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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Weight of money can convince you the Earth is dangerously warming, when common sense says otherwise. Weight of money can convince you that the AIDS virus is unrelated to homosexuality, when all evidence is to the contrary. It can convince you that the earth is doomed via depletion of the ozone layer. 

It can convince you that tobacco makes your teeth rot, your feet fall off and renders you blind. It can convince you that salt is bad and that grey gunk coloured yellow is better for you than butter. 

And weight of money can even get you an undeserved balance of power in the Senate.

The weight of money (your taxes) can convince you our Great Barrier Reef is doomed from bleaching, when bleaching is the very reason our reefs survive. 

Money can convince us of almost anything... billions spent on a repetitive message sticks to simple minds.

But the United Nations’-inspired global warming scam had one fatal flaw. Its “warming” message made no sense when most of Europe and North America was snowbound under record cold temperatures. 

Unfortunately (for the UN scamsters, that is) they realised their mistake and quickly altered “global warming” to “climate change”. But it was all too late, sensible people are wary of a message that changes mid stream.

For the not so sensible, the innocuous and meaningless term of “climate change” still allowed Green affected governments to attribute their cataclysmic climate change to CO2 induced erratic weather, and weather in general. 

Now that they have settled on “change”, hot summers and cold winters, droughts and floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and plane crashes can all be claimed as evidence of climate change. 

It’s astonishing how the sheer weight of money can affect common sense.

The global warming fairy tale will go down as the most sophisticated (apart from the initial title) international scam yet devised, and it’s already making millions for the originators of the hoax. 

If it is allowed to continue it will make them billions more.

Really, you have to hand it to these UN fraudsters, they make Bernie Madoff look like a racecourse pickpocket.

This is how they did it: First they had to get someone important to scare the crap out of everyone with a movie. Al Gore did that with elevated warming graphs he needed an extension ladder to reach. 

False of course, but let’s face it, all movies have poetic licence.

Then they needed the media. Well, we all know the media laps up all things Left and catastrophic and an international forum like Kyoto helped to kick it along. 

Of course it wasn’t too hard to get Green gophers, who have infiltrated governments and councils world-wide, to ejaculate in their jeans... they’re terrific at stopping things like CO2, that’s all they’ve ever done... stop things.

And then an august body like the UN’s IPCC had to be arranged to peer review only Green papers on the subject and voila! The warming (or changing) science is pronounced as settled! 

The problem is that the IPCC is not an august body at all, and neither is it scientific, it’s a rag-tag bunch of con artists who four years ago predicted the Himalayas would melt, flooding the sub continent and drowning millions.

Finally, the payoff! Arrange for all the Green affected governments like Gillard’s who fell for the scam and imposed a carbon tax, or similar on miners and wage earners, to send 10 per cent of the ill-gotten gains back to the UN.

But it’s not working out that well and here’s where the fraudsters went wrong: They called it “warming”. Had they called it “global cooling” they might have got away with it. 

Imagine it! They could have shown the dramatic increase in the southern ice cap and they could have pointed to some of the coldest winters on record in Europe with ice sheets floating further south than ever before. 

But records are things that man keeps. And man has only been on this planet since yesterday while the Earth continues with its four billion years of coping with bigger catastrophes than mere man can ever hand it.

If only the UN had opted for a “cooling” scare they could have used the mini Ice Age of a few hundred years ago, you know, the one that killed almost two million through starvation. 

Now there’s some real scary scientific evidence these dickheads can’t even use!

Unfortunately for them there is no evidence of global warming having killed any bastard. In fact the reverse is true. 

Previous global warming, which promoted moisture, precipitation and fructiferous humidity, served to feed the world with abundant plant growth, energised by luxuriant carbon dioxide plant food. 

When the mini Ice Age thawed, populations exploded to where they are now, people had food to burn! And all because of the Greens’ “dangerous” warming. 

What a shame, they came so close to pulling off the greatest rort in history but somehow the weight of potential money clouded the obvious. The main game was the message, and they completely missed it.

Had they gone for “global cooling” they might have even convinced me of a looming catastrophe. 



BruceBugme. You are so prolific in your ongoing 'hate campaign' against all things RIGHT that I believe you have misrepresented yourself to this media. My call is you are one of the many LEFTIE plants. You pretend to be to the RIGHT but your every entry here belies that ! OH! MY Gosh !! Does that infer you tell 'lies'?? Time to just ignore your BS.

As the nights grow colder this bunny hops into his fluffy pyjamas and laughs at global warming and the stupid Labor Party and their ridiculous carbon tax. They make this bunny soooo sooo hoping mad.

Re: ABCs Question Time (Which I HATE)
I just heard a Terrific Alternative to QUESTION TIME!
It’s on the Radio – FM104 (Sunshine Coast)
It’s called “How Green Was My Cactus” - “Cactus Island” @ 0620 , 0820 & 1830HRS.
Today, Instead of a Gravel, Madam Speaker used a Taizer on Manager of Opposition Business Tony Birk.
And The Hon. Clive Palmtree was snoring loudly and the Taizer wasn’t able to wake him, until someone stole his wallet.
er......Come to think about it....
It was EXACTLY like Question Time.

2GB Ben Fordham`s 4:30 show was good this day Larry , the gent`s with sense*.

That's settled now . Bruce has confirmed not once but twice that DJT is the messiah ( no offence meant DJT )

No need to lecture me Bruce on the use of the word, I'm 65 years old and I choose my words deliberately.There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of the media hate TA and the constant bias associated with this prevents people from separating reason from the emotion

Because of the media's pure hatred of TA we will never be able to see or will he be able to realise his full potential. He is a great leader and mentor in the community where he is accepted and acknowledged as a very decent man. Hate blinds us all.

I thought the Jones talk with Turnbull went a long way to clearing the air. They both expressed their opinions, very clearly and Jones only left when he had to do so for the news. On balance, it probably did a lot of good. Turnbull is capable of fixing the Labor NBN mess and should get on with it.

The first Paul wrote somewhere that 'the love of money is the root of all evil' and evil it is that is being foisted upon us and our children over this stupid climate change crap with equally stupid governments carrying this banner of evil taxing the living out of people. God help us fight this evil.

Bruce, you are indeed entitled to your opinion and I will respect it, however, if as you say John Howard was keeping the seat warm for Mr. Abbott I may have to disagree with you on this. I always believed that Mr. Howard was preparing that seat for Mal. Turnbull. When TA won the vote for leadership by one and Malcolm threw a hissy fit and left the party, it was John Howard who talked him in to coming back into the fold. That in my opinion was the greatest mistake Howard made.

Bruce does not need MSM to influence him

Home insurance premiums would rise 92 per cent over the life of a 30-year mortgage at the high end of climate change projections, new research to be released today shows.

A report by the Climate Institute and consumer group CHOICE finds that the impact on insurance costs could erode the value of a house by 20 per cent over the same period.

The research conducted by independent analysts Climate Risk says insurers are already starting to price in the impact of extreme weather events.


I agree with you DJT.

Meanwhile Tony Abbotts talking to Bang Bang !!!!

ABC to apologise to Chris Kenny publicly on air at 9pm tonight just before that revolting racist show with Chris Lilley. Chasers have to shut up and no tweets this time. Some compensation and all legal fees paid. On Bolt's site. Probably have it then to try to lure people to watch that Jonah What's his name show by putting it then.

Funny ending to Allen Jones interview with Turncoat, abrupt hang up then diatribe about colon care intimating flatulence wind and stomach upset are akin to Turncoat. Perhaps engineered by Radio King Jones.

Its only quite recent that we were all conned by another well promoted international scam of major proportions - Y2K. The world was going to end on Jan 1st 2000 with planes plummeting from the skies, hospitals grinding to a halt at midnight, transport paralyzed and we were all going to starve. All that crap so the IT sector could sell lots of unnecessary hard and software updates to the gullible. Please note that post Jan 1st 2000 this colossal con was never mentioned so much as once by our vigilant media to this day.

Did you mean public servant or public SERPENT veni ?

Malcome Turncoat has just slammed down the phone on Allen Jones, after Jones called him out about his pitiful turncoat treachery pertaining to PM Abbott.

Sorry OT again Larry but couldn’t help myself with this one:

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Malcolm Turnbull has continued to lash out at leadership speculation, accusing troublemakers of “literally making things up” to accuse him of disloyalty to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
I expect he does not see the trouble makers as coming from the ABC? Were any of these “slammed” Turdbull?