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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Islamic organisations are now fighting back to protect a billion dollar industry that thrives on labelling Australian products as “halal certified”. Now that the extortion racket has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are shunning the “certified” products to the dismay of Australian manufacturers and processors.

An avalanche of Australian companies are now declaring their products as “non-halal certified” to protect their domestic market, and the Muslim mobsters who control the racket are incensed at their potential loss of income. 

Not to be outdone, Islamic certification activists, who go by the names of Charkawi Wesam and Abu Hanifa, are fighting back, naming and shaming Australian companies who are refusing to pay (or who are avoiding paying) outrageous sums of money to be “certified” as halal.

The implication is that Australian companies must first make their products halal compliant so they can be “certified”. Those that refuse will suffer trade bans.

Arnott’s, who has been resisting threats to its export markets from Muslims, is described thus on their web site: 

“Arnott's clearly states that its "non-halal" status extends to 'every product' bearing the name "Arnott's" even the non-cream biscuits and Tim Tams. The company has clearly demonstrated a reluctance to change its stance on this community issue.”

The site declares in respect of Flora products: 

"Pork based gelatin is contained in Flora and Pro-activ Light, Ultra Light and Flora Pro-activ Olive spreads. Whilst there are some products 'Flora Original' that are certified 'halal' by AFIC (The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils) people need to be aware of the Pork Based ones. An investigation is continuing to determine the process and contamination factors that require compliance before halal can be granted.”

In relation to Golden Circle products the site states: 

“Alcohol based flavours are used across some of the products of the Golden Circle and Original Juice Co. juice and orange ranges. Furthermore, after speaking directly to Golden Circle, it is clear that alcohol is used to derive certain flavours. The flavours are used and it is claimed that the alcohol is burnt off. However, with no oversight or some minimal monitoring in the very least, nothing can be substantiated.”

No “monitoring” will commence until the fees (of up to $30,000 pm) are paid.

The site claims this about Smiths Chips: 

“Smiths advocates a clear status of non-Halal certified, but says instead - that their products are ‘Suitable for Vegans.’ This means that some of their products do not contain any animal products. It must be noted that when it comes to food, the assumption is non-permissibility until it is proven Halal. Therefore, the onus is for Smiths to prove why they are Halal and simply claiming suitability for vegetarian without any oversight, and possible cross contamination work methods cannot be ruled out.”

“Smiths states that seeking Halal certification is on their agenda and they have been responsive to calls made.”

[Typos, grammar and misspelled words have been corrected to make the above quoted material more legible.]

It is clear that pressure is being applied to Australian processors to either comply with halal requirements or risk exports being cancelled.

One Queensland exporter has lost his entire Indonesian market by refusing to comply with Muslim certifiers’ demands. 

Another NSW processor, who held out against Muslim demands for massive “certification fees”, eventually had to capitulate to save his business but was fined for not complying when asked to and made to pay loaded back-fees applicable to when he was first told to pay up.

All Australian exporters are being targeted in a world-wide $2.5 trillion extortion racket run out of Saudi Arabia with an Asian arm in Indonesia (MUI) that oversees dozens of certifying agencies here in Australia . 

Certifiers make a quick phone call to Islamic importers overseas and Australian exporters who refuse to comply are told to pay up or lose their export markets.

The web site also states this: "Not Halal Australia is now coordinating nation wide with other halal organisations and scholars to determine companies that attempt to avoid halal certification."

The ABC and Fairfax (along with a certain radio station that advertises and promotes the discredited Arab Bank) naively believe “halal” is all about the inhumane slaughter of animals but if Minister Barnaby Joyce decides to return my calls, I will hand him proof of a massive extortion racket raising “certification” funds that go to terrorist organisations, laundered through "charity" front companies here in Australia.

You obviously don’t want to rock the boat Barnaby, so we will, and you better have your swimmers handy!


Everyone keep writing to these halal certified companies & strongly acknowledge your annoyance & boycott of their products & tell them you will be spreading the word about this & their lack of loyalty to their non Moslem customers. Also keep writing my will letters to politicians. Also support Kirralie Smith from Halal choices who is continuing to fight against this. She's a champion & is being hauled through the courts by these ********. That's also what she was fighting for with the Australian Liberty Alliance senate position, but not enough stood up for her. Don't complain here if you didn't vote for them.

Barnaby Joyce wont return your calls he is an ignorant fool he reckons Halal certification is the best thing since sliced bread. Read Surah 5.5 of the Quran it clear states that all food is good for muslims even the food of the people of the book

We need an enterprising business man to start a "Non Halal" Certification process. Ne fees involved! A simple symbol "NFHS" on everything that we sell in Australia! Dick Smith come back we have a job for you now!

Larry, send this article to Barnaby. We have other articles on our website that also point out the criminal nature of islamic demands for halal extortion money:

Halal = Allah, an anagram, La lah, words of a Muslim chant, A hall, a narrow passage for more Mu'slim to sleep in the house.

I want all companies to spray their products with a light film of bacon-grease....and advertise accordingly in large font on their packaging. Then I will know that no filthy muslim hand has been anywhere near it and no jihadist organization will profit from my purchase.

So apart from boycotting halal certified products, how can we donate money to subsidise those companies who resist halal. Itm happy to contribute to beat these bastards at their own game.

Surely there are enough markets overseas that don't require certification to ignore the Muslim countries. Let them eat cake I say.

If this was anything other the massive fraud that it is, religious authorities would be taxing the adherents of the faith to pay for companies cost to provide halal certified foods not the other way around. I understand the Jewish faith has kosher but no cost is incurred. Australian politicians need to hang their collective heads in shame at the abuse of their constituents by this scam. I am extremely heartened by the public response to the call for a boycott. Take a bow my fellow Australians. It is not racist.

A complete curse to every faith including Moslems!
"Halal Certification" has nothing to do with being "Halal" opposite in fact
Just makes Allah and his messenger liars!
Quran 5:5 makes food of Christian and Jew automatically lawful (with a few exceptions)
No man can make a law above Allah's law
In displeasing Allah ta`ala and his messenger, a number of curses from their Qur'an are placed upon them such as,
"And let those who oppose the Messenger’s way beware, lest some conflict befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them." (Qur'an, verse 24:63)
"Halal Certification" is nothing but a extortion scam that is funding terrorism (killing more Moslems than anyone else)
According to the Qur'an Verse 5:87
Allah himself forbids "Halal Certification" Qur'an 24:63, Qur'an 5:87

Ignorant bloody Muslims and more ignorant Business It is stated abopve
It must be noted that when it comes to food, the assumption is non-permissibility until it is proven Halal.
surah 5.5 clear states that This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them.
So the above phrase that it is assumed NON HALAL is stating that Allah doesn't have a clue. And me thinks that assumption maybe a tad dangerous

We dont want to pay the MUSLIM Halal Tax. Halal Certification is not needed by Australians using Australian Grown and made products. We dont want to subsidize MUSLIMS. Barbany Joyce has to chose whether he supports us or ISLAM, its as simple as that!

For me as a Practicing Christian I must not eat anything that is prepared in the Halal manner.

Halal Certification is nothing but a criminal terrorist money-men con job, a extortion scam!
"Halal Certification" has absolutely nothing to do with Islamic beliefs or Charity!
As far as Moslems (who know the Qur'an/Koran) are concerned it states clearly that any "Halal Certification" (HC) actually curses one who touches such products!
"Halal Certification" scam makes Islamic "good food" "Bid'ah"(actions which displease Allah ta`ala and his messenger.)
It is clearly stated in the Quran 5:5 “The food of the People of the Book [Christian or Jew] is lawful unto you and yours [Moslem]

There are websites in Islamic countries where they state it's not necessary to eat only halal qualified products.
As long as they stay clear of pork products Muslims can eat non certified foods under the assumption they are ok to eat. That from the mouths of Imams on a number of sites.

".....was fined for not complying when asked to and made to pay loaded back-fees applicable to when he was first told to pay up." - As far as I am aware this is EXTORTION and is illegal, so why aren't these mongrels in jail?

If all these companies had any brains they'd all stop complying and let the musims either starve or eat non halal.

I reckon you are all a bunch of wankers with nothing better to do than think about Muslim conspiracy. Get a job and get a life and think about important things like football.

Halaal certification is a con................. proof here........