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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PM Rudd’s last minute arrangement for illegal immigrants, made with PNG during the 2013 election, was nothing more than a one page memorandum of understanding... no contract and not even an agreement was signed. The MOU was hurriedly drawn up between roast pig and betel nut banquets. But the $30 million of Aussie taxpayers’ funds handed over to the brawling savages did seal the deal. It was typically just another of Rudd's arrangements.

Immigration Minister, Tony Burke said prior to the last election that one site alone (Manus Island) had the capacity to hold "10,000" asylum seekers in a tent city.

"The new sites we are looking at are proof that there is no cap on capacity," Mr Burke continued. "Anyone who thought that people smugglers might be able to overwhelm our policy will realise just how serious this Government is.”

Burke argued that the 10,000 figure for PNG was not an upper limit and that a figure of 100,000 “settlers” was possible within PNG. Hmmmm.

PM Turnbull will now have to decide whether to play hardball with the dishonest natives to our north. But no decision will be forthcoming until after the coming election. 

Australia shouldn’t give a stuff what their “Supreme” Court has decided. PNG is an alien jurisdiction. Although our High Court ruled Gillard’s Malaysia solution illegal, Rudd’s PNG solution was ruled constitutional from our end.

If the Australian Government is to bend to a PNG “Supreme” Court judgment then the PNG Government must repay, pro rata, the relevant amount of the $30 million given it as part of the loose arrangement.

The fact that Rudd shook penis sheaths on the deal means nothing, but the $30 million does legitimise the deal. And there is Buckley’s chance of getting that money back as it has already gone on grog, new Mercs for ministers and Filipino hookers.

So, the spectre of Rudd has again returned with yet another of his giant fuck-ups... but this time, it’s a doozy. PNG cannot send these boat people to Australia and Australia has no legal obligation to relocate them.

The most likely outcome is that Turnbull will bury the debacle until after the election then those who have been determined legitimate “refugees”, around 400, will be sent to the PNG mainland and given citizenship status. 

The Australian Government will then give them preferred immigration status on E bridging visas, thereby avoiding PNG’s “Supreme” Court ruling on "refugees" because they are now provisional PNG citizens and no longer refugees.

As for the remaining illegal refugees, they can stay and be given the keys to their lock ups until they either kill each other off or decide that anywhere is better than a Manus hell hole and Aussie taxpayers will again pay some poor country more millions to take them.

One thing for certain is that Peter O’Neill will have his grubby little hand out for more Aussie cash.


All good Harry Houdini and I still think BK won't engage in your Tony Abbott posting. I think tomorrow will be a new day and Harry and I will be friends again.

I can't believe you dumped your old mate Harry over a Pyne gig on SKY and blamed it on Aldi wine. I need a drink after that. Get out the home made Whiskey and drown my sorrows.

Don't forget to watch Christopher Pyne on his SKY show at 8.30 Sat morning Harry. Notice you didn't take me up on the wine wager. Interesting.

Dante. He can't fight fires if there aren't any. So you are voting for Turnbull, interesting.

I will vote for any Party that does not have Tony Abbott in it Harry. The bloke is a loser. Tells us he won't challenge meaning he will challenge. And how many fires has he put out lately that the cameras aren't rolling Harry. None?

Christopher Pyne turns TV host with his own Sky News show

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I suppose you watch Skye all day Harry and know every show that is on.. sometimes I wonder.

Harry, how about if I show you where I saw Pyne on Skye news, you send me a dozen of your best wines. And if it was a figment of my imagination, I do the same. Game on?

Was that Aldi wine Dante? The Prissy Pyne Project.....what time is that on Dante? I have Sky and have never seen it. The closer the election gets Dante I can feel your blood pressure alert. Tell us your predictions and for what party you are voting.

A solution is quite easy. All those deemed to not be refugees should be repatriated. Those who refuse, should go to gaol. Mt Hagen would be ideal to get them to change their minds. The rest get to stay in PNG with Australia assisting especially to repatriate anyone who has a change of mind. It is very much a self solving problem provided we keep PM Peter O'Neill happy. After all he is stuck with them with no means to send them to Oz

Sorry Houdini even with the great respect I have for you, I would never read the Sydney Boring Herod .....EVER.

More grandstanding and showboating than political nous.

Ye of not directing the answer to the issue raised..old friend. I correctly stated that they were not just a party directed at halal extinction. I asked if you would care to take a peek at their policies via the web. A fair question. You did not bother by the look of it, you must be one of those you mentioned that sit back and watch. I find Kirralee most impressive, you should as well. It's not all about Pauline, she has had her fair set of chances, she should move over and let professionals take care.

A few months ago a couple of Manus detainee's received PNG refugee status and were released into the community with PNG visa's, they shit themselves when they found out that their was no welfare and that the going hourly working rate was 60 toea (45cents) that's if you could ever find a job in a country with a high unemployment rate and a resentment against foreigners. Also they were totally rooted to find out that the staple diet, ceremonial and means of status were the owning and exchange of pigs. So shortly after the PNG Gov't granting these detainees’s refugee status all have returned to their homelands. No sugar on the table must be a lesson there.

I note yesterday, Ban Ki Moon, UN and Sth Korean, said that the West must take in more reffos. Wonder how many Sth Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China etc have taken in? The hypocrisy of these fools is on show every day. Like to see a few African coons wandering around the main streets in Seoul....

Contd ABC loving , lazy lump. Like Hilary C ,if she was a bloke the media would have ripped into her in her previous portfolio and in Defence.

The fat fool Marisse Painful uses both hands when she shakes with Malc , body language expressing gratitude for getting her out of a portfolio that she could not and would not handle. Her job was to reduce the bludgers who are on the Invalid support pension , the fakers and charlettons , thieves and frauds but that runx against her socialistic flavoured thinking. I heard her on Ray Hadlee show months ago and she told of her dob in a bludger scheme and how wonderful it was Ray that the list of names was over 105 thousand , Ray said "Good , how many have you prosecuted? " fatties replyg was that they were starting soon. Hadlee chewed her arse , and lets face if , there's plenty to bite and she left the interview much deflated ,never to return to 2GB. She a Turnbull clone , ABC loving

Rightio Malcolm, you just allocated $50,000,000,000 to the Labor state of SA whose voters will NEVER vote for your (supposed) Party, the LNP. Now where's Queensland's $50,000,000,000? And NSW's? And WA's?

OT. Just saw a headline on ninemsn. "Teach preschoolers about same-sex marriage: academic. Calls to challenge beliefs about being male or female". I thought being male of female is a fact rather than a belief . . . but what do I know, I'm not an academic, though I suspect I'm male, maybe not, who knows?

Just love the cartoon.