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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 She may have copped a bashing in the latest election and a new emerging Right will cause her momentary grief. But she still feels pangs of guilt over the holocaust. Yet it isn’t only she who should be blamed for the sins of Germany… the entire German nation must have known of Hitler’s insidious “final solution”: The eradication of every European Jew.

Many German citizens changed or altered their Christian and surnames in shame at what had happened. The Germans had learned nothing that resulted from the 1918 Treaty of Versailles, and an unmet $55 trillion in reparation costs, and which saw the birth a doomed League of Nations. They then progressed to suffer sordid ignominy and the world’s admonishment at the Nuremburg Trials (above) between 1945 and 1949.

The same restrictions on bare existence were later to be imposed on Japan who felt it had no alternative but to bomb Pearl Harbour. Sanctions have only ever caused further civilian pain and fostered warmongering and that’s a fact that should be considered when dealing with rogue States like North Korea.

It’s a shame that such an industrially talented nation like Germany is still led today by future tyrants without a sensible vision beyond their noses.

And now European innocents are to be treated with further terrorism due to Merkel’s open border policies for the EU and an open invitation to one million “refugees” from Islamic hotspots. 

                        Womanless hordes present no danger to Merkel 

ISIS did Merkel the courtesy of informing her that many future terrorist cells were embedded within the incoming hordes. That courteous information fell on deaf ears... or ears that didn't want to hear it.

Now you can set your watch by terrorist acts committed after workouts at mosques’ Friday prayers. Only none is rating a mention now that they are as common as deaths in car crashes.

This weekend in a French railway station a woman was stabbed and beheaded while another was repeatedly stabbed and left to die. In Edmonton, Canada, a terrorist brandishing an ISIS flag stabbed police before running his hired van into pedestrians, the dead and injured toll is of no interest and unknown.

Page one lead stories two years ago.

Once again the acts were reported as having “nothing to do with Islam” and “lone wolf” terrorist acts… only later will we find out, as is usual, that a whole Islamic cell of 15 or more operatives is involved. After all, that’s what ISIS advised it would be.

So Fairfax and the ABC didn’t feel that another Islamic terrorism story should rate a mention, they were too preoccupied with stories like: "CAN AUSTRALIA AFFORD TO FOLLOW TRUMP OVER A CLIFF?", "A THREAT OF SUMMER BOYCOTT ON PADDLE POPS AND GOLDEN GAYTIMES", "SERENA WILLIAMS' BABY'S NAME" and of course, "ASYLUM SEEKER FOUND DEAD ON MANUS ISLAND"

Oh, I did find a story detailing how the commie Pope Francis had launched in St Peter’s Square a “global influence” campaign aimed at halting the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment, only after the far-right, anti-immigrant alternative Party for Germany the (AfD) surged to an unprecedented hold on third place in the German national election. What an out-of-touch dickhead the current Pope is!

                                         TIME magazine's Person of the Year

Chancellor Angela Merkel is far from the Conservative she professes to be and has Italy's Renzi and France's Macron under her thumb. A former Green activist in East Germany with a father known as “the Red Pastor”, Angela became a Prime mover of the disastrous Treaty of Kyoto, collaborating with Vice President Al Gore, until she realised Gore was only in it for himself and dropped him like a hot scone. “He lacks ideological conviction”, she blasted. 

The US never ratified that Treaty nor, under Trump, the Paris Accord.

Frau Merkel has never lacked ideological conviction, despite that she claimed Gore’s global warming issue perfectly suited her aspirations to change Germany and the world according to philosophies developed by Hermann Flohn and Green Socialist ideologues like Harich, Bahro and Havemann.

She, like Gillard and Obama, decided she could have much more influence in a major Party than she could ever have as an activist in the far Left Socialist and Green Parties.

Merkel is a street smart vixen and another German who should never be underestimated. She has no time for Brussels as she, and most intelligent people, know it has a short life as the unelected ruler of Europe. Nope, her plans for Europe were hatched in the Communist Eastern sector and they involve far better informed intel and battle plans than the Socialist Hitler ever had at his disposal.

                                                  Trump is awake to her

The Brits saw her coming and Brexit will become a reality. Yet frau Merkel should be watched very closely as her “final solution” is also under wraps… because she believes it is far too radical to talk about just yet.

She will wait, the people must first come to her with outrageous concepts of global warming, borderless States, genderless education and marriage laws, redistribution of income, a one World currency and an acceptance of Islamic immigration and its outrages.

… it seems the world really is moving toward her.


Barnaby says "paternity ( of the alleged love child) is a grey area" Ahh so she was the Office Bike? That's probably true of 'B'Cup Billy's little harem in his office. Does that make Billy a Lesbian?

OT....Larry. Under "Shop" at the top of the Home Page there is a subtitle; Gallary.

Apart from questioning why an Australian teacher needs to work in a godforsaken dump like Africa, I sensed the original motive by the Kenyan "police" was dodgy....It was a RACIST killing. And black lives still don't matter. All whites should desert Africa and leave it to the Chinese. Then these smart arse blacks will understand the meaning of benevolent colonialism.

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General William J. Donovan's Office of Strategic Services was reporting that Japanese armies on the Asian mainland were dissipated and depleted. There was no way of returning them to Japan. The only prominent American military leader who insisted that Japan still had great capacity to fight on, supported Roosevelt's policy of refusing to consider surrender terms, and desired to bring Russia into the war, was General Marshall.
And so in order to bring Russia into a war already won, the Communists were handed at Yalta what could be the main key to a world victory for International Communism.

In examining Roosevelt's motives for bringing Russia into the Pacific War, Chester Wilmot observes that Roosevelt "was also actuated by the hope that Russia's intervention would enable the United States to strike the decisive blow at Japan, and compel her surrender, before the British, French or Dutch could regain possession of their colonies."
(The Struggle for Europe. pp.644-45.)

a much bigger factor than the dropping of the bombs was the russian declaration of war on japan. while the allies welcomed it on the asian mainland the big concern was if the russians landed on the japanese mainland the country would be divided and create an ongoing mess. As it turns out those concerns were vindicated when the russians seized the kurile islands and the war ended before they got to the japanese mainland. It is common knowledge that the nagasaki bomb was a bit off target, but still did great damage and casualties. But much more widespread damage was done by the continual B-29 raids.

"....................Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist comrades were fully aware of the character of Jews vs. the character of Germans. They knew that the idealism and sense of fairness in the German character often resulted in great naïveté and a lack of protective “armor” when dealing with foreigners. They believed that for Germans to thrive they had to be protected from some foreigners, but especially from Jews. They believed that Germans could not succeed when at the mercy of crafty, sly and often crypto Jews whose moral code was of a distinctly different, Oriental origin.
In short, their consensus was that Germans and Jews did not mix; when they did it was to the disadvantage of the German. Therefore, the idea formed that for a renaissance of Germany to take place, Jews must not be allowed to hold influential positions in key sectors, which meant neither should they be citizens. When Hitler took power, he began the changes that would eventually rid the country of its Jewish inhabitants...................."

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Jeez Larry, I know it's dangerous territory but I thought nothing was out of bounds for you. Why did you acquiesce to the greatest myth of the last century?

People who like answers ask why and how, its the chosen people who control the world and are working toward complete control. If you don't believe this get on the net and do some in depth investigation. For a start there was no "holocaust"(jewish term) see David Irving detailed evidence also it was the chosenite Marxists who had taken over the German parliament in 1918 who surrendered, the Germans were winning and had lost no ground. When you get the facts and know who controls the media you should realise it's their propaganda and far from the truth..mohomMAD copied judaism that's why islam and judaism so similar. Before you go ballistic do some in depth investigation on the net.

Watching Narcos S01 Very good!

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US was going to test those nukes no matter what.

And nobody talks about this killer either.....James T Hodgkinson: What we know about Virginia suspect - BBC News
Jun 15, 2017 - Hodgkinson died in the firefight with the congressional security detail. The 66-year-old was from Belleville, Illinois, a small city just across the Mississippi River from the city of St Louis, Missouri. He was self-employed until recently and worked as a home inspector.

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