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Monday, 16th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Neither major Party will agree to an audit because neither knows the potential outcome and both are nervous of it. But that ex-Labor thug turned respectable, conservative commentator without a job, Mark Latham, has suggested to Andrew Bolt that the Governor General should dissolve Parliament and call for fresh elections. Bloody rubbish!

There are only two ways this mess can be resolved. One is that both Turnbull and Shorten agree to an audit. (Very unlikely.) The other way involves the AEC which is an independent statutory authority, and the High Court.

This matter is well within the purview of the Australian Electoral Commission which has a wide responsibility for, and conducts, Federal elections and referenda.

If Vladimir Putin was an endorsed candidate for Wentworth, the AEC would be the first to raise hell.

Among their vast areas of oversight is providing information and advice on electoral matters to Parliament, the Government, government departments and authorities, and conducting and promoting research into electoral matters.

Their responsibility also extends to the eligibility of those registering to stand in an election. That is part of their bloody job!

                                                The AEC monitors voting 

Turnbull protests that this suggested audit would be expensive and unnecessary… that is a lie.

The AEC is in an electoral hiatus at the moment and has plenty of time to sort this out without extra cost. It should require all MPs to furnish the Commission with proof of sole Australian nationality and residential status. 

That should take care of most of them. Those who refuse to furnish such assurances must then be investigated by the Commission under the auspices of the High Court from which the Commission could successfully seek adjudication, if compulsion became necessary.

Regardless, if the AEC rules a Member ineligible there is not much a Member can do about it other than get up and walk out!

Once the dust has settled (within no more than 90 days) it becomes a case of the status quo obtains, the Government has an increased majority, or Shorten can claim the numbers to govern.

Whatever the case, this matter should not be allowed to aimlessly drift in unknown waters,

… even at the risk of accidentally installing a disastrous Shorten as PM.


When are the Previously Pensioned Fraudsters going to start repaying the Taxpayer for all the Unlawful payments they have claimed?...

Seems the political world has become a contest between rabble lawyers and the eternal devotees. Which must leave very little time for them to actually carry out the tasks they are paid for...hahaha. what's the point in having these people? Might as well give the jobs to some jobless people. Results would be about the same, and the savings would be amazing.


; ))))

'New York terror attack: Donald Trump says Sayfullo Saipov should get death penalty' and so he should and the executioner should be a woman that flicks the switch or pulls the lever so he will go to hell and not get 71 virgins.

KOF I understand the mother was born in Europe in 1948, I used UNHCR for posting this morning without reference because I knew there was WW2 organised refugee programming and UN establishment talks simultaneously, so ....

Dual Citizenship……One rule for THEM at the Trough and as Usual another for those that live in the Real World without a Trough who have to work for a Living and a meagre retirement. No different to Driving licence requirements for Truck Drivers or Cab Drivers....If you are going to drive Trucks or Cabs you have to keep abreast of Traffic and Licencing regulations. You also must Prove your Id and Qualification Prior to commencing work...What is the Difference about being a Politician....They get paid quite well and have ample (taxpayer funded0 staff to follow these things up for them, unlike the General Public.....So much for Fairness, they have drifted that far from Reality, I think they have forgotten the Concept…But that is just my humble opinion….

I don't know who the Slapper is in the first pic that Latham is inter viewing, but i wish she hadn't burnt her Bra. She has Tits like Socks with Rock Melons in them, I guess she will never suffer from cold knees, come winter.

UNHCR says we must provide secure accommodation for the Manus Is. country shoppers. This is people who have never set foot on our shore and have already been given a generous money handout. With this money they could elect to fly anywhere in the world but instead choose to fly to our nearest Centrelink Offices. The continued interference of the UN in ours and other countries affairs says much about who is controlling this country and our major parties.

We keep reading of how our lives are being trashed and many ask what will happen to the grandkids , well I say to you that what is happening now is caused by someone's grandkids . The big question is, of whom ?

New post.

You are the enemy.

Completely off topic but check this link for a rare photo of the birth of Hillary Clinton.,...

Never watch morning tv unless by accident. I was working on a client this morning and they had Today on in the background. They were joking about Trump’s Twitter getting closed down then literally in the same breath saying that coming up is what’s good about holidaying in North Korea. FFS

The Baby Hippo's partner works for a company heavily involved with the Adani project and the Hippo claims she was unaware. Give me a break. Then when she does supposedly find out she holds a press'a claiming she has heard she is going to be smeared because of it. I give the Hippo points for a novel approach, claiming victim status before any evidence of any smear has even been made. The Adani project must proceed if Qld debt is ever to be repaid. Everything including loans and temporary concessions must be given to make sure it goes ahead. And if a few Greens get squashed under dozers then so much the better.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is an Act of the UK Parliament.
Bob Hawke a citizen of Israel and Australia brought into being -
Australia Act 1986
The Australia Act passed on 2 March 1986 ended the inclusion into Australian law of British Acts of Parliament, and abolished remaining provisions for appeals from Australian courts to the Privy Council.

We CAN get rid of the Qur’an and eventually Islam from Our Nation…Prohibit it in the same way they banned Automatic Weapons, Slingshots, Assault, Rape, Paedophilia or anything else that Kills or injures Australians or is an unacceptable risk to public safety ...It may still go on but at least it is Not being Taxpayer Funded, and is shown to be Unacceptable to what Australia stands for....The Media and Internet is already censored, just like some Pornography and explicit torture sites...Just include a flag on Islamic supporting sites and you would disrupt the Enemy and it’s means of attack upon the Values, Culture and way of life our Military personnel died to protect.......

Another Simple solution.. Possession of a mobile phone with Islamic propaganda would be the same as having child porn on it..At many Airports they can already check phones for illegal content...No problem at all...Next hurdle please...Stop saying it Can’t be done when it CAN be done…Our children don’t deserve to grow up with the Terror infused Cult of Islam walking amongst them…..But that is just my humble opinion….

The poms are getting upset over their big foreign aid payout, something like twelve billion per year,Seems they have found that not only are the Nigerians running a scam with women going to the uk , using false papers , giving birth and much else and then offback home and leaving the nhs with the bill, Not only that but apparently there are 30 centenarians living in Yemen! who are recieving the brit pension,in fact more brits on the pension than are brits in the country, (2,870)This just shows that we must be vigilant about where our money goes , how much aid money do we waste ? One would not expect Yemen to host so many brit pensioners and certainly not so many centenarians.

What's with Labor politicians , Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh clock up an unimaginable amount of debt when Qld was in a mining boom royalty bonanza and now the Qld Treasurer is blaming the Campbell Newman government who inherited all Labor's massive debts upon being elected for the cause as to why Qld is in massive debt of approx. $80 Billion . Do these people think that we are stupid ,do they think that we can't count , is it that we are just their fun thing as we play monopoly with them they being the banker and we be their suckers who have to pay for their greed to look good in front of us to con us into believing they know what they are talking about ?

NO problem with Politicians born in Australia and holding to our problem with is with Islam who has a plan to overtake the world.Bringing in muslims to Australia endangers us. No to mosques and NO to Islam. They will not assimilate .They do not respect us and so we must not respect them.