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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A rich bloke should never be envied. The happiest times are had when you’re broke, only then are you completely free to embark on whatever venture you want without the restrictive ever-present managers, lawyers and hangers-on that limit imagination, growth and time with the family.

Friends when you’re broke are real friends. Friends when you’re rich are mostly opportunists.

Let’s face it, no-one goes hungry in Australia! You can only eat three meals a day, you can only sleep in one bed at a time, you can only hit one golf ball at a time and, unless you are extremely lucky, you can only shag one sheila at a time.

So Labor’s attack on Malcolm Turnbull, for no reason other than that he is loaded, reeks of electoral desperation. This ridiculous plan predictably turned pear-shaped on one of the Senate’s lower lives, a stupid little man dubbed Mr Bean who gave Shorten more pain than pleasure.

The Senate certainly gathers the scum. This wretched little Iranian rat, Sam Dastyari, has been making hay while the sun shines, nominating himself for every Senate committee going at up to $30,000 a pop to augment his already inflated pay packet.

He was gifted a Senate seat by the corrupt NSW Labor Party’s Right faction in return for doctoring ballot papers that helped get Bill Shorten elected as Labor leader. The dastardly Dastyari altered the addresses of 50 ballot papers prior to the vote.

It was suspected the rank and file intended voting against Shorten and in favour of Albanese. And that’s exactly what they did.

Shorten’s entrenched dislike among union membership is now coming to the fore in the polls.

Forget the 75 per cent of Caucus now required to oust an ALP Prime Minister and forget the 60 per cent required to oust an ALP leader when in Opposition. That nonsense was devised by a petulant Kevin Rudd who never came to terms with his own deserved dismissal.

Shorten knows his time is up and, as a last desperate hurrah, he has promoted swingers to the front Bench regardless of talent. They now have to sit on each other’s knees as the front bench outnumbers the back bench in a comical display of Shorten bench stacking!

The truth is that when Shorten receives the inevitable tap on the shoulder, it’s all over regardless of Rudd’s percentages. No leader can govern when most of his caucus wants him gone... that's just another example of Rudd’s woolly thinking and caucus’s slavish compliance.

The Rudd rule can also be changed by a caucus majority in the same way it was implemented!

That lovable larrikin PM John Gorton (the only PM ever recruited from the Senate) used his own deciding vote against himself when his caucus was deadlocked over a no-confidence vote.

He had the intelligence to realise he could not govern on the strength of only one vote... his own. It’s a shame Kevin Rudd wasn’t blessed with the same intelligence.

Sorry, I wandered off the track there a bit, but it will be interesting to see how dyed in the wool Libs decide in future between Labor and Turnbull, or if they decide on another Party.

Whatever the case, a vote may come sooner than expected as there has rarely been a better case for a snap election than right now for Turnbull.

He needs his own, rather than Abbott’s, mandate and he needs a May budget like a hole in the head.

But unlike in Abbott’s case, he doesn’t need a Double Dissolution, as Turnbull is more Senate amenable.


Hollywood director Ridley Scott recently dined with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Macbeth and her current squeeze "Horse Pants-off" in New York and discussed shooting his next movie in Australia. Mr.Scott, who's latest blockbuster " The Martian" is a box-office hit, is seeking from Ms Macbeth tax breaks and a quick shag in return for filming his "Prometheus" sequel in the harbour city of Sydney.

alterego (sic) - open your mouth & change feet.

alterego (sic) - no, this is not an incitement to violence against women. JJR was the victim of mental bullying by someone who sounds like a sociopath. The only way to deal with sociopaths is to confront them, even carrying a big stick (i.e. physical superiority) without necessarily needing to use it, but to reinforce a position of strength so the sociopath gets the verbal message. Female sociopaths are as equally dangerous as males, so the strategy does not discriminate. Sociopaths cannot otherwise bee reasoned with. And yes, I do condemn Islam's sociopathic & misogynistic attitude towards women.

Absolutely brilliant take on Waltzing Matilda … This gets the message across … Please share this.

JJR, why don't you pay your old workplace a visit & if the female Hitler is still there then go abuse the crapton out of her. A promise of a fist in the cake hole will get the gerbil's attention.

ever notice how the muslime members of parliament don't wear the disguise perhaps?

Sorry, I wandered off the track there a bit, but it will be interesting to see how dyed in the wool Libs decide in future between Labor and Turnbull, or if they decide on another Party. another Party ??? Like ALA? (Not ALAH) Yep Mate I'm SWITCHIN' to THEM May ALA be Praised! VOTE 1 - Oigle 4 Senate.

Why should Australians have to accommodate these so called refugees/asylum seekers? They were told they would never be allowed to live in Aus yet they try whatever way they (and are encouraged by the likes of Hanson Young ) to enter. We have enough single parents already, not enough child care places and an over burdened welfare system without adding more. Charity begins as home!

All you have to say is that the scumbag is a muslim: case closed ast hat says it all.

At first glance Dastyari could be Shortarse's and Juliars love child? We know he has a roving dick? oh and no taste!

Dastyari is a younger Rudd - a narcissist that would willingly take part in a television "re-enactment", playing the part of himself in the undermining and betrayal of the then PM, whilst referring to himself by his nickname "Dasher". What a tool.

Julie Bishop has become a total freak. Watched her looking lovingly at Mal in QT yesterday, pure evil that female. JJR I have to agree - what is it with women, when they get a little power it goes straight to their heads and they morph into Attila the Hun types. Mind you there are many men that fall into that category as well. I worked with this guy who was loved by the office and we were so happy when he was promoted - and he turned into a total snot!

Should get your facts correct Norg, now here is the real truth, the women claimed she was raped and then become pregnant, she was put up to this by the insane self-serving immigration lobby group, it has now being established that she was now impregnated by one her fellow detainees, when it was explained to her that a blood test was to be conducted on the aborted fetus, which would determine who raped her, she immediately declined the abortion but not her claim to remain in Australia.They will try anything to bypass our border control system.

Jack they are not elected, they are gifted / parachuted into these parliamentary gravy train / rorts positions by their factional corrupt mates.

"No need to envy Malcolm Turnbull and the well off, as long as they pay their fair share"

I can't remember if it was on FB or an e-mail video clip but this Arab dickhead agitator from Denmark was saying that if you are muzlim you believe in sharia law,it was ridiculous to suggest otherwise.So that puts paid to the notion of moderate muzlims.They're not moderate.....only patient.

Has a full list of the new ALA election candidates been printed yet ?

As female Muslims cannot grow concealing beards as easily as Arabic men (who can grow a full beard in 48 hours), they must wear the burqa to present as equally moronic..... "And Allah said be not seen and be not human as jihad is your one, your only purpose. Allah praise be to him, creates warriors to inflict terror and death. Appearances and personal grooming are for civilised humans and is strictly forbidden for believers who could have slaughtered 1000 in the time wasted to shave."

he is an ugly little UNION grub...IRAN running the union movement...

With a head the size of that I bet his mother hated him.