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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Saw a little of Q&A last night and, although I am not a fan of Australian country music, as much of it sounds just like American country music, I have nothing personal against Troy Cassar-Daley.

Cassar-Daley on Q&A, was having a shot at the PM over his comments about Aboriginal "lifestyle choices" Cassar-Daley’s attitude really made me see red big time.

No, Abbott’s comment has not done irreparable damage Troy, far from it.

 Somebody at last has spoken the truth about the situation and at least we are now openly discussing what many of us have totally avoided for years.

I worked and paid my taxes for almost 50 years… and I resented my hard-earned money being just given to people (regardless of their race or colour) to spend on grog and cigarettes. I resented my money supporting people who had never done a tools turn of work or paid two bob in tax.

What’s more, why should Aboriginal people get additional benefits over and above what is available to the rest of the Australian community just because they are “Aboriginal”?

 Bugger me, talk about discrimination!

Many, many thousands of hard working Australians feel exactly the same about welfare as I do, Aboriginal or otherwise.

I get even shittier when I hear the likes of Ken Wyatt referring to it as “Government Funding”. No Ken, it’s taxpayer funding, the government does not pay for it, we the taxpayers do.

I also note with interest that Troy Cassar-Daley does have an address that is in a bush camp out the back of Woop-Woop

But hey if you want to go live on land out the back of Woop-Woop, go for it mate... but do not expect the hard working predominantly "white" Australian taxpayers to pay for that lifestyle choice.

It’s simple, go walkabout for all your worth mate, it’s your choice, but stop encouraging this attitude of “it’s all too bloody hard”.  “It’s in our DNA” bull shit, and expect somebody else to pay for the grog you piss up against the wall (or should I say a gum tree) and the cigarettes that contributes to your people having the highest rate of lung cancer on the planet. And you say it’s okay to live that “Lifestyle”?

Oh and please don’t whine about "the gap"... the gap is being widened because people like you will not face up to reality. And while you keep playing this land connection spirituality bull shit it's never going to improve.

Throwing money at Aboriginal welfare has not worked in the past 100 years, has not worked in the present, and is not going to work in the future!

Nothing has improved in the almost 70 years I have been on this planet and nothing will change in the next 70 unless a drastic change of thinking happens, and happens quickly.

What Tony Abbott said is true! Have you noticed that the truly successful Aborigines generally reject that lifestyle, remove themselves from the crappy bush camps and actually earn a quid and makes a success of themselves.

Aboriginal people are clever, resilient people, given the opportunity, but sadly not anywhere near enough actually get the opportunity.

So why Troy, having an Aboriginal mother, would you be encouraging your fellow Aboriginal brothers and sisters to embrace that sort of lifestyle when you must know that it extinguishes their life way too early

You know it, I know it, and the likes of Warren Mundine  and Ken Wyatt know it.

 The Government of the day knows it and is trying to do something about it to help “your people” and WTF do you do? You send a totally wrong message to the Aboriginal people that a famous successful person with Aboriginal heritage thinks that living a life that kills you early is okay just because you are an Aboriginal.

You have to be kidding me!

Bashing Abbott just because you could, is not actually that smart.

Instead of having a go at Tony Abbott just because he is not running a Labor Government why don’t you accept, that with Abbott as PM, you have the best chance in 100 years of actually doing something to substantially improve the lot of the Aboriginal people.

Stop putting up barriers, stop making  excuses, and actually do something positive to help your people! The fact is, the negativity in regard to change from within the Aboriginal community is the greatest barrier to actually “bridging the gap”.

Go walkabout if you want, it’s a free country the last time I looked… but do it at your own expense, not the taxpayers’.


You can't say that, it's a secret we all know is true but can't say out loud or write down.

Western Australia's police chief has backed the premier in linking high rates of gonorrhoea in remote indigenous communities to the sexual abuse of children.

While commonwealth funding cuts were the first reason the state government gave for reviewing the future of up to 150 communities, Premier Colin Barnett later cited social problems, including children suffering STIs.

On Monday, Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan backed the premier.

'It's been a concern of mine for quite some years now and there's not a lot of things that keep me awake at night but that's one of them,' he told ABC radio.

'I am unable to provide the same level of policing to those people and the level of protection that you and other members of the community would expect me to provide.

'They are very remote, they are very far away from any support services and they have the most intractable difficulties including ... high rates of sex abuse, high rates of drug abuse, children with STIs and a whole range of complicated factors.'
- See more at:

Cassar-Daley is a very well-heeled country singer who is married to Laurel Edwards, who also sings a bit when she's not on telly (The Great South East) or indulging in empty-headed yapping on morning radio (4KQ). Neither of them are cerebral heavyweights, Cassar-Daley was conned by Q&A. Let's just leave it at that.

Abbott is correct it is a lifestyle choice they want to live incountry because they can do nothing except what they want to do and be supported by the Australian taxpayer. We scream about asylum seekers (not) bludging off the tax dollar and breeding like flies for more cash when the aboriginals (not all but a lot) have been doing it forever. We have them here in Nth QLD living in camps on the edges of the CBD in Cairns, why because they can walk to the pub and bottleshop and a lot of their communities are dry so the come to the City. They all have mobile phones (centerlink supplied) and taxi vouchers (centerlink supplied) and when they run out of vouchers they go off to centerlink and demand a top up which they get of course. Or they bash a tourist and rob them every night.

300 abo's street fighting in Mt. Isa on Friday night . Normal cultural exchange between tribes .

We've had friends over from the UK & the US. They couldn't believe that we were so courageous to have a product called "COON" Cheese. They took photos of course.

Amen to that,,,,,,goes for the rest of the bludgers in this country as well.

For a micro example of what happens all over Australia, have a look at "aboriginal affairs" as they are played at Parkes, NSW.

I was watching Dan Rather talking about the failures of Detroit's schools and he says the problem is caused by people knowing there is a problem but unwilling to change the way they do things. Like Einstein said. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is EVERYONE out there STUPID?

Well said Don.

Where does the anger come from? They get everything on a plate, but its still not enough. Reminds me of the angry Maori in NZ -- similar situation, they get everything, and are still not happy

If it is not a lifestyle choice, what is it? If these people want to be close to were their ancestors were, to practice in part the hunter gathering life, to be close to their land of origin, this is a lifestyle choice they are making for themselves and their children. I cannot see any alternative but for them to come in. Their situation will improve one-by-one, case-by-case. One person gets out of the mire and inspires another. There is no quick way. 50 years have been wasted by so many..

Another thought, they should have DNA tests, if one has more white bood than black, then you are white, if you have more black then you can class yourself as a black person, fair enough.

Fabulous comment, whole heartedly agree with Larry.

You said it Don,just as it is.

Pity there is no audio to this. Then we really would have some comments!

Casser-Daley must not be getting any of 'IT' at home so he has to give himself a tug. Just another so called entertainer - like kate 'it's all about me' blanchet, who is an authority on everything.

One other point mainstream australians do not know about is the money the aboriginals are paid for sacred site clearances paid by the mining companies.. the going rate 10 years ago was 500 dollars minimum a day .. plus then you also had the lump sum payments to a special few, one guy in kalg got 200,000 gone in a months, all the family had new cars of course ... no penalty from centrelink .. in 2002 one mining company had over 3 million a bank deposit waiting for the Ć«lders" to give them the names of all the receipients who should rpt should get it. the elders would not give it to them, "they" wanted to disburse it .... yeh .. thats right not many of them would have received any of it ... dont know it if ever got distributed ..

Good on Tony Abbott saying it.. having seen how the young kids break down young sapling trees, smash any bottles because they cannot walk past one that is not broken for years among other supposedly "tied to the land" vandalism .. and for the do gooders who object to what he said ... get out in the bush and see it for yourselves.

Sorry for any confusion guys, yes, CS, concerned senior