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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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... it’s that time of year again when there’s life on other planets

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Around this time each year, budget submissions are presented with a dollop of induced public excitement... and NASA knows just how gullible the public is when it comes to life (as we know it) on other planets. You can put “life on other planets” in the same out-tray as the “Y2k bug”, the “ozone layer”, the “Crown of Thorns starfish” and “global warming”.

There are areas in outer space they call the Goldilocks Zones, where everything is “just right” for life as we know it... and here’s why it’s all bullshit:

As orbiting telescopes improve, we look further and further into outer space, but what we are looking at with higher definition is further and further away and no longer there. So, if we were able to get there (which we’re not) we would likely see a wisp of spent gas.

But there are other reasons why “life as we know it” will never be found.

Our world is around six billion years old and we arrived on it only a moment ago... it’s like circling the earth with a piece of cotton 20 times and cutting off the last few centimetres which  represents our time here. But all of earth’s creatures eventually become extinct, some are more stubborn than others like the shark, crocodile and elephant species.

                                  Mystic Mountain as seen by the Hubble telescope

So there is a miniscule sliver of time in which we could possibly meet another similar life form. The chances of that happening is akin to picking the right Lotto numbers 100 consecutive times. We can’t possibly get there anyway, and even if we could we couldn’t return to Earth before we died of old age.

It would take 40 years' travelling at the speed of light to reach the nearest Goldilocks Zone which won’t be there when we get there. A 25 yo astronaut would need to live for 105 years, 80 of which would be spent travelling in a capsule and that doesn’t include any time spent in the zone.

The Bible says the Earth is around 6,000 years old.That makes for a lot of very young dinosaurs that have been hiding God only knows where. It’s a nonsense of course as there is proof of the Earth being at least 4.5 billion years old. Modern man evolved around 100,000 years ago.

So Christians should not believe in other life forms unless they agree on duplicates of the Trinity.

The chances of reaching an Earth-like planet while man is still inhabiting it are very slim as is witnessed by the nothingness of all the other planets we can actually see, like Mars (above) where water once flowed.

How long do we humans have left on Earth? It can’t be more than 100 years before some nutter somewhere presses a red button that unleashes a renewable resource called nuclear fission.

Our stay here is a tenuous one, as it is for all species. Ninety nine per cent of all species that ever lived on Earth are now extinct. Any other Earth-like planet with the same resources, would have equally tenuous tenants and trying to find that infinitesimal window of time within which man is alive in the Goldilocks Zone is an impossibility. 

The next thing to consider is the speed of light. According to physicists there is nothing faster (not true, but that’s another argument) except for dodgy time machines. Hmmm, okay, time machines, eh? I mean time machines would be great if they were possible. You would know who you shouldn’t marry and you could stay in bed when you are due to have a car accident.

Getting back to Earth knowing the next dozen or so Melbourne Cup winners sounds great? Well, not really, because living in the past or the future would create immeasurable problems for everyone. In fact it would likely shorten man’s (ooh, I forgot, and woman’s) existence.

Any person who could reliably predict what idiot would reach for that red button first would end up in Gitmo on a water-board to get the exact time and place. When that was accomplished, back to the water-board for next year’s stock exchange results and to see if Collingwood won the premiership before the year 5017.

No, it’s impossible, but NASA comes out with this rubbish each year as does the Great Barrier Reef galahs who falsely claim it is dying and needs more money thrown at it.

[Off topic, but universities should be made to allocate courses where people are most needed and not where they prefer to go. There is currently a surfeit of lucky “Marine Biologists” now on permanent holiday, floating among the corals trying to invent something wrong, that is actually not wrong, but will require more public funds.] 

Sorry, I digressed there. But hoodwinking the public and governments alike is better than employing expensive lobbyists to get the same result. Getting people excited over life on another planet and a 50% RET by 2030 seems to be working.

Unfortunately we will get the bill later.   


Captain's log Stardate 24875-23. N.A.S.A. is actually an acronym for "No Arsehole has ever Seen an Alien".

Yes, good old space, to bodly bullshit and pretend to go where no man has ever been, that should be on Nasa's logo.

Yes folks more rubbish for the brain dead sheeple to gobble up, yum yum .. Nasa is my space god
NASA using Green Screen to fake ISS footage

Don’t pay your rent [rates] on your property to your Local Government for 3 years and they organise an auction sale. So who owns your property?
“……..The distinguishing feature of communism is not the abolition of property generally, but the abolition of bourgeois property. But modern bourgeois private property is the final and most complete expression of the system of producing and appropriating products that is based on class antagonisms, on the exploitation of the many by the few.
In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property. ……….’

Adding insult to injury, our "diverse" Defence Department helps train the Indonesian military. FFS!

Come on, Wen, Slash, and co. you have oboviously been here before and you pretend that you are newbies so be honest . As for me if I agree with you , fine if I dont , I will call you out!

I get mine from Sun Tzu

Btw - There is already grammar nazi's patrolling this blog - it was a trait of the infamous smartgirl/marigold and her crew. You'd do best to curtail what appears to be a natural inclination to correct others - just saying.

You may be on the right track , but she would be pissed already!

Todays OUTSIDERS on SKY was probably their best.Tensions mount at LIBERAL HQ. New Polls tomorrow. NATIONALS numbers suffering in QLD & NSW regionals due to ONE NATION huge increases at Polls and unpopularity of Malcolm Turdbulls led Sydney City Liberals. NATIONALS head kickers are NOT HAPPY JAN and they are not known for taking prisioners. Michael Photios has gone underground which prompts the question , Is he digging IN or digging his way OUT ?

thanks troop ..

CC..Milgram..seems like a version of Stockholm Syndrome...(aside from the nonsense Nazi associations H..four missing planes eh?...lets see..two were parked at Denver Colorado Airport...and one evaporated when it crashed in a field..and another evaporated when it hit the Pentagon...there you go

troop and dante :)...and CD Michael Sucker.wanna house, get a high paying job..thanks Joe 2

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take a circuitous route through South East Asia to dodge Indonesian airspace as he departs Australia for Israel. El Al is the Israeli national carrier and is prohibited from entering the airspace of a series of Muslim countries, including Indonesia.

How about playing the ball..not the man Larry..You have also omitted to mention Mr Abbotts most "heinous crime" of all which catapulted Labor into power in QLD.....that being, at nil cost to taxpayers, his PMs choice knighthood he bestowed on Prince Philip....that innocuous act sent the hate media into unhinged, spit dribbling rage and hatred ...A frightening event for mature commonsense observers...who were quite amazed and concerned at the insanity of the media and the Abbott haters. Comparable countries to Australia have bestowed comparable honours on Prince Philip without such a reaction.....why Australia ?

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New post up.

Donald Trump has shown people around the World how corrupt the Main Stream Media is. He is getting the same treatment Tony Abbott got from our Media. Before him it was Pauline Hanson. The World has woken up that the Elite Media has been running the Left Agenda for many years. Donald Trump has shown he is a Man of the people. For years the Elites of this world has used the workers who believed the Left was for them. What they didn't know they were been used for their votes to keep the Elites Agenda going.. Most Elites have their noses in the trough with Climate Change, Universities and World Global Domination Agendas.

Ahh, Colin, You should know that you can't trust women who allow themselves to be scribbled on.

Tattoo's and scribblings are for slow sheilas who sit around a lot, couch, spine bashers, large arses, slow is what I'm trying to say. Assume they are of the left.

Telegraph UK - "Terror chief Max Hill warns of risks of attacks in Britain is highest since the dark days of IRA. British citizens are facing a level of threat from terrorists not seen since the IRA bombings of the 70's , the country's new terrorism watchdog has warned. In his first major interview since taking the role, Max Hill said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was planning "indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians" on a scale similar to those perpetrated by the IRA 40 years ago. He told the Sunday Telegraph that Islamists were targeting UK cities and said there was an "enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore"

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