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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Pickering Posters,

As you are all aware, I haven’t the time to spend moderating comments on this site. That’s a pity because the comments section is probably the best part of this blog. Unfortunately, our policy of freedom of speech can be misinterpreted as “Free for all.”

 That isn’t in anyone’s best interest, as posters who engage in anti-social behaviour only serve to bring the blog into disrepute and crush our credibility.

I have also spoken with a number of people who would like to post but feel intimidated. You may write off these people as snowflakes, but at the end of the day, they have a right to be heard too. If a few loose canons are driving away potential commenters, that is just not fair.

Recently therefore, I have accepted an offer from a medical professional of impeccable credentials to moderate the site and bring some decorum to the comments section.

Nurse Ratched is firm, but very fair. She will not be canning anyone for their opinions. Left, right, up, down, whatever- we may not agree with you, but feel happy to share.

What really gets her reaching for the electrodes however, are things like gratuitous foul language and personal attacks.

This isn’t Women’s  Weekly. We don’t mind a few swear words or off-colour jokes. I spent most of my life on construction sites, so I’ve pretty much heard it all.

However, excessive swearing just for the sake of it drags the whole place down into the gutter and the good nurse tells me she won’t stand for that.

The other thing which get’s her panties in a knot, are personal attacks. Post your opinions, disagree vehemently with other people’s opinions - but GET INTO PERSONAL ATTACKS ON OTHER POSTERS and she assures me that there’s no way you’ll be watching the goddam World Series.

This blog is here for all of us. Some of us put quite a bit of effort in to keeping it going. We do that because we believe it is vitally important in the present situation.

Those of you who see it as your own personal playground to vomit all over, will have the good nurse to deal with.

Currently, posters who are banned can come back on. We are working on upgrading the site which will change things dramatically. Nurse Ratched tells me she is looking forward to throwing the switch.

I would suggest keeping on her good side. After all, she tells me she is good friends with your mother.

Thanks for your understanding



Agree. I don't post anything I wouldn't be prepared to say in public.

"disrepute and crush our credibility" - Yet slutty pics followed. This place doesn't feel like Larry's Post anymore.

I can come and help her if you (yes, its okay, I can slap myself thank you very Fantastic you are keeping the site going. Larry would be proud.

Yeah, to his credit he has kept well away from the crap over the last few years, however his attack on Tricky Woo the other day over something that may or may not have happened 20-30 years ago about somethimg he was not even involved with was totally uncalled for and got my heckles up.

Oz was before your time HH, known as the Ringmaster, now posts as Reflections.
Let his cover slip a couple of days back.
I hope we can keep you to your word Oz, goodbye and good riddance.

Really, choppie is a magnate? Wow, if only I had known? I might have been a bit nice to him, then again NAH !
And these clowns have a go at a poor immigrant bus driver about his spelling whenever they can.
On Reflection,please no invites to any party chop chop may be at, TIA.

JimJim, but that was when Pauline owned the fish shop.

Welcome to Nurse Ratched and I certainly hope that she retains the persona of the first picture while I retain the mental images of #2 and #3 - that is: Nice to look at but don't get on her bad side.
A tough moderator will be good.

Why can't they learn to speak Strine?? :-))

the correct descriptor of Tim alphabet is "leftist". it belongs to no country, no identifiable gender and has no detectable intelligence. It's only identifiable trait is a pathological hatred for freedom, everything western, everything Australian and everything decent. in short a "leftist"

beat me to it esra.

Welcome Nurse Ratched. This episode of Torque should be seen by all drivers.

Nearly 200 years of anti-Semitic conspiracies continue to cloud Rothschilds
From a 1843 rumor that Nathan Rothschild made a killing off Napoleon’s defeat, to a 2018 claim they control the weather, the banking dynasty has been the go-to for bigots to blame

The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on...

The thing I'll always remember about Swan was a speech he gave to an AWU 125th anniversary celebration:

"The official records tell me I joined the AWU in January 1982, when the union was only 96 years old. Unfortunately, those records don't capture the tickets I took out in 1974 when I was a sewerage maintenance worker for the Brisbane City Council; or the dues I paid as a casual at the Brisbane Exhibition, shoveling chook manure out of the pens.

Let me assure you, delegates, that when you work in the sewers and in the poultry industry, you-know-what happens. In fact you're frequently up to your knees in you-know-what.

So whether I was shoveling you-know-what in the 1970s or doing what felt like a remarkably similar job during the long wilderness years of federal opposition, the AWU has always been there."

He shovelled shit as a worker and spoke shit as a politician.

Hopefully we will never hear from him again. Good riddance.

Google are the Gestapo of the Left. Its obvious now. It can only get worse.

Google crosses the Rubicon. The tech giant has censored pages of the historical web site 'Ancient Origin' for being "inapropriate". Ancient Origins said that it had changed images in more than 60 articles but refused to remove photographs of mummies because they were an essential part of ancient history that should not be censored,” the Times reported. “Among these were photographs of Cashel Man and Clonycavan Man, both well-preserved bodies found in bogs.” Breitbart

Wendy is still fudging the numbers .