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Saturday, 21st July 2018

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...and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Impossible you say? How could the electorate ever conceive of promoting such a flawed character as Bill Shorten to Australia’s highest Office? Well, it will, and not even the Labor Party can do a damned thing about it. 

Only Tony Abbott can defend the bridge to Rome from an Etruscan onslaught, only he can stop a union led autocracy of crooks and criminals from gaining government... but Abbott ain’t no Horatius.

Kevin Rudd left a trail of ruinous bungles behind him, not the least of which were the boats’ and pink batts’ debacles, but there is so much more to come from this man’s lethal legacy. 

Bill Shorten used his Right faction numbers to oust Rudd and install Gillard only to use those same numbers three years later to oust Gillard and reinstall Rudd. But Rudd was still smarting from his inglorious dismissal and swore that a sitting Labor PM would never ever be dislodged in future.

Of course Uncle Kev was counting on defeating Abbott himself in the ensuing general election but instead he finished up handing his onetime assassin, Bill Shorten, a deposit on the keys to The Lodge.

In his brief second stint as PM, Uncle Kev petulantly changed ALP rules, ensuring it would be virtually impossible to oust an ALP leader, let alone a sitting Prime Minister. This was achieved by giving the ALP rank and file (around 30,000 members) 50 per cent of the vote and Caucus (ALP parliamentarians) the other 50 percent. 

This meant that each Caucus vote was worth around 450 members’ votes. Okay, so the contest was between Albanese and Shorten with Albanese winning 18,000 (or 59.9%) of the rank and file votes with Shorten only able to muster around 12,000. 

[Let’s ignore the fact that the mailing addresses of blocks of ballot papers were altered by the office of NSW General Secretary, and Shorten supporter, Senator Sam Dastyari. Home addresses were changed to the post office box of disgraced Auburn councillor Hicham Zraika, who was suspended from the Labor party for six months after branch-stacking charges were brought against him. However, any missing postal votes would not have been sufficient to alter the final result.]

Shorten had already collared almost 56 per cent of the Caucus vote, giving him victory by less than three per cent, despite the fact that the Party as a whole rejected him in favour of Albo!

Uncle Kev, in the process of trying to entrench his own tenure, had unintentionally installed Shorten in perpetuity. Why in perpetuity you might ask? Well Uncle Kev had a few more tricks up his sleeve. You see, it now requires 60 percent of Caucus votes to even bring on a leadership spill. Better still, if the leader happens to be the PM it requires a massive 75 per cent, a sufficient buffer to have kept even Julia safe!

So the next time the Government changes, as it often does, Shorten will inherit The Lodge no matter what his crippled credentials. A carbon tax will be reimposed, the corrupt UN’s global warming hoax will top the agenda and the boats will start arriving at Christmas Island again. 

Rampaging unions (that represent a mere 17 per cent of the workforce) will be running the joint and Shorten’s criminal mates in the NSW Right’s mafia faction, which include Bob Carr, Richardson and the many friends of Eddie Obeid, will re-emerge as the new mob.

Is it any wonder the Coalition is nervous about Abbott’s ability to stave off a change in government? 

Actually it's just a matter of time.



Larry, how about a cartoon where Mrs Shorten ( in over-tight pink suit) has taken little Billy into the department store where he is trying on a suit in the children's dept.that sort of fits except for the sleeves which are far too long for his little arms. There is a sign in the background.... " BACK TO SCHOOL." Mrs Shorten says .... "can the sleeves be Shortened?" have you ever noticed how little Billy keeps "shooting his cuffs", because his sleeves are always too long? Watch him in Parliament; it's like an obsessive reaction....

I think you're spot on Larry, Abbott will never win the next election, he's a twit with no balls so by keeping him will insure Bill's spot in the lodge and condemn Australia to total ruin and in a very short time we'll have sharia starting to pop up and the islamic takeover of Australia will start in earnest. I think it'll start this weekend because I think labor will win the NSW election on Saturday.

My mum brought me here from communism to live in a free country.What is happening is just as bad.Nowhere else to escape!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Gazza and Marigold. I have only just been able to log on. I just took your advice. Thanks for the best wishes Marigold. Gazza, we also had a similar amount in retention so but we also had quite a lot in bank guarantees. Fortunately, we were able to get all but one guarantee back in before we folded. We were also able to get Gavin's BG's back off their liquidator which was lucky. Two years Gazza and you can follow in our foot steps, hopefully. It is good that you have everything else covered. Hubby isn't going to tell them anything. They will have to take him to court. Marigold, I'll keep putting up posts, when I can, so keep a look out. Take care both of you. Xoxox

Never let the truth get in the way of an unfounded outrage. A bit like the feigned horror of the left when TA made reference to Short-on-ideas as the Georbbels of the Australian economy. Saw on Bolt today example of the ALP often referring to Libs as Nazis and so on. Another was the alleged racism of TA when he send a video to an Irish group apologizing for his absence but hoped they enjoyed a Guinness or two or three. Yet both Rudd and Gillard made similar comments, even to the extent of Gillard mentioning they had a weekend to recover. Not a whisper from the media or the left or anyone.

Oh my,
I just noticed.
It appears from this photo that he does have man-boobs!!

Until then I thought Larry was having us on.

Also forgotten is that Kerr sought advice from elsewhere and acted upon it .

she is a DESPERADO .....nothing simpler....and he is the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER.

Who's got the biggest tits ?

There's nothing to worry about gang. Abbot will mop the floor with Shorten at the next election.

They are both equally showing BAD TASTE.

Atlas, Marigold: I met a joker a long time ago who was at the huge 60 000 strong meeting in Moore Park after Governor Game dismissed Lang. He said that sections of the crowd were armed as a precaution against the intervention of the New Guard. Lang beat a hasty retreat to his farm up at Wilberforce. He was essentially a radical reformer and the democratic set-up therefore beat him, like it has beaten the opponents of that other grand scheme of the - contemporary - Money Power - saturation Third World immigration. Did Australians ever really "own" "their" country!

By the way: I think I must have got my version of the railway runner from another source which had it that it was Red Ted Theodore (he had red hair!!!). Lang was a mild version of that great and honorable Labour figure, Frank Anstey who wrote not a small amount about the ownership of Australia by the Money Power. Lang has several very favorable references to him in the Great Bust.

Thanks AS; I have the volume but not at hand at the moment. I also have his other collection of vignettes. They ought to be on the shelves of any serious political person. Both were reprinted in the 1970's or was it early 80's? Marigold: Lang wanted a moratorium on the debt of the NSW government to the Bondholders at the Bank of England and to continue with the welfare system he had largely set up. He also wanted to institute Keynesian measures - a programme of public works to speed up economic recovery. Both were anathema to both the ALP and the coalition of ex-ALP and "Conservatives", even though universally accepted in one way or another, today.

well 3 months ago Larry warned us all about the consequences of electing Shorten and his pro-islam views. If Labour get back in there will be no going back, this country will never be the same. It will all be downhill. Don't say you weren't warned.

Rather have Root Canal.

The silly left still cannot get over the fact the Australian voters had the final say and booted their incompetent backsides to the opposition benches. (The few that were left)

Future PM? Does it come with his oversized forehead and empty head?

So that's where I read it! Thanks AS. And you are right: if we don't have mastery of our own history, others will - and proceed to rewrite and misuse it, something that is already well on the way. By the way the railway station was on the northern side of the Molonglo , in "Civic" in those days with a railway bridge giving access - it was destroyed by floods and not replaced. Of course Joe was off to Melbourne - via Goulburn (!) where he picked up the Sydney - Melbourne sleeper. It was the War and the natural encouragement of manufacturing (import replacement and low wages and other input costs) that got Australia out of the Depression.