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Monday, 16th July 2018

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…what’s the bloody difference?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The far Left clearly wants all reference to Christmas abolished. Okay, so they don’t believe in Christ, so what, Merry Christmas has nothing to do with Christ or Mass for that matter, and to be traditionally merry is to be stone drunk. 

“Happy Holidays” is to wish someone enjoyable "holy days”, the latter being more religiously venerated. … but the Left usually gets everything arse about tit anyway!

“Merry Nondenominational Seasonal Festivity”, as the idiot Greens prefer, doesn’t really have a joyous ring to it, and it’s hard to explain the meaning to confused kids.

Christmas is the re-named Pagan mid-winter festival of Saint Nicholas (contracted to Santa Claus) it has nothing to do with the birth of Christ nor does Easter have anything to do with his resurrection. 

Easter is the re-named Pagan fertility festival of the Goddess Oestra (thus the female hormone oestrogen, Spring, rapidly breeding rabbits, fertile eggs and all that stuff) nothing to do with Christ or his fabled resurrection.

So what is the Left trying to do? Banishing “Merry Christmas” is about banishing getting drunk and banishing a bloke who had nothing to do with Christmas, so isn’t that all a little counterproductive?

                                   Two excellent reasons to abolish the Senate 

I couldn’t give a stuff! All I care about is seeing my kids’ faces on the morning of December 25. It’s a celebration of something and I don’t bloody care what! Each year they get to decorate a tree and prepare for Santa’s chimney entrance and they try desperately to stay awake to witness the event. But they always fall asleep and all they see is that the empty glass of milk and two biscuits they left for him are gone by daybreak.

Then it’s off to frantically open their presents before the whole 40 strong family arrives with enough tucker to feed an army. And we do sort of get a little merry until we all flake in a heap.

So Senator McKim, and your fucked up idea of banishing Christmas, please come around to my joint next Monday and you might see what Christmas means to real people who have real kids.

And bring the rest of your ABC regulars, those gangrenous, homosexual Greens, including that cosmetically challenged communist, Lee Rhiannon, with you ‘cos I have a couple of 6 foot 6 inch sons who have a lovely Christmas present for you all,

 … a turkey and cranberry sauce knuckle sandwich.

Comments looks like that bloke on the rights (pun not intended) arse has taken a hammering

......Just imagine how little regard Politicians have for us and our welfare..........Their Gutless,Political immigration policy is about the same as a Zoo letting a pack of Heyena's in to the Alpaca/sheep display enclosure.....There would be a Public outrage and Political Change....But they Legislate and Censor the media so we don't get to hear about the extent of this Assault upon all we stood for as a Nation.....but that's just my humble opinion....

As a Christian, I don't give a hoot about the pagan celebrations that were Christianised by the early Catholic church. I celebrate the birth of my Saviour and master, the greatest gift ever given to mankind on 25 December. I don't unknowingly worship sun gods or any other pagan totems just because my celebration is on the same day. Nor do I worship fertility gods at easter. I worship my Lord and remember his desth and resurrection, the fulfilment of his birth and purpose. What we worship is what counts, not who claims ownership of the date. Hell, we are even losing Australua Day to appease a few moaning activists who have fabricated a false history of our nation.

Always correct Larry - to use the new word "poison" the greens and the gays are just that to say nothing of Shorten

"Merry Non-denominational Seasonal Festivity..." Even the way it rolls off the tongue just says "I'm a concieted, patronising, know-it-all wanker." Should make it mandatory that people who align with these kind of beliefs use it as their 'holiday' greeting. It's not like the twat with the banner has ever considered that his electorate consists of everybody, including those who didn't vote for him.

So now we learn that the cost of Turds light bulb moment "Snowy River 2.0" will cost double the expected price, we can probably double that projection. Turd is proving to be a Krudd in more ways than one. Under the Turd the debt hs risen dramatically, and he has secretly increased the number Immigrants as detailed the other day. The Turd has got to go.!!

The Qur’an could well be nothing but a 1400 year old book, written by a Paedophile as a suicide note for the World……It’s words, after all, have created one of the most despised and dangerous, Terror infused Cults of our times, which appears hell bent on Destroying all whom stand before it, as it spreads it’s evil tentacle’s across the globe….Only Countries that Shun and outlaw it will survive as Nations.. The rest will fall into the arms of the UN and Nothingness…….But that is just a humble opinion from concerned Australian and Parent who wants a better place for his Children to grow up in….

Another moneylender in the temple, ho hum. Bullshiti?

New post up!

Latest news from Victoria a teenager is in hospital fighting for his life, after being struck with a metal pole after an home invasion. No mention of the race of the offenders, I wonder why..

Pictures included:

In the light of WA's mind numbing debt and with Queensland's economy looking just as shakey, does anyone ever ask "WHERE THE FUCK DOES ALL THE MONEY GO?"

The worlds largest "legitimite" crime syndicate Israel protects all sex offenders in accordance with Talmudic Law.

This is what the greens want more of. "A mob of African teenagers has attacked police during a rampage in Werribee Victoria that left locals cowering in their homes"

The Betoota Advocate scores one for anticipation

The ABC is a waste of taxpayer's money and should be abolished also. The ABC programs during the day are boring and the left wing presenters are unimpressive bores, except for a few. At night and early mornings the ABC programs are all repeats and disgusting Aljazeera garbage and filth. Sell the ABC to the highest bidder.

Christmas is a lot like having sex.
The build up is great, but when it finally comes, I regret spending all that money.

The Senate is a waste of taxpayer's money and full of crazy cretins who do nothing for this country and want to see Australia and it's citizens go backwards into poverty. New Zealand doesn't have a Senate why should we? A referendum should be introduced to abolish it now.