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Friday, 14th December 2018

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MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS... do we ever ask what brand?

Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Even before good old Mohammed came along, the Middle East was already a highly “tribalised” place. They all had their different groups with their Sultans (warlords) with their differing loyalties. It was a lot like England in the middle ages with different groups vying for power and arranging marriages to keep alliances together.

Not only was it highly tribal it was pretty bloodthirsty too. There was a hell of a lot of fighting and invading going on. Even in the time of Jesus the Roman Empire controlled a large chunk of the Middle East including most of the area we know as Palestine.

In fact the Roman Empire at its mightiest, around 117-120 AD, controlled an area of some two and a half million square miles throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and had some 88 million people under its control.

Regardless of the fact that it was controlled by the Romans, the Middle East consisted generally of nomadic tribal peoples. 

However as the Roman Empire started to decline around 400 AD, shrinking back to Rome primarily from the Middle East and Africa and the strength of certain tribes within the Middle East started to grow considerably.

Most of these Arabic peoples were either Christian, Jewish or they followed various forms of worship of various “gods” of ancient times.

Then in 570 AD along comes Mohammad. Now the first part of his life is pretty good and he preaches love and tolerance but the second part well, to put it bluntly, he becomes the ancient equivalent of Adolph Hitler and seems to have the shits with the world. 

When he lived in Mecca Mohammed had preached and written good loving stuff, then when he goes off to Medina for some reason, the second book of his Quran becomes filled with hate, anger and Jihad. 

Even before his life has ended his followers are promoting Mohammad’s Islam at the point of a scimitar and invading Palestine. It would appear the best bit of Mohammad's teachings was all that blood and guts Jihad stuff in the Quran part 2?

So before we go anywhere, understand the Quran is terribly conflicted in its two forms.

Now, to make matters worse we have several different groups within the Islamic world who interpret this manuscript of Mohammad in different ways so, just as we have different varieties of Christians, we have the same within Islam except for one fundamental difference… Islam is based on tribal ethnicity.

So you have these groups of Islamists hating each others' guts not only because they see the word of Mohammad differently, but they probably hated each others' guts long before Islam came along anyway!

In between all this we have WWI and WWII and if we go into the intricate dealings that went on there, we will be here until after Christmas! 

Let's just say that when they carved up the spoils on both occasions no-one gave a rats arse about tribal ethnicity or religious backgrounds, they just drew up borders and said, "this is yours and this is ours".

A classic example is Yugoslavia. Once the Russians moved out, all frigging hell broke loose and there are several such examples around the place, but they all had one thing in common…on one side were the Christians and on the other side were the Muslims.

Oh, the second common denominator is, guess who started the fucking fight?

But I digress.

For 1400 years we have had these different groups of Islamic Arabs hating each others' guts because they interpret the Quran differently. Seriously, when they build a Mosque. is it for all the local Muslims to come and pray in? You can bet your arse it’s not. 

In the Islamic world, when some bastard took over a country or an area, heaven help anyone who was of the other breed of Islam, let alone a Kurd, an Assyrian or a Coptic Christian!

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s those Lebs, Gypo’s and Assyrian's and most anyone else who came here were bloody Christians trying to get away from the damned Muslims. All our early Yugoslavs were Catholics trying to get away from Muslims!

So when Fraser, Hawke, Keating, and Howard to a degree, opened the door to immigration from some of these countries, all they did was let the very people into Australia our hard working well-assimilated Christians were trying to get away from in the first place!

Talk about brilliant! Then we have Keating’s family re-unions that just let more Muslims into the joint, add Rudd’s border protection stuff-up to the equation and we have over 2% of the population now Muslim!

Here is the really tricky question, "what frigging brand of Muslim are they?"
If they are all Shia... great they get along, if they are all Sunni, fine they get along, but you can bet your left nut that no-one in the Federal Government has any bloody idea!

Notwithstanding, do you think these people are just going to put thousands of years of ingrained hatred behind them just because they are now in Australia?

Bloody hell, we have this Islamic group, we have that Islamic group, but who do they actually represent? Does anybody know?

Imagine if I went up to my local council and said I own 3,000 square metres of land in this particular street and here are my plans, I want to build a Christian Church. The first question the drop kick behind the counter would ask is, “What kind of Christian Church do you wish to build sir?”

My reply would be, "A bloody Christian Church, what difference does it make?"

Now the drop kick would say, "But sir we need to know if it’s a Catholic, Baptist or Church of England Church”.

And I would say, “What difference does it make, it’s a bloody Christian Church?”

Okay, now stick a fucking white knitted tea cosy on yer head and rock up to the same drop kick at the same council and tell him you have 3,000 square metres of land and you wish to build a Mosque… and I bet he does not ask you, "Now, what brand of the Muslim faith would this mosque be for sir? “

All I can say is, thank Christ Morrison has stopped the boats, because we have enough trouble with who we have here already, and half these dopey politicians have no bloody idea of the diabolical situation they have left us in!


thalior been on the pith I'd thay!

Correct Jack. His Eminence, The grand Mufti of Australia can't speak English even though he's been here for 25 years. Maybe he thought he didn't need to. Bet he's on a disability pension too.

Maybe it was payback for not paying the gangsters' extortionists standover protection money aka halal certification.

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The view from the back Pew

JR... Don't you feel sorry for the poor father? He will have to start making babies again...

I can understand your concern. But don't fret, chances are good that it will happen soon and you can enjoy multicultural harmony forthwith.

alpinist.. . not to forget goats and sheep

Rudd’s border protection stuff-up ?? I disagree was done deliberately. The same with Chris Bowen being unable to stop the boats...Bullshit !!! it was done deliberately for the ALP ethnic branch stacking exercise. In the UK they even admitted to as much.

Swearing does not add to the credibility of this site. Think of Larry. Wait on, he swears too. Must be catching

My God Jack Richards - he is not ion our welfare system is he?

We love Pasta and Pizza and the Italians!

Clever and funny

Dhimmi page alert

Hey about Islam, Muslim, Allah, Muhammed....?

Continued(Do you get that on Oz TV?) A muslim woman in Darth Vader costume complained that they were being racist towards her by singing a song about a pig and the driver ordered them off the bus saying that it was the easiest solution for him. Another story featured a Pakistani from Edinburgh who was visiting Pakistan and got jailed for blasphemy. His family want the PM to help him out. They don't like sharia law when it's THEM in trouble under it.

In a previous post, I told you about a character called Anjem Choudhary, who has ben taking the piss liberally here for years. He stands on streets in London calling for jihad and sharia law and claims to have radicalised the scum that murdered lee Rigby. Last december he stood on Brick Lane London, which is a busy road full of restaurants and liquor stores, threatening 20 lashes to drinkers. The police never do anything about him but harass anyone that responds to his bullshit. Well finally they have arrested him for encouraging terrorism. Let's see if they just let him walk. Another story that caught my eye this morning, in Rotherham,a young couple with an autistic infant, tried to settle him down while on a bus by singing the theme tune to the children's cartoon 'Peppa Pig' (Do you get

Yes but are we allowed to shoot at them that is the next question...

Gotta tell you Jack...I'd not be too uptight about all this.. in fact, if most of these were to disappear.??? life would be a damn sight easier!

Just like the Italians who taught us Pizza and Pasta!

From Martina in Germany
We heard all about your Muslim problems in our media in Germany. However, your problems are relatively small (yet) compared to what is happening in European countries. Once they settle in a country they can’t rid of them and most of them are “leeching” the host countries’ welfare system. We have also big problems with the Salafista Movement. If you don’t know what this is, Google it. But here is an excerpt from a German newspaper to shed some light on it for you, and I wish that you don’t get this mob down under.

I quote: “Germany has seen its share of radical ideologies over the years. Now the nation faces a new threat: Salafism. It's an extreme brand of Islam that preaches hatred of Christians and Jews. As CBN News discovered recently, Salafism is growing in Western Europe's most populous country.

In June, 1,000 police fanned out across Germany. They targeted the homes, schools, and mosques of Salafi Muslims. Salafis model themselves after Islam's prophet, Mohammed, and his followers and strictly follow Islamic Sharia law. Their ideology encourages violent jihad and is shared by al Qaeda and many other Islamic terror groups. It's now taking hold among a small but growing number of Germany's 4.3 Muslims