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Friday, 14th December 2018

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... it's just a numbers game

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Apart from Joan of Arc, sheilas rarely donned battle gear and went to die in “holy” wars. Only the blokes suffered gruesome deaths in the name of some or other ethereal belief. It was common for armies to lose half their numbers before returning home with their tails between their legs. 

Blokes quickly became a threatened species, but blokes still had one advantage over the stay-at-home, unthreatened female species; they could father a thousand prospective new warriors in one year while the sheilas could only mother one. And so the subjugation of women.

An abundance of vacant uteri were used to replenish numbers and if you were a sheila of child-bearing age you needed to be impregnated as soon as possible by one of the diminished number of blokes. 

The superior warrior had first choice of as many as he could handle.

No time for courting, no time for betrothal, love or affection... just get to it! Barren became a stigma in the rush to rebuild and bereaved fertile sheilas were no more than numeric chattels.

When Western empires finally discovered the futility of “holy” wars, sheilas became less important as breeders of warriors and more important as breeders of males to care for parents in old age. So the sheilas lost out again! Baby girls became disposable and without value. 

But back in the Muslim East the sheilas were doing even worse, because nothing had changed, the blokes were still clinging to their war-based rules for procreation. They didn’t believe the war was over... they still don’t. 

A wise prophet called Mohammed had once told them they were destined to conquer the infidels, inherit the Earth and he had told them a lot of good stuff about how to treat those damned necessary sheilas. 

It sounded bloody okay to the blokes and they were going to stick with it!

As the West developed further, except for a few odd Christian anomalies, the Muslim Easterners were happy to stay in their tents plotting numbers with their respective harems. But the numbers didn’t go their way because, with no infidels to fight, they turned on their own tribes and every uterus of any age remained at a premium. 

To the South was China and the Sub Continent and you would have thought sheilas would have finally got a fair go there, but no! It was just as bad, sans the 72-virgin reward for topping yourself.

So the Muslim Easterners wiled away their time killing each other and waiting for some bugger to discover that black stuff under their tents to make them rich. 

The Westerners gradually became more enlightened about the role of the poor sheila until two named Julia and Hillary came along.

“Shit!”, said the blokes, “we might have made a blue here?”


[The first of many Crusades (1096-1099) The Roman Empire, France, England, the Byzantine Empire, and the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. 
The Muslim Seljuk Turks, and the Arab Shi'ite Fatimid Empire were the targets of the Christian forces. The European Crusaders assembled as a result of the plea by Pope Urban II to aid the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, who had asked the Pope for help against the Seljuk Turks. 
Emperor Alexis asked that volunteer soldiers from Western Europe join with his Greek-speaking Byzantines to help to push back the invading Seljuk Turks, who were at war with the Byzantines. The Christian forces were determined to reconquer the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and free Christians from Islamic rule. 
Jerusalem is a holy city to Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
The First Crusade resulted in the capture of Jerusalem by the Crusaders and the establishment of the Kingdom of Jerusalem by the Crusader forces. This was the first of several "Latin Kingdoms" established by the invading European forces in the Middle East.]


Actually the spelling was the gift of a fraud in the ALP who should never have been allowed to vote let alone become an MP and Minister—American King O'Malley. Thus began many a fine tradition in the ALP. He'd even been a mover and shaker in the politics of at least two colonies, from memory it might have been SA and Tas.

fellow Posters – fellow Australian's

Don't just have a whinge here to see your name on Larrys website. If you are genuinely concerned and have the skills, which by your posts you demonstrate you obviously have –
I would entreat you to email :-

* your local member
* the relevant Minister
* the Prime Minister

It costs no more than your post here on this site, and all the email addresses are freely available via Google.

Use your right to advise your representatives in your Parliament what your attitude is and repeat your views expressed here.

Stop whinging, get positive.

The traitors spell it the US way to glorify the American union thugs who spell it that way. They should piss off to those shitholes Chicago and Detroit where they can lick Obama's arse from close quarters.

He's a cunning stunt. Have I got that a bit wrong like Spooner?

Leave me out of it Free. Try gelignite.

People who use 'right' at the end of every sentence, in my opinion, use it instead of the sledge hammer they wish they could use on the listener.

This panelist got it correct what a great reply to a stupid question.....

the silent majority will vote at the next electiom

Let's hope Pup, labor and greens get the shock of their lives when the votes come in at the next election. Tony can afford to wait and He is smart enough to be preparing his re election strategy and advertising right now!

Palmer is typical "white shoe brigade" from Surfers - remember them? Note the way he says " right" at the end of every sentence.

I had never seen a moslem until today, and she was playing lawn bowls, wearing black slacks, white long sleeved jacket, a cap like Leyton Hewitt and a white face mask with the Ned Kelly slit for the eyes. Not quite sure she was a female, but walked too daintily for a man. How would you know who your partner was in bowls?

There are loud demands that we must have better quality teachers. Only top people can do medicine (would you be happy if "just anyone" could do doctoring - I mean think of you family !) SO ..... WHY AREN'T WE HEARING LOUD DEMANDS FOR QUALITY POLITICIANS ? (I mean what a joke that "motor head" Senator is !) .... Politicians can make or break our future lifestyle - so wouldn't you think folk would care about quality people ?

Just send them all back, except for Hazim El Masri, he's alright. Or is he?

Clive's pep talk to the troops in the Senate:

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of coal--and ships--and carbon tax--
Of mining tax--and things--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Boy have Muslims been conned .... ah womens lib in the middle east... Thanks Labor for the 50,000 who then get another 3 family members who then each have 8 kids and go on machette wielding murdering in Parramatta Westfield. Farewell Australia to this filth who are Labor and the Greens only hope of existing as a party. WTF is Shorten playing at with these union commericals....what a joke...

For Jo Blow...Read All About it, Read All About it..........
Case in point, today’s defeat of the carbon tax repeal bill.

Mr Palmer’s senators have sided with Labor and the Greens to stop the carbon tax being
repealed. They were joined by Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Ricky Muir

But in their defence article112 would have saved us from Gillard, Wong pleadberserk Etc hahaha not that funny!

Carr----reminds me of a squealing old sow,id say hes a cross-dresser,no man whinges like he does.

Have a look at the link below, it is frightening that such a document exists at all...........if you didn't believe that mu slims are coming to Australia to take us over from within, with the help of our own stupid political correctness, labour and the greens, then this is compelling evidence that this is what they plan to do!!!
For our children's sake pass this on to all your contacts.

Senator Kim Carr squealing all through QT in the Senate just like a big fat pig.