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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Almost all media has taken an opportunity to slam Abbott over his Commission of Audit. The trouble is it’s not Abbott’s audit. It’s merely the thoughts of independent commissioners who are free from political fallout, yet the ABC is hyperventilating like a bunch of Greens at a miners’ picnic while Press Page ones are screaming budget bastardry.

Media is displaying its deep-seated hatred of Abbott and it’s clear they will use every means possible to attack the fireman rather than the arsonist.

Fairfax’s Canberra Times headlined the report: “Commission of audit: a crusade of dated ideology and dead ideas”. Apart from not understanding that a colon should be followed by a capital letter, The Canberra Times remains lost in a world of its own inept little socialised city.

Obviously there will be a tough budget brought down in two weeks’ time. It will be a response to six years’ Labor-Green damage yet not a word is to be read or heard about those responsible for the destruction.

Instead, Green and Labor culprits are being given extraordinary air time to lambast those who the electorate voted back in to fix the damned mess. Looks like Abbott’s in for a tough trot.

If you doubt media’s bias toward Labor, observe the lack of air time given to Gillard’s aiding and abetting of a million dollar fraud 17 years ago compared to accusations that someone may have seen Abbott punch a wall 32 years ago. 

Mainstream media is still being dragged kicking and screaming to even acknowledge the political irresponsibility of Gillard and Rudd, let alone her and his criminality.

People were killed because of the actions of Rudd. That sounds like involuntary manslaughter to me, and I’m not too sure about the involuntary bit, because he was warned numerous times that deaths were likely to occur. 

Four deaths occurred because of Rudd’s purposeful failure to rectify his lethal program. 

Rudd’s solution was to sack his Environment Minister Garrett, the very same person who warned him on no fewer than six occasions of likely accidents and the very same person he ordered to do it, while continually ignoring his warnings! 

But that’s the repugnant Rudd for you! And where are the headlines now the Royal Commission into Pink Batts is underway? Well, they’re busy screaming Abbott’s “likelihood” of breaking promises due to an independent report on bringing the budget back to surplus! WTF?

Let’s face it, Abbott commissioned this report expecting its recommendations so he could back away from them, well some of them, and we don’t know what yet.

Abbott has known of the report for weeks and he has already responded positively, yet insufficiently, to a recommendation regarding his precious PPL farce.

It should be noted that Commission Chairman, Tony Shepherd’s more “adventurous” recommendations wouldn’t be effected for 35 years. 

Abbott won’t be around for mainstream media to attack then... fortunately, neither will mainstream media.


Can you believe Australia survived several major wars from viscious enemy and now the country is being destroyed by Australians. The ENEMY IS WITHIN.

Thanks Alb - The trouble with the MSM trying to inform the average voter on these matters is that they know about as much about it as I do which is sweet FA. They have now turned the debate into the most simple premise "Is there a debt crisis or isn't there". That would indicate their level of understanding of the issue. I don't see the point in rating the seriousness of the situation. All I know is that we had $20 bill in surplus, now we have $300-$600 bill in debt. That doesn't look good to me. Whether you call it a crisis or a walk in the park – it has to be fixed. The Japan situation is a mystery to me also. This site rates Japan's debt to GDP as only 17%. Is this because most of their debt is owed to the Japanese private sector by way of bonds?. If this is so then this cannot be equated to debt owed to other counties as ours is - if it is. Whether you are dealing in paper money, barter or gumnuts - you can’t spend more than you earn

"The news isn't there to tell you what happened. It's there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear. “If terrorism is based on creating fear, The greatest terrorism is media.” People are sheep. TV is the shepherd.

The Bolt Report today was again "on the money" with the panel,Cassandra Yummy Wilkinson & Michael Kroger pin-pointing our fiscal woes & what should be done to fix them.Every person on that show talks sense,except when you get some Labor stoog like Richard Marles trying to justify Labor's appalling record over the last 6 years.

While I absolutely agree with your post Bruce,it's the stupidity of the average voter in this country that stuffs everything up.All the average tosser wants is more of the same handouts-they don't really give a drovers toss who gives it to them,as long as they get it.Politicians are only in power long enough to stuff the finances(read Labor) & long enough to make people realize that the medicine is just too much to put up with.There might be a change of attitude this time because of the absolute fuck up made by Rudd/Gillard over the last 6 years & it just might be a case of the devil you know rather than the devil you don't!

You may be downplaying the difficulty of the job they do. The balancing act, Bruce, must be to stay in office whilst having to take drastic measures which affect those who dictate your tenure. If you can't stay in office you can't do anything. Meanwhile the fools who created the problems sit on the sidelines sniping at you. I, for one, give Abbott full support for what he is trying to do. At least his intentions are honourable and should achieve results in the long run. There is no alternative, simply.

Great post Markone! The problem is that people ..even Liberal voters...are swaying which ever way the wind blows. It is very disheartening. I for one will stay of any blog, TV or radio until all this nonsense has cooled down. It is just ridiculous what's going on at the moment. Have a great Sunday everybody.

Bashing Abbot, I hope he comes down strong and hard especially on the ABC, thank god not many people even watch the ABC, these seem to be very vicious people, what is happening in this Country....this has to stop.

All of these little Dolly birds who call themselves journalists, do they know anything about this Country or anything about politics, I think not.

No guts, no glory!

Absolutely right!

Stop all this bloody bullshit & increase the GST to at least 12.5% or even 15%.More people pay & more money is raised.It's called a fucking "consumption tax" & they don't call it that for nothing.Bloody stupid politicians!

Well I am not sure this so called independent commission is/was truly independent ?????

Come back 'unfriends', I was wrong, I am sorry, and I truly miss you, ... please, ...
Please don't go, ...
Hey, I know where Kaos lives

Come Back

The AAA rating is meant to make sure that we don't pay high interest rates on the money we borrow. Thing is...why did we borrow so much money?

Off track---regarding the closure of Holdens,Fords----The unions want the govt to put a-side millions of dollars for their retrenched workers to be trained.In the past ive been retrenched from 2 long term positions------no-one came running to me with some sort of re-training scheme,you just went out and looked for another job.I hope the govt.will see the light and not go ahead with this.----Don't listen to the Unions,they are just there for their greedy selves.

@ DJT Well said, and so rarely does one see those points brought up.

And until they get the sack from their cosy socialist positions never will have a concept of life like the rest of us. Sell and rationalize the ABC would be a good start.