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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


...this (unaltered) eyewitness information was made available to the ABC, it was ignored. Other eyewitness information in a previous post was also made available to the ABC... it too was ignored. 

Hi Larry,

The reason i am messaging you is in relation to the riots on Manus Islands.

Your article about Berati was spot on. Im going to list in point form a few things about the day the rioting happened.

* Berati was the main instigator
* Illegals from iran make up about 90% of the detainees there and stick together. This means they can bully, rape and attack the smaller groups within the camp.
* Berati was caught on a number of occasions raping and abusing boys and men within the camp.
* Berati and his gang of thugs would always antagonise the local guards and police.
* On the day of the riot the mob had amassed in the yard and were giving it to the locals & guards.
* One of the detainees mooned a local police officer through the fence and was shot in the Arse.
* Once the mob started throwing condoms at the guards and police, all hell broke loose.
*All non local staff were evacuated from the camp as it is against the law for them to get physical with the detainees.
*The fence was knocked down and the local guards and police charged the compound. Uniforms were handed out to locals to join in the melee. Basically if you were black you got a shirt and were told to run in and fight.
* Berati was targeted. They spotted him and went after him. He was never getting out alive, much to the relief of the locals and the detainees that had been raped by the scumbag.
* There was another instigator i'm unsure what his name was, but he was a Midget from Iran. When the locals caught him, they held him up like a trophy and paraded him around the yard.

That is the bulk of exciting stuff that happened during the riots.

Some other interesting points from inside the camps:

* Everyone has internet access and uses facebook.
* They join groups that have been set up by greenies and do gooders.
* On many occasions these greenies have been feeding the detainees information about what to do and how to get resettles in Aus.
* More than once people have posted instructions to burn the camps down, and that if there are no camps then they will have to be resettled in Aus.
* No one actually goes on Hunger strike, its all a big show. One overweight inmate went on hunger strike but actually put on weight. His mates were sneaking him food from the mess hall.
* If a detainee decides to go back home. We send them back with $2-3k american for their troubles.
* Many of the boats that did come started off with women and children as well as men. They arrived in Aus with just Men on board. Apparently the women and children were raped, killed and thrown overboard. Common Occurrance.

I hope this has been enlightening, i'm sure you already knew most of this. Have a great day and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards


Problem is our pathetic government (either side) will sheepishly abide by their UN masters and the places allocated to the Iranians will be replaced by savages out of deepest Africa or the Horn of Africa. Straight from lawless failed countries, parachuted into our society, madness. Stuff the UN

Now Oigle you do realise that the great snoozers of this world would call you a "conspiracy theorist nut job". What theuy don't realise is that you are 100% correct.

9/11 was an Inside Job!

OK Now that I’ve got your Attention.
The BIG Question is – WHY would these Evil Mongrels DO such a Horrendous Thing to their Fellow Americans?
The Short Answer is – GREED.
The Illuminati (AKA One World Government, AKA Agenda 21, etc. etc.) want it ALL!
All the OIL, All the Uranium, All the Gold, All the Earth.
None of the Swine will Live any Longer, but their Families will Inherit the LOT. ( Even Dumb ones like Geo.W)
9/11 was the 1st. False Flag Attacks on their Agenda.
..... It WORKED a Treat. It started the War on Terror and also the Patriot Act passed Congress.
The FINAL Goal is ... The De-Population of the Earth.
You want to live here? Too bad ....It’s for “MEMBERS ONLY”
So – Feel free to discuss this among yourselves for a while.

Ill Be BACK!

9/11 was an Inside Job >:~]

I'm not surprised that the ABC ignored it. The PNG people have done what should have been done to the bastards when they rioted at Villawood, but could you imagine the field day that the likes of Burnside and his left leaning legal cronies would have had. The left has turned us Australians into a bunch of appeasing wimps.

This is only the tip of the iceberg with these boat people - have a listen to what goes on in other camps - it is enough to make you sick - these people just rape and rape whatever and whoever - it is in their DNA - and the greenies are helping them to live in Australia? They are sick people these greenies - and Abbott should spend some money and send ALL boat people/illegals back to where they came from NOW.

absolutely - both should be put in goal for the destruction and on going destruction they have put this country in, whilst waltzing around the world with their unearned pensions - both creeps of the first order.

Didn't the boaties have travel insurance ??

So now the Illegals that drowned off Christmas Island are Abbotts Fault?
Some Ratbag Lawyer has gotten the families of the drowned invaders together to sue the Aussie Gumnent for Duty of Care in letting this accident happen (On Rudd/Gillards watch) even though our navy risked their lives trying to rescue them.
How does THAT Work???

4 minutes ago

The Australian ex security / safety office from Manus Island that has been on all the ABC interviews in regard to this story is none other than the ex Labor member for the Brisbane seat of Chatsworth. I know because he was a Firefighter at the Unit where I was a Station Officer. He then went to the QLD Fire Service then became a Union delegate and jumped to QLD State Labor Politician. One term only.

True Hunter, i believe we need dams built up the east coast, not only to stop these towns flooding EVERY year but to supply these towns with cheap power and also tourist sites

The best way to stop suicide bombers is to collect any body parts left over after the explosion and wrap them in a pig-skin before burial. This would stop them going to Paradise - and suicide bombings would stop immediately. The British did this successfully in India after an official was stabbed to death by a Muslim.

The best way to stop suicide bombers is to collect any body parts left over after the explosion and wrap them in a pig-skin before burial. This would stop them going to Paradise - and suicide bombings would stop immediately. The British did this successfully in India after an official was stabbed to death by a Muslim.

Come off it DJT. The West created these problems by drawing lines in the sand in the Middle East and invading that region several times. The ME crowed sorted their own problems over decades as have nations in South East Asia. The US in particular should pull their heads in and stop creating political instability so they can involve in conflicts of choice or opportunity to benefit their all powerful military-industrial complex.

rossco .Good management would make sure we received benefits from our abundance of raw material eg. a Gas reservation policy (our leaders have No concept of this) . As with fuel the "anointed" ones believe we should pay parody pricing. We therefor have the dearest energy costs in the world. Imagine if we could be supplied gas for 1c a litre . Manufacturing industries would be able to become competitive once again . Our coal fired power stations only become unviable because of the Co2 tax. Our only incentive -"cheap power " sent potential investors over seas . Not to mention Uranium or hydro power ( both banned in this country) We need governments to be on the peoples side .

How about the Moslem Jihadists eating the organs of their captives? eh skyesmith? That's very peaceful isn't it?

Whilst we have a current Royal Commission inquiring into the working of Unions and recognising that this site is a centre right support base, bashing unions is not always a productive thing. Unions properly regulated, have a role in any modern “democratic” society as legitimate as the opposition, the courts, media, education etc etc….In the Australian experience at least, Unions have consolidated power and have used that power often against the interests of its members, the industry in which it is involved and the greater society hence this RC ( remember Putty Nose Nicholls and the Painters and Dockers Union ).
Having said that the role of unions historically has been the organisation of labour in the face of organised capital with its origins from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. In conjunction with early Liberal ideals, ( people like Jeremy Bentham and Robert Owen ) organised labour ( the unions ) struggled against the appalling conditions not only in the emerging factories but in the dormitory towns emerging in England, such as Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. They took on the capitalist merchant class and won victories like stopping child exploitation, working for long hours in factories and the associated deaths and injuries, they insisted on safety barriers for machines and they struggled for increased sanitation in the towns. They did not have immediate or overwhelming success but they did achieve progress over times.
In present day Australia, I think that some unions have cruelled themselves with abuses of power and corruption, unchecked and unrepresentative leadership and criminal actions. That does not totally negate unions as a legitimate body any more than police corruption negates the need for a police force as a legitimate body. It needs to be recognised and combatted however.
In the context of Australian Meatworks, I am at crossed purposes regarding unions. Whilst I recognise the need for non-corrupt functioning unions to represent the labour interests, I think meat unions have let society and their members down. Sure I recall the wildcat strikes of the 70’s and 80’s and probably there was a mindset in the unions that lead to unease and unrest.
The response has been sell-outs of the plants to foreign owners and the importation of foreign workers to defeat the union workforces. This has been accompanied by a campaign of mistruths by ownership and management, such as ..we can’t find suitable qualified local labour, the foreign workers ( from Brazil and Vietnam ) are only here temporarily to “train” Aussie workers and once that is done, they will return home ( we Aussies have run meatworks for over 150 odd years, what “training” could we possibly want ), no local workers will be turned away as the foreign workers are only filling unfillable positions, they are doing the jobs that Aussie workers won’t do…etc etc etc….
Unions have by and large supported foreign workers over local labour by accepting 457 visa workers. It’s a case of “there are wages and conditions that Aussie workers won’t accept”…….and the capitalist ( and in this case foreign ) classes have conspired to replace Aussie workers with compliant non-union labour. That seems to be a triumph for management and the beef industry… (the introduction of foreign labour ).. but some short time ago the alp under Joe Ludwig ( I think ) introduced laws to allow the import of foreign meat to the Australian market, so the beef producers now know what the meatworkers were subject to….foreign infiltration into our market….supported by Unions and Government at the citizens expense………despite these developments, the official endorsement of the loss of jobs for local Aussies and the competition by foreign product in the supermarkets, the powers that be still expect us to buy their product but they offer our sons and daughters no future in our own country.
So you see Bongo why I challenge your post about a foreigner occupying one of our jobs in our country. JF

Just wait until the Sunni and the Shia Muslims start having a go at each other here in Australia. The Western Sydney people will think the drive-by shooting episode was just a slight drizzle of rain compared to what the hate that these two groups will generate. I presume the police and the Feds are keeping an eye on these groups to see if they are accumulating weapons. The government must be strict if they start playing up by cancelling their visas etc. and sending people home if they start trouble. Some people may say let them shoot each other in Australia, but there is always collateral damage.

funny that 90% of them are from Iran. Iran has no civil war, is not at war with anyone else, has one of the highest standard of living in the middle east, has a social security system open to everyone including woman, free medical care ,old age and disability pensions. So tell me leftards how can someone from Iran be a refugee.

This poll in the SMG where 70% of those voting want to close Manus and Nauru, and I presume open up detention centres in Australia, or just let them run loose in our cities, just illustrates what these Labor and Green voters want to do to our country. It is in their DNA to flood this country with Muslims etc. and change our country into a satellite of the mid east and Africa. Take SHY she does not care about our country, and she has this crazy thinking that they are all poor unfortunate creatures, but do we really have to wait until a bomb goes off in a crowded place in Adelaide for her to wake up. This is exactly why these lefties are extremely dangerous for the future of our Australian culture.

Hunter my understanding of it is that we need foreign investment because we couldn't afford to build all this stuff on our own, but perhaps we giveth too much. I'd like to know why we pay so much for gas when we sell it to the chinese for 1c per litre...if we paid that amount for gas the whole countries fleet of cars would run on it....imagine industry would boom with cheap gas for power