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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A stationary satellite would have detected the movement of MH370 by reading the frequency. A car moving toward you makes a different sound than when it is moving away from you due to sound waves being compacted and then stretched. A satellite can’t detect sound waves but it can detect the frequency of a signal.

If the frequency of the “handshake”, or ping, lowers or degenerates, the target is obviously moving away. But the satellite cannot tell which way. In this case it was either north, to Pakistan, or south to the Southern Ocean.

Logic determined it moved South because had it moved north it would have been detected. And a military satellite had detected a left turn west of the Malaysian peninsular.

It was astounding that Tony Abbott declared the wreckage as good as found during a trip to China.

There had been five “pings” located up to thousands of miles apart which meant at least four were false, and very likely the fifth also.

MH370 will be found but accidently, not with current equipment and not for decades.

It’s a nice thing for Abbott to be claiming the discovery on an international stage, it would be even nicer and with less egg on one’s face, if it was correct.

Again the mainstream media missed it, but here it is from months ago:


Ho! Boy so many really smart people here. Must be hard work suffering all us lesser types who dare to get all emotional in here. Guess I learned zero in my engineering and aviation careers??/

It looks to me like a false flag operation...authorities can find a crashed hanglider in the Blue Mountains in an afternoon....Not saying that the search area is not big and without challenges mind you...but this is a big fat can it just disappear without trace....government organisations have to be involved....

I find it amazing that the press quote "expert advice" from people who don't have a clue about anything .

DJT : I am amazed as you ,and that these same people expect us to read their input .

I know with the missing plane its a disaster which touches just about all people with any compassion.But I think its going a bit over the top,T/A is taking it on his own head to find it---just don't understand that one Tony,hey mate,its not your or our fault,get back to putting the money into our coffers to get our country on top,where we belong.---let some others start looking and paying.

I can't understand why the Navy isn't using fast wave piercing catamarans as patrol boats instead of mono hulled vessels that are susceptible to stress fractures of their hulls and are much slower .

You should NEVER allow military people make decisions about military things! They are all suffering from tunnel vision and that dastardly disease called "Arse Kissing the Cock Suckers!"

Emotive discussion ??

Not another Collins class type of fiasco .

Ha Ah!
Ve know wereis dis Plane
For $50,000,000-00 Ve Vill gimmim back - OK?
Jus Don tell dat Oigles - OK

So sollie $50,000,000 ez wot Tony said - OK!

Allah Ahbah!


How dare you bring facts into a perfectly balanced emotive discussion?

I seem to recollect a WWI scenario where communications failed and the order was given to pass verbal communications back to HQ via the trenches. The message was “send reinforcements we are going to advance”. The message by word of mouth was received by HQ as “send three and four pence we are going to a dance”.

If you insist on providing real information you will leave no room for “les dysfunctions” to promote their nonsense.

Keep up the good work!

Send the bill to Malaysia


WHOEVER is behind the MH370 event is making the whole world look very stupid and incompetent. Australia are running around blindly and in an over-excited state, like chooks with their heads cut off ...and wasting OUR Aussie Tax money a time when we are supposed to be practicing better economics and politics??

If the most populous country in the world, India, can have an election without all the trimmings, just a finger dipped in an inkwell identifies those who have voted, why can't a little piddly island full of assorted natives do the same? Our problem is simply that we are just too far up ourselves to think it through!

The trouble is Lord Rugby Foreign Land Ownership is part of the foreign investment that at the moment is keeping australia afloat ,things are not in isolation and I have looked at your webb page long ago and know why nobody bothers with it and why it is a failure ,

Why this plane has to be found is the question of Probate, unlike other plane disappearances there has been wreckage as evidence that the plane had crashed. In this case there is none and no bodies have been found. I don't know how the Australian Family members of the Australians onboard that aircraft will be able to settle probate. There are many reasons why that plane should be found, even if it is to satisfy the conspiracy theorists. If as people say it was shot down then don't you think it should be found to confirm that theory?

MH 370.

1 What? It was made to disappear
2. How? is technically simple
3. Why? We don’t yet know so conspiracy theories fill the void.

To clarify some technical details on flight times and distances. Flight time to Beijing is exactly the same as to say Peshawar, approx. 4,500kms, 5 hours 30 mins.

Diego Garcia is only 3,400kms, about 4 hours 15 mins.

Inmarsat is a mobile phone repeater and has no Doppler radar capability however, if MH 370 headed in the direction of DG, directly at the Indian Ocean Inmarsat, it could plot the hourly pings from a direct approach heading but no flight data. Inmarsat would have been able to get 3 or 4 pings of good directional data, but it didn’t.

Flying North via the Bay of Bengal would require avoiding primary radar with 200 kms range. It would be invisible to secondary radar as the transponder was disabled.

I’ve plotted a flight plan that would easily meet the requirement to get to the Swat Valley. where there is an unused International airport, Saidu Sharif Airport. It was built for Ski season flights for the Malam Jabba resort but is little used now.

The low altitude flight plan would avoid the following primary radars, Chittagong, Kolkata, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jammu, Rawalpindi then straight into Saidu Sharif International.

I’m not suggesting this is what happened, just confirming that it is technically quite simple and therefore has to remain an option, especially in the current absence of any debris.

Diddums.... spot on, I can't see him being a worthwhile senator.

I remember when the pension age for women was 60. When Bob hawke was in government he changed it progressively to 65. First to 62.5 years then down the track to 65. The women of Australia didn't throw up their collective arms and say "I'll be too worn out after the age of 60 to work" They just got on with it and wore it. That is a long way from the thoughts of people today. It is true that the women of yesteryear were very staunch women and a far cry from some of them in today's society a la Julia Gillard and her ilk.