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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


This is the second harrowing part of “Susan’s” tale. Part  one can be found HERE.

After the last traumatic incident, my husband agreed for me and the children to leave immediately. Due to finances, we could not all leave at the same time.

Consequently, I have been in Australia with my children for 7 months. I was not allowed to work for the first 3 months and lived from the support of family members and friends who helped us during this time. Many, at the time, were strangers.

I took a job the moment I was allowed to. It has not been an easy road. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done - leaving my country, my husband and my family, with the hope and prayer to be safe and to save my children – but it has been worth every tear.

I am desperate. I cannot take my children back to South Africa. We are traumatised.

As a white South African we are targeted by our own government because we are white ethnic Boers. The aim appears to be to cause serious bodily or mental harm to our families and people, our ethnic group.

Various political figures are enticing violence with songs and speeches, saying, "Kill the Boer, Kill the Whites" and "one settler, one bullet"!

Mandela stands with fist clenched in solidarity next to Ronnie Kasrils and a crowd of Bantu MK supporters as they sing “Kill the Bhulu” (Ed- Susan tells me “Bhulu” means whites). This continues today, in fact, those few Black South Africans who remember Mandela consider him a traitor for not taking all the land.

Although this was declared to be hate speech in 2011, none of the leaders face the law, and they continue to incite the African people against us.

There is a direct and public incitement to kill whites – in effect to commit genocide by eradicating the whites in South Africa. Our Government should have the interests of all ethnic groups at heart. But South Africa is less a rainbow than it was under Apartheid. At least back then there was not wholesale murder and terror. The fact is, that in South Africa, ethnic Boers like us are not protected.

The EFF took 8% of the vote just a few months after being registered. It is expected to take far more in the upcoming elections.

Perhaps you think I am exaggerating or making this up. Here is a website which lists tens of thousands of Whites who have been murdered, usually in brutal circumstances, in South Africa.

This trend has accelerated in recent years but since 2012, in order to hide this massacre, the South African Government has refused to identify the ethnicity of the victims or the perpetrators of crime.

There is a crime wave in South Africa for sure. At the same time everything is degrading, including essential services such as ambulance, hospitals, rubbish collection, and police.

The rising chaos and crime mask a deliberate genocide or something close to it. Whites are being deliberately and systematically targeted. And frankly, I am tired of the South African government hiding this by using words such as “crime” as a scape-goat.

The hatred and brutality which accompanies Black-on-White crime in South Africa surpasses the usual brutality of Black on Black crime.

So far, we have had some lucky escapes, but how long will our luck hold out?

To escape South Africa, we sold everything just to get tickets. If we go back, we will be penniless and even more vulnerable. We have applied for protection in Australia. The final decision has not yet been made as we hang in limbo.

 As soon as I arrived here, I felt that I was amongst my own people, my own tribe. We just adore Australia and Australians who have treated us so kindly.

That may sound racist, but I assure you that if you had been through what I and my family have, that you would feel the same.

Sure, there are bad White people. There are White thieves, White rapists, even White murderers. Yet simply to be among familiar people, to be part of a community that does not judge you for your colour, a friendly majority, and to know that our children will have (hopefully) a future in their own nation, that no one will discriminate against me or my children – let alone brutally murder us – just because we are white -, feels like we have somehow died and gone to heaven.

We have applied for protection in Australia, but it is far from certain that we will be allowed to stay. I still have nightmares about South Africa and the reality is that we may yet be sent back there. The thought of taking my children back to that living hell is more than I can bear.

We want nothing more than a chance to stay here. We want no charity, no welfare, no handouts. If we can stay here, we will work and do whatever we can to make this country proud of us. There are so many poor white South Africans in similar circumstances.

Taking us in would cost the Australian Government almost nothing. We are already working and happily paying taxes to this country. The South Africans we know who have citizenship here are still terrified that they could lose it and be sent back. Consequently, they are model citizens, frightened to even get a parking ticket.

We are begging Australians to have mercy on us and not to send us back. We are genuine refugees. If we can stay, we will assimilate in a heartbeat. Please give us a chance. I feel I would rather die than take my children back to what has become a living hell for us.

I thank you for taking the time to read this article. Due to the fact that our protection has not yet been finalised, I have asked to be anonymous for the time being.

Update: "Susan" tells me that due to "positive discrimination" power plants are now almost entirely run by Black South Africans. These power stations are on the verge of collapse with regular load shedding instances. A complete shutdown is possible which would mean that it would take weeks to restart the power stations without electricity (ironically called "a black start") She fears that this could lead to total societal breakdown. 


Whites use time to justify their occupations. If the first invasion was only 10 years ago, you'd conceded like the Brits did in Ireland 1917 and go home (sarcasm), but because it's been 230 years, the excuses flow faster than the Niagara Falls. Look at you pale skins. Your DNA is from the other side of the planet with half the UV. Your own DNA, low pigment agrees with me. Go slap some more 50plus on to protect yourselves from frying on my land.

Susan, tell your friends to get in a boat and make their way to Christmas Island. As many as you can, hurry we need will also tell us exactly where the government stands on protection visas and weather those visas are only for some....

Harry, Please, I write occasionally. I lived in SA for many years and love those who welcomed me into their country. I loved those people I met there. And not just whites, although they are my tribe. I feel incredibly angry how Australia has treated white South Africans, both then and now. I would love to meet "Susan" and help her to get to Australia in any way possible. I don't know what I could do for her and her family, but as a possible "break", I live at/near the Victorian alps and could give her and family a place to visit and be welcomed. Can I somehow make contact via you Harry. I AM SO ANGRY that we do not help white South Africans here... Who/what are we????

Show me one successful, well run black nation

Turnbull once said to me you capitalise on chaos"
".....And, in some ways, the current polling works to his advantage. Shit happens, and a lot of things will change over the next two years. An objective analysis would conclude that there is risk that the polling does not get much better than this. That, surprise, surprise, the party, with Malcolm's prodding, cannibalises itself. The big fella once said to me, You capitalise on chaos."

One Nation hasn't done much to protect us or support conservative causes in the parliament lately. I don't hold out much hope from them.

Another Democrat in the making...Black Homosexual tries to set up as a victim........The idiot cant even work out what a dick is for and every other stupid decision he has made.......Even tries to blame Trump for it all by including MAGA hats in his bullshit complaint.....Just like all the other Trump Haters, they are so blind with hate and the fact they may actually have to deal with reality and Grow Up...............

Looks like this fella's career is really done and dusted with the faked racebaiting.
MAGA backfire.

List of Government ways to gain and retain control of the general Public…How many of these can you see happening here in Australia......They forget, that WE the Population are meant to tell THEM what we want and not the other way around......

Bravo! . . . Wangaratta's own Florence Nightingale . . . They should erect a statue of you next to the colonoscopy unit, Inkee.

I reckon this analysis of the behavior of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what has caused her to be the way she is, has a great many parallels with leftism and the huge disorientaion of the younger people in society today. IMO this is the great irrationality of modern Western society and may even be the catalyst for our destruction.

Yet the scots reckon that throwing a tree trunk is a sport? Farcanal!

Oh but I have!! Ask around many know and love me here. And my glory has risen not from inherited wealth or a bradbury like fall over the line into the senate but through hard work administering to the sick the injured the infirm and elderly. I virtually glow with distiguishness son! Glow I tell you.

dunc says:
February 16, 2019 at 9:24 am

The constant drip feed of propaganda , from the MSM and BBC in particular, has convinced a generation that normal winter ( and summer ) weather is somehow different now than the last 100 years .
Im 50 and had an outside job for 30 years, I have a mother who is a sprightly 90 ( 1928) so between us we can remember quite a lot. I live in Manchester.
In the UK at this time of year , if its a southerly airflow 20 degrees celsius is not unusual, if its a northerly or easterly it can be sub zero celcius all day.
Its called weather.

My contributions are more like "gifts" rather than rants. You confuse indoctrinated with erudite and wise. Mossad has no place here. I was only taljing to my shape shifting lizard controllers with George the other day (soros) about the jews,,, never mind ,,,we have them under control sleep easy but be ever vigilant!!! SHALOM! YOU MORON.

Anning is a race baiting fool. He tries to deceive with hyperbole fear and gross exaggeration ,,, not unlike andrew bolt and piers akerman et al. He too will pass through the rectum of history likes the turd that he is

BBC's science and technology TV show Click is ostensibly just that. But I gave up watching it over time because of its increasingly overt Leftist and globalist agenda, as typified by the blurb for the latest episode: "100th anniversary of women voting in a general election in the Uk for the first time… a massive step forward in beginning the drive towards gender equality. Click tries out a new VR experience aimed at school children about the Suffragettes and goes on to look at how the world of tech, something to date dominated by men, is doing in terms of its journey towards giving women equal standing." Given that tone I'm surprised that Our ABC and SBS haven't picked it up long ago.

Peter Dutton
you stopped working for the ALP years ago so drop the partisan rant. You work for the
now so please stick to the facts which are largely absent in your diatribe. 1/7

The libs new ad.

EPA 1983 : Ten Feet Of Sea Level Rise In The Next Few Decades
Posted on February 16, 2019 by tonyheller

Apparently Florida is underwater. Experts say so.

They also said the climate of New York will be like Florida (which will be underwater.)

Now climate scientists say global warming makes winters cold and snowy, and that they predicted it all along.|