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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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... because Islamic immigrants will always vote socialist

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In excess of 80 per cent of Muslim immigrants rely on welfare and that is not exclusive to Australia, it is a world-wide anomaly that is crippling every budget from Canberra to Westminster and from the White House to the Fifth Republique.

Newly elected Canadian millionaire socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, (pictured at a local mosque) whose father Pierre was an unabashed Communist, has declared open borders to Syrian “refugees” and is determined to welcome an extra 25,000 by year’s end.

Deposed PM Stephen Harper, along with Mulroney and Chretien spent almost 30 years cleaning up the disastrous mess left by Pierre Trudeau. Canadians at long last could stop worrying about Canada defaulting on its debt, or being isolated from its allies.

Now all that repair work is about to unravel due to the election of Pierre’s charismatically shaggable son, Justin Trudeau.  

The Socialist Left considers the odd act of terrorism a small price the proletariat needs to pay for a Utopian new world order of compliant socialist governments orchestrated from the UN. Theoretically conspiratorial you say? Nope, there is a consistent trend here that leapfrogs all the conspiracy theories.

GREECE: Despite its insolvency has welcomed increasing numbers of “refugees", Hundreds have drowned.

AUSTRALIA (under Rudd/Gillard): 50,000 unprocessed Muslim opportunists live among us. There were 1,200 drownings, mostly women and children, in the process of getting here. 12,000 now, more next year.

GERMANY: Despite the onset of another record cold winter Merkel’s socialist government has welcomed 800,000 through open borders, she speaks of another half million next year. Many drowned in the waters off the Greek islands.

FRANCE: Socialist Hollande ignores the unholy Islamic mess created in his once-magical country and dismisses the Paris atrocities to invite 35,000 more unprocessed Syrian “refugees”.

BELGIUM: A century of socialists, separatists, greens and unions have made Belgium a political nightmare. With no party having a majority and alliances changing daily, Muslims have made Brussels the European headquarters of terrorism with that city boasting a 25 per cent Muslim population. A total of 5,600 Syrians have been approved while an average of 2,000 more are arriving weekly.

The US: Obama has been promoting the Islamisation of America for seven years. He is taking 10,000 this year with talk of 150,000 next year. Obama was reared as a Muslim in a Muslim family. His brother is an accountant for the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. Obama spent a fortune of taxpayers’ money trying to get the Egyptian terrorist group elected. He was successful, but it was almost immediately overthrown. He still holds passionately to the Muslim faith and has no sovereign borders to the south where 11.5 million Latino illegals have arrived from. He is facing a States’ revolt over the current 10,000 unvetted Muslim refugees and he maintains that if it comes to war he will stand with the Muslims.

SWEDEN: The newly-elected Socialist Government has welcomed 40,000 Syrians this year with another 80,000 planned for next year, despite Sweden’s economy being in dire straits. Sweden has an “open door” policy when it comes to immigration while Denmark’s conservatives have taken the sugar off the table to dissuade the Syrians from arriving there.

ITALY:  More than 110,000 have arrived there this year. As with Greece, many opt to use this country as a staging post to wealthier countries with more generous welfare payments.

QATAR, the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, SAUDI ARABIA and ISRAEL have refused entry to all Syrians claiming asylum. SPAIN has been reluctant to accept any.

All Socialist Left governments, without exception, have dismantled their borders and are welcoming millions of unknown Muslims from war-torn areas that have been purposefully created by leaders like Obama, Turkey’s Erdogan, the Saudis and  the Qataris, all encouraged by the UNHCR.

Don’t know about you but if Australia was a war-torn country I would be inclined to stay and fight rather than run.

But Muslims have a history of running, particularly after they have fallen foul of legal authorities. So what quality of immigrant are we getting?

A good sprinkling of career criminals and prospective terrorists is a reasonable suggestion.


The Canadians will reap what they sow .

you forgot Australias recent socialist govt turncoat and bi-shop


and if I remember correctly the idea of multiculturalism came from an initiative in Canada back in the 60's.

Here is a statistic that you will not be told about because of political-correctness. The largest recipients of the DSP welfare benefits are groups of men and family members of middle-eastern heritage located in the inner western suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne. A visit to the numerous Gym's in these suburbs will highlight the number of fit, muscle bound and steroid induced types pumping iron who are all on DSP (Disability Support Pensions). They use these welfare benefits as a form of a cash-flow front to support and hide their other illegal activities. They get these welfare benefits by intimidating and standing over CentreLink staff and by using compliant ethnic Doctor's.


I will google it, thanks. I was not having a go at you .. but I would be interested in who these powerful forces and people are, and how they got together and what their long term plan is.

Got their damn hands out even when praying, if that's what they are doing?

Well said and great advice... thanks CS!

I'm sick of & fed up with these Muslims. I don't want them in my Country I was born in. The hatred & misery they have & bring with them is un Australian & a deadly threat to me & my family. I'm so sick of being treated by the Prime Ministers telling us to be "nice" & understanding of Muslims, of their filthy way of life. I'm sick of my local Federal Member of Parliament doing & saying nothing about the hidden information Halal logo Halal extortion racket, treating me with contempt & discriminating against me. Me, a born & bred Australian from a long line of ancestors in favour of the minority Muslim community. I'm sick of them overlooking the root cause of the of Islamic racialization of Muslim children, such as the 15 year old kid to go out & murder an innocent Australian by shooting him in the head from behind. I'm sick of them letting the older Mufti’s, Preachers, hate proponents in the mosques, as well as the children’s parents & other Muslims brain washing the kids to do a horrible, senseless despicable murder & crime that they don’t have the courage to do themselves. I’m sick of the politicians burying their heads in the sand over the serious threat we have with the Muslims. Why, is it? Is it just for the votes from Muslims in their electorate? Well I have been a Liberal & National voter (depending where I lived at the time) all my life since I was eligible to vote but right now I can’t stand my Coalition Member, who I find is a gutless, cowardly Muslim loving Member of Parliament who couldn’t give a shit about a Catholic Christian like me.

update re ALP...Bernard Finnigan has had all but one charged dropped...his lawyers are allegedly receiving death threats...but KNOW this the Godfather...Farrell married to one Nimfa no rid of one official and allegedly threatened another who allegedly witnessed a pedo friend of Harradines with a street boy in his office.......was finnigan the witness?? to this ....aaah the catholic Mafia.....paedophile heaven....protected by that right wing faction.....

During the recent Paris attacks, there was a training exercise running the day of the attack.

Now either there are training exercises
running everywhere on earth all the time
- or these coincidences are starting to
pile up: 9/11, 7/7, and now Friday the

(You don't think they choose these
dates consciously do you?)


Gman, you are way off on this. If you look into virtually all recent big terrorist events and shootings you will find that they were ALL false flag psyop events link to drills and exercises. Don't go looking for it in the elite controlled MSN.

I reckon that Chairman Mail's swan song will be to legitmize the 50,000 illegals just like Bob Hawks did with the Chinese when it all got too difficult to administer.

or next door neighbours - everyone is sick to death of Muslims Enuff - we don't want them, we don't want their mosques, their hidious clothes and most certainly their attitude. What we do want is sending them all packing.

Representatives of the Jewish Community warned of Paris Attack
November 19, 2015 — According to the English version of the Times of Israel, quoting Jonathan-Simon Sellem, certain 'representatives charged with the security of the French Jewish community' were warned on the morning of the November 13, 2015 of an imminent 'vast terrorist attack' in France [1].
Jonathan-Simon Sellem has double nationality (Israeli-French) and is responsible for the Internet site JSSNews. An ex-civil servant for the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was elected as a French consular advisor.
The Times of Israel is edited in five languages. It was founded and is directed by David Horovitz the ex-chief editor of the Jerusalem Post. On the evening of the 13th November, several commandos attacked various areas of Paris and its suburbs, causing at least 129 deaths. After having first spoken about a 'terrorist attack,' President François Hollande later qualified the event as an 'act of war.' On the 15th November, the second Israeli TV channel indicated that 'the Israeli intelligence services gave essential information about the profiles of the terrorists responsible for last Friday's deadly attacks in Paris'. Full story:

"....Keep in mind :
The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action of the 30th October 2015 modifies the Geneva Communiqué of the 30th June 2012. There will be no « transition phase » in Syria because the Syrian Arab Republic has won the war, but there will be a « political process » which will be determined by the people’s vote.
The war in Syria should end within the next few months, except for the North, where the United States and Israël are attempting to create an independent colonial state dominated by the Kurds.
New wars are in preparation – first of all around a pseudo-Kurdistan imposed on colonised non-Kurdish populations, then in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in order to divide these large states into several smaller states, in conformity with the 2001 plan for the « remodelling of the Wider Middle East ». Washington will not hesitate to destroy her own disobedient allies, while Moscow wants to finish with the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism.
The opposition in France, and all of the ruling class in Germany, have taken note of the rise of Russian and Iranian power and the coming fall of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. As a result, they are seeking to modify their politics."

Hang on... doesn't being Canadian Prime Minister require an oath of allegiance to the Crown...... and being in a mosque require an oath of allegiance to Allah.....So would this act make Prime Minister Trudeau either an traitor to country or an apostate to the muslims...?

Sort of mate.... does the dog wag his tail... or ...does the tail wag his dog...... These crisis drills are run in preparation for and in case of such events.... To remain objective about this would also require consideration of all other emergency drills run which did not relate to an event. Also acknowledgement of the fact that emergency services drills are more often held when there is an expectation of an emergency event occurring..... For example, Country Fire Fighters prepare for fighting bush fires in summer.... when bush fires occur... so does that make it a conspiracy, ... no just being prepared....

There is one thing the Muslims do anywhere in the world and that is to call prayers using loud speakers so in kind may I suggest that if anyone is interested in indoctrinating Muslims into our Australia they park a vehicle outside any Mosque and play C'mon Aussie C'mon play it constantly until they too can be haunted with the refreshing words making them baptized into our sporting culture which I am sure they would be only too keen as mustard to be part of .