preaching heresy but her followers are now too great in number to crucify her this time round.

You don’t have to be good to be Christian and you don’t have to Christian to be good!

Look, I have nothing against theistic endeavours as long as it isn’t Islam. But by berating Islam it forces a person to compare Christianity and Christianity doesn’t compare too well when it comes to rewards (heaven) and punishments (hell), no meat on Fridays, no contraceptives and a far Left fool for a Pope compared to 72 virgins and no pillow biters.

                                     Occult alchemy at religious ceremony

I reckon I’m a pretty normal bloke who believes in family, helping people poorer than me and in any team that plays Collingwood. But I cannot get my head around the occult beliefs that are more attuned to the Aztecs than to educated modern day Westerners.

Kids today look askance at religion and there are fewer parents to make them attend the dreaded Sunday school.

And without religion there would certainly be fewer wars.

So there is little doubt that in 50 years' time we will all be atheists or at least non-denominational fellow travellers.

And it looks like in 50 years’ time we will have suffered a few blokes like Bill Shorten as our PM.

Shiiit… I think I might say a quiet prayer tonight.      

Comments Christ walked on water 2000 years ago and man walked on the moon 50 years ago .....both miracles , yet they happened .....

I spent 4 years at college taught by Marist Brothers and was never molested. Can I now sue them for discrimination? Just wondering.

Being brought up in a "religious" environment does not nescessarily produce believers with any measure of certainty. To me, and many like me, 'religion' is an ugly word that is more at home when describing the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition or more recently, Paedophilia. These events came from the minds of men, not from the Bible. As did the outlawing of contraception, fish on Fridays, that God is a "Bloke" in the sky and occult practices...all the work of the minds of men.
True fantasy does leave people in early childhood, but for a long time now it has been immediately replaced by another fantasy that has cunningly brainwashed children and adults alike, from pre school to university and beyond...That is, the fantasy that rocks came to life and eventually produced a hairless All this without any applied intelligence whatsoever.
The facts are that Man has only ever witnessed life coming from pre existing life, and that Men and Woman are are a perfectly compatable pair according to their DNA. Jesus was crucified by the Romans on the order of Pilate, yes. But he did this only because the Jews demanded it. Pilate himself found no fault with Jesus and said so. Also, people continually confuse the Old Testament Jewish book with the reformed New Testament of Jesus Christ.
This can lead to serious error and unjust claims regarding Christianity and further injustice to children because of censorship of the works of Jesus.

But when the Son of man comes will he find anyone with faith on earth? Wow, it's like Jesus can see the future!

I need more info. on this one . . .
If a Gay marries a Lesbian is this a "mixed" marriage?
What if two Transsexuals wed?
Let's not even enter the Intersex maze.
No. Sorry. I'm an old fart & I need this spelled out to me OR YOU DON'T GET MY VOTE!

And "Poof", god made man.
or "Poof", man made god.
or "Gog" man made Poof.

Breaking News
Cardinal George Pell set to be charged with serious sex offences

I got him down to 10, But adultery's still in there

With all the immutable laws in the universe, and all the order, there has to be a God, and not Allah up on the moon.

You can't accept or reject Christianity based on the record of the Catholic Church, or of any church for that matter. You must go to the source. Jesus was no mere man who made up his own cult. Many have tried and failed miserably. CS Lewis wrote some very thoughtful essays on Christianity and our response to it. In Mere Christianity he explains that Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic or Lord. Most people, even you, acknowledge that he was not a liar, and you would be hard pressed to accuse him of being mad. So there really is only one option, and Jesus intended it that way - he didn't provide an option for patronising equivocations about being a good teacher but just a man.

People who have practiced religion in my lifetime have been catholic priests, catholic brothers and heirarchy of other religious denominations who have been blatant offenders committing such offences as sodomy, paedaphilia and the list goes on and nuns who were sadistic creatures whilst presenting themselves as good Christians. Religion is a fraud.

Belief in an invisible man, unreal. See George Carlin on YouTube titled " Talk about a bullshit story." IMO he hits the nail fairly and squarely on the head,

Syphilis and a raft of other STD's are rampant in Homosexual circles as they continue to infect the community with their Poor life choices....Female Male = Marriage and family...anything else is a Personal elective....Don't force me to embrace your poor life choices...Get your own ceremony that you can call Special. Don't try and Hijack my Moral Standards...

Agnosticism Is Self-Contradictory

All of the above......

No 5 - thou shalt not kill
No 6 - Don't commit adultery
No 7 - Don't steal
No 8 - Don't bear false witness (don't lie)
No 9 - Don't lust after your neighbours wife
No 10 - "Catch all" Don't steal your neighbour's house, farm, castle or anything else

Basically the last seven some up the rule of law, and most of these commandments are the current target of the left and the anarchists. So protect it or lose it.

....let every man be the author of his own morals , now that would go well i don't think........actually.....welcome to the present .....

I think I qualify as an agnostic. There are just too many unexplained forces, both good and evil to write it all off as evolution, though Darwin does explain a lot.
That brings us to religion and and both the good and evil that it entails. From the African witch doctor casting spells through Aztecs, Druids and the more recent religions, the common factor has been the power base. The various priesthoods have wielded enormous power and Popes and Ayatollahs are classics, but their respective religions are not without some merit. Take Christianity and the Ten Commandments.
If we ignore No 1 - I am thy God,
and No 2 - Though shant take my name in vain
and No 3 - The Sabbath is Holy
Then we get to the core of our civilised society (or what it used to be).
No 4 - Honour thy father and mother

The Vatican is a front for the Black nobility of Europe, Zionist Bankers and the Wahhabi sect under the control of the Saudi Royal family......................"
Pope Francis, following in the historic footsteps of his predecessors, will cross the river Tiber to Rome's Synagogue, the Grand Temple, on the opposite bank of the river Tiber to the Vatican on Sunday..............."

To all those who want to explore LOGOS I recommend the works of Prof. E. Michael Jones.

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