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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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...but that's no concern for Uncle Barack

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A massive military build-up on either side of the southern Ukraine border where MH17 was shot down maybe too hot an area for even master negotiator Tony Abbott to risk exposing AFP officers to. Sending troops to protect them is even more risky without an agreed demilitarised zone in place. And who can possibly put it in place?

Certainly not NATO, certainly not the UN! Russian separatists and Ukraine troops recognise neither body. There are no goodies in this war.

Somehow the West has been beguiled into demonising Putin and aggrandising Petro Poroshenko, the current President of Ukraine who was installed after deposing democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych in the “Orange” revolutionary coup. Yanukovych fled to southern Russia and into the arms of anti-NATO ally Vladimir Putin.

After Putin wrested the Crimean Peninsular from the new regime Crimea declared independence from the former Soviet State and formally applied to become part of the Russian Federation following a referendum on March 16, this year in which over 96 per cent of citizens voted to join Russia.

The current Ukraine regime promptly set about liquidating Russian sympathisers in an “ethnic cleansing” of East and South Ukraine. After begging for assistance from Russia, Putin finally sent in troops to assist his brothers in the East, while Ukraine’s revolutionary “modernists” marched toward the Eurozone.

The problem is clearly this: If Ukraine’s revolutionary coup is successful it is likely to become part of NATO, completely isolating Putin’s Russia and sandwiching his warm-water naval fleet in the Crimea. He will be left with a unified Europe (including Ukraine) and NATO on one side and North America on the other.

The economic demographic is even more critical. Russia supplies Ukraine and half of Europe with gas and Ukraine owes Russia billions in gas bills. Therefore Europe is reluctant to impose sanctions on Russia despite US demands, but the US isn’t so dependent on intra-European trade.

Ukraine has already stolen much of Russia’s defence and aerospace infrastructure and only a naive dolt like Kerry would believe Putin will take this lying down.

The utterings of Hillary Clinton are nothing short of breathtaking. Americans get good marks for American history but fail badly at European and Middle Eastern history.

Sanctions will suit Democrats Kerry, Obama and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, but they will ensure European and North American conflict with a cornered Putin. And Putin is not the sort of bloke who likes to be cornered.

While Obama slices a seven iron into a greenside bunker, the fuse is already lit and BUK missiles will quickly morph into nuclear weapons... this is a war that no-one, especially Putin, can afford to lose.

It’s doubtful that body and aeroplane parts will ever be recovered from Eastern Ukraine, despite Abbott’s efforts, and that holds no concern for absentee President Obama.

His primary concern is getting out of that bunker.


Come on DJT what do you expect from our ABC? You only give yourself heartburn listening to that crap!

Most Likely, Respectfully, I don't think you are right in saying it will be a long time before Australia has a female Prime Minister because of the legacy the last failure left us. It wasn't the fact that she was a female that alienated most of the Nation. It was that she was thick as a brick and had no common sense. Give a Female Prime Minster who is worth her salt any time. Not the gender, it's the performance.

Other than that, you make a lot of sense.

No arguments there W.......we have welfare at the bottom and welfare at the top.

Waldo and Senior, you are correct in your comments. Despite my past Greater Bendigo connections, I have little faith in the ability of Bendigonians to count past six. Not that six has any special meaning! I personally have a lot of time for this fabulously historic city. It has a good feel, Well until the mosque issue! Guess what? Bendigo was built on risk and hard work, not only the white gold seekers but the even more industrious Chinese who worked the tailings. Their epitaph is evident in the incredible commitment by the Chinese community in Bendigo.

haaa'' just bring you dumb pricks up to speed

Grace Collier should be Prime Minister. Unbeatable.

let them all have this around there scrawny necks forever''

Today at the Carmody Inquiry, the Rubicon on the Heiner Affair was irretrievable crossed.

A highly credible witness under oath, Mrs Irene Parfitt, former Youth Worker at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre, confirmed the contents of her police statement that she told Mr Heiner about the pack rape of Annette Harding when she gave evidence to him in Brisbane Children's Court at North Quay.

She was, in effect, a whistleblower. She would not tolerate silence any longer over a burning issue at the Centre for many staff, and she believed the Heiner Inquiry was the place to make her public interest disclosure. The assault was a matter which greatly disturbed her. Notwithstanding some time difficulties expected after the passage of close to 23 years, she clearly recalled telling Mr Heiner about the sexual assault of Ms Harding, a 14-year-old indigenous child while in the care of the State.

A man who in 2004 received a six-month suspended jail term for destroying legal evidence “is staggered” the Queensland government has ruled it is not in the public interest to send former ministers who allegedly destroyed Heiner Inquiry evidence to trial.

Now Pastor Doug Ensbey wants privileges removed from the Goss Government ministers.

He said they should be fined $100,000 and the money given to whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg, who first questioned why the Heiner documents were shredded.

“If I was Premier – and I could do it – I would fine each of them $100,000 and I would put the money into a fund to pay [whistleblower] Kevin Lindeberg,” he said on Wednesday.

Queensland’s new chief justice Tim Carmody last year ruled there was sufficient evidence to put Goss Government ministers on trial for shredding evidence gathered by retired magistrate Noel Heiner during an inquiry into a youth centre in 1989.

He asked the Office of the Department of Public Proesecutions to rule if sending the former politicians to trial was in the public interest.
On Wednesday afternoon Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie announced it was now unlikely the ministers could be convicted.

The evidence was shredded in March 1990 – after the new Labor government came to power - on the advice of the Goss cabinet.

It is now 24 years since Mr Lindeberg first questioned why the evidence – sought by a lawyer in 1990 - was allowed to be shredded.
“I really think Kevin Lindeberg needs to be compensated,” Pastor Ensbey said on Wednesday night.

“He put his hand up 23 years ago and said ‘you broke the law’ and they have pretty much tried to run him out of town, vilified him, chucked off at him,” he said. “I believe the guy deserves a medal.”

Previous governments have given compensation to Peter Coyne – who managed the Wacol youth centre investigated by Mr Heiner– and in 2010, $120,000 to the woman pack-raped at the centre.

However Pastor Ensbey said the former politicians should have gone to trial, like he did in 2004.

“I don’t think there is anything to be gained by sending Wayne Goss and his fellow ministers to jail,” Pastor Ensbey said. “But my life has been turned permanently right around,” he said. “I’ve got insurers who won’t insure me because I’ve got a criminal record. “I lost my job for 12 months. I went truck driving away from home for 12 months. “At the very least they should have gone to trial.”

Pastor Ensbey was pursued through the courts in 2004 for guillotining pages from a school girl’s exercise book in which she outlined alleged sexual abuse from a parishioner. He mailed the guillotined remains of the “diary” back to the girl’s parents between May 1995 and July 1996.

Mr Lindeberg last night said he still wanted to know why it took 23 years for someone to find that there was a case to answer for shredding the evidence gathered during the Heiner Inquiry.

“It wasn’t as if a crime wasn’t found,” Mr Lindeberg said.

Mr Carmody found there was enough evidence in 2013 to place former ministers on trial and that they were given legal advice that a lawyer wanted the evidence, but questioned whether there could be a possible conviction.

Mr Lindeberg said the public still needs to know why.

“They’ve just found it isn’t in the public’s interest to prosecute and I need to know why,” he said. “If its the period of time - well, you know - I raised this some years ago. “It is just not satisfactory. I need to know why it is not in the public interest?”

Mr Lindeberg says people must distinguish between the “initial crime” – the shredding of evidence –and the 23-year delay, which he still describes as the “cover-up” and the main story.

“If one of the reasons is delay in terms of coming here –well there has been a cover-up, a documented cover-up - which the CMC has referred back to the government to investigate.”

This issue – where the CMC last month asked for the 23-year delay to be investigated - was reported by Fairfax Media last month.
However a spokeswoman for Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie said there would be no further investigation.

Bruce Grundy
Former Adjunct Professor of Journalism, The University of Queensland, and former editor of The Weekend Independent and Independent Monthly

Thank goodness for Doug Ensbey. He said his piece about the DPP’s decision (via some QC) not to press charges against the Heiner document shredders. Good for you Doug.

But, meanwhile, a host of serving judges, former judges, members of the Bar Association, lawyers of all kinds, and academics, past and present politicians and others scrap fiercely over the appointment of Carmody as CJ, yet not one as far as I can tell, not one, has said a single word about the outrageous attack on our rule of law that the Heiner shredders perpetrated and got away with, nor a single word against the cover-up, the lies and deceit entered into by a battalion of lawyers, public servants and politicians that has led us to the DPP’s decision.

They all scurry off to their burrows and fail to say a single word about what happened to Doug Ensbey that did not happen to the politicians and their mates who all got off because they had the power to deal with people like Doug and to look the other way (and look after themselves) when politicians committed offences.

What an appalling joke they all are.

What a dreadful state of affairs we are in.

Um, please Larry. When can we have a cartoon of Vlad playing the organ with Obama as the Organ Grinders Monkey. It seems Vlad sure knows how to play Obama. Pretty Please !!

Same old cracked record DJT. These people have been going on about this for so long. They have brainwashed themselves

I 'write to Pickering Post'. Anything more strenuous is beyond me.

Trooper5 ----- de Soyza

2 hours ago

you obviously know very little on that subject
get real it was covered up by labor the whole time

but the libs had two goes and both times hid it in the corner

very strange

Not to sure if there is such a charge but the shyster or shysters who say they represent these illegals who are continually running to the Courts and instigating actions and claims against our Government should be declared as being mischievous and petty litigants and barred from their so called profession.

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There needs to be clarification that the Commonwealth membership requirement of accepting the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth includes must love dogs and horses (not in a culinary sense).

I wondered at the time if some of the Muslim countries might have been offended. I noticed that at least two of the dogs were being carried by their handlers and these were in front of Muslim countries. I don't recall that it was Malaysia or Pakistan. BTW I thought the dogs were great, better behaved than some of the athletes.

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