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Thursday, 17th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The king of Epirus (pyrrhic) defeated the Roman army at Asculum in 280 B.C. But the victory was at such cost to his own army that he was rendered unable to attack Rome itself. He had lost the war for the sake of a battle. He had remarked, "One more such victory and we are lost". So, the loss of one mosque does not a Spring make.

Some will say that we are now officially at war with the Islamic State and it’s only proper that we not encourage the building of edifices from where Islamic superiority is preached. But councils are not saying that, their decisions are made on planning and environment criteria and public acceptance.

There is no doubt that the Gold Coast’s Council decision to disallow the Mosque at Currumbin will be challenged. But the Planning and Environment Court usually settles disputes with compromise. In this case there is no room for compromise and an appeal to a higher Court can be expected.

As long as Islam can legally be defined as a religion then we are fighting a losing battle that can only be settled by Constitutional interpretation that would never get up in either the High Court or both Houses of Parliament. 

To win the battle and the war, Government would need to be forced to declare Islam a subversive cult and in no way a legitimate religious order thereby escaping the Constitutional “freedom of religion” imperative. 

That is very unlikely, Islam is a faith in the same context as is Christianity.

But Sharia law is the very basis of Islam and we have fought against that in Afghanistan and now in Iraq. So, if we are already at war with Sharia, then it’s reasonable for us to expect that it be banned here. 

Banning Sharia law would need neither the High Court nor Parliament, it could be done under an executive decision in a time of war. It would separate the so called “moderates” from the “extremists”, it would not impinge on religious rights and would take the wind from the sails of the Sharia law radicals who threaten our lives and lifestyle.

Sharia law, administered by Australia’s Grand Mufti, has infiltrated our food chains, our banks and our electorates. It should be stopped as soon as possible and Tony Abbott has the ability do it. 

He would have all but the Greens and a few ALP members against him as a tsunami of public opinion wells up against Islamic extremism.

And when could this be done? 

Well, it’s best we do it while we are physically at war with Sharia. Like right now!


Seemed to be about 50-50 For and Against at the Sunshine Coast Moslem Rally??
But 100% Total Ratbags ;-]

they always have their faces covered - weak bastards

Ban the Burqa petition

I think most sane Australians are now well and truly aware of the situation. I can't speak for the inner city lefttards, but I now know that we wond stand for any of the muzzies shit.

The coat of arms should say underneath it. "Fit in or Fuck off"

The word Religion comes from the latin Re-Liguer meaning to reconnect. A ligature is a surgical name given to binding a wound. I-slam is not a religion in the sense that it unites people, it is nothing more that a Death Cult that uses its sleepers as a support matrix. It should not be given the status of a religion in Australia. Note that the Islamist women tend to wear the burka. It is impossible to tell whether or not that can also be a good disguise for a male Mohomaden murderer.

If the USA doesn't do anything, what will be your solution Jonc? It's a tough situation over there. Agree that the problems here need to be addressed. Stay objective.


Anyone see this ? Snap protest at Lakemba tonight. This will make it easier for the AFP to arrest them all in one place.

it was there because I saw it and made the comment about the idiot not pulled into gear where as N D did for the same caper , P S if you cannot find it the maggot has deleted it , maybe my post forewarned the fkn oxygen thief.


Gentleman 1 day ago
I was rather disappointed to read some of your coarse comments yesterday Heliose. You seem to have lost some of that superior, aloofness - get a grip man, the gutter does have slippery walls but don't slide down deeper into it !

Heloise 23 hours ago
I've got it Flunky you have a man crush on me! tough tittees boyo!
Your way to much of an insecure frightened little minnow (the big bad Muslims are coming for us run) for my liking. I like men with balls, intelligence and an open mind not a redneck, racist, wife bashing, knuckle dragging, banjo plucking, pig farking yodelling, headl like a twisted sandshoe douche bag like yourself,

Heloise 22 hours ago
Ah Skunky has reared his ugly head. That's the last thing a I need at the end of the day Still we only have to look at it he has to wear it.You remind me of that part in The Human Centipede where people shit in each other’s mouths. Cheerio!

Heloise 23 hours ago
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Heloise 23 hours ago
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Heloise 23 hours ago (ADMITS BEING MOSLEM)
[email protected]"“You obviously cannot stand many Australians and their background and way of life" Where did i say that ??? once again you like must other stereotype people, I love this country i am a qualified builder the blokes on the site know i am Muso give me no grief as they just take me for what i am.

Cannot quickly locate the comment with the “C—t” word (or he deleted it)

MOSCOW, September 18 (RIA Novosti) - The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution authorizing $500 million to go to training and equipping moderate Syrian rebels to fight against Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East....

...The Senate will vote on the Continuing Resolution Thursday, and it is likely to pass.

The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is a Sunni jihadist group that has been fighting the Syrian government since 2012, expanding its attacks to northern and western regions of Iraq in June 2014. The militants have seized vast areas in both countries and proclaimed an Islamic caliphate on all the territories under their control.

Alan, after 9/11, there were hawks in the US saying they should start with bombing Londonistan.

Heloise is a Muslim, he has admitted it. A mole.

With all that's going on today re raids, plebersick was on radio saying she thinks it's odd that Morrison has told how many boats were turned back, wtf, has she not heard about the terror suspects?

Gee Heloise,everyone ignoring you.Must be a slow day at ALP head office.

Going by the plans of the extremists arrested this morning, all I can suggest is caution. I have no fear and I am more than prepared to face these cowards. However I would never place the rest of my family at risk. That is my concern. They would not target me, it would be my family because unlike me, these scum are cowards.

Australia will lead the world against the ferkers