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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PM Turnbull, sporting his usual forced smirk, suggested yesterday he may have to resort to a joint sitting to get his legislation through. Fair dinkum, what the hell does he think a joint sitting will compose of that he doesn’t already have to contend with now?

With a majority of one single seat, and with Shorten suggesting he may not even honour pairs, the Libs are one heart attack away from another election and a total disaster for besieged Conservatives. 

These pages have consistently suggested that a DD election could not seriously be held after September of 2015, the window of opportunity would be firmly shut after that time.

Unfortunately Turnbull and his advisers like flirting with suicidal options and now, after going into a DD election with a gutless budget, Turnbull is about to pay the price of his stupidity... and not for the first time.

And if you believe he is serious about budget repair or debt recovery I can assure you he most certainly is not serious.

He is a twin of the Left believing the low cost of borrowings can be sustained for another ten years before alarm bells will ring, and then it will be someone else’s problem. Proof of that is his alliance with Shorten and his insane prediction of evolutionary repair due to an expected growth rate of at or above five per cent. Any first year economics student will tell you that prediction is utter bullshit!

Turnbull’s favourite disseminators of news, the ABC’s Mark Scott, Jim Spigelman and staff, (disastrous extensions of the failed Fairfax) have consistently set aside almost half of their $1.2 billion budget for obscene salaries that they didn’t want known.

Abbott made at least a step toward winding back the ABC’s excesses, but no sooner had he put his feet up on a backbench than cuts were restored by Turnbull and a Ms Michelle Guthrie (above) was named to succeed Mark Scott on a salary of $900,000 pa plus the usual benefits and well up from the inflated $833,000 Mark Scott was pocketing.

The ABC's money grubbing  Spigelman, when NSW Chief Justice, lobbied for an increase in his salary and demanded other benefits, including first-class overseas airfares, business flights for spouses and all-expenses-paid private phone and internet. 

He was the extravagant Lefty grub (above) who hosted $5,500 dinners at Government House while filling in for NSW Governor Marie Bashir when she was overseas. These Gillard appointees need pensioning off and made to pay for their own bloody expensive lunches.

I had the fraudulent CSIRO third on my list of cuts that must be made and Abbott had also moved to pare back their excessive costs by canning the outrageous global warming branch. 

But guess what... under Turnbull the global warming section has not only been restored but its budget has been increased by millions with the urging of the diminutive warmist Minister, Greg Hunt!

I say fraudulent because the CSIRO has consistently claimed inventions and discoveries that were the work of people not at the time associated with the CSIRO. These inventors were then made difficult-to-refuse offers that allowed the CSIRO to claim ownership of the inventions.

Their much vaunted WiFi invention is a lie. A WiFi signal is no more than a high-frequency radio signal and it was an American invention discovered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), America's telecoms regulator, to open several bands of the wireless spectrum, thereby allowing them to be used without the need for a government licence. The CSIRO’s involvement was with a bloke they employed who had invented another application that could possibly be adapted to WiFi.

Their list of false inventions is a long one that tries in vain to justify another $1.4 billion in pre-determined global warming “science”. And with luxuriously fitted out headquarters in every single State it’s clear that Turnbull has no intention to cut back any bloody thing.

Well known dipstick, CSIRO's Larry Marshall (above) is besotted with developing water divining techniques and has taken over the CSIRO on a salary of $800,000 plus add ons.

Then of course there's the devious liar, Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs, (above) who is on a $500,000 salary with an array of other benefits.

And we can’t forget our insolvent Post Office CEO, Ahmed Fahour, who has awarded himself a $4.8 million salary with a $2 million tax deduction that goes to his brother’s dodgy Islamic Museum.

So Australia’s richest postman, without any shareholder oversight, was able to sack 900 less well-paid postmen and reduce his own taxable income by donating that $2 million straight out of Australia Post’s bank account and into his stupid brother, Moustafa Fahour's (above) Islamic Museum family account, leaving himself a lazy $800,000 bonus to ensure a nice Xmas last year (which is a festivity he doesn’t actually recognise) on top of his $1.9 million base pay.

Then of course there is the Australian Bureau of Statistics Head of Fuckups, David Kalisch, (above) who earns (well he takes home) a total of $705,030. Anything around the $800,000 has no problem topping out at $1 million or more with all the endless benefits available only to Public Servants.

There are thousands of duplicated State and Federal Agencies and even more sponging quangos to soak up Federal budgets for the foreseeable future... can’t possibly list them all here, but they are actually here.   

And they wonder why we have a debt problem that Turnbull has no means of (nor intention of) fixing.


CLAY . Get back in gaol and do your time , piece of shit ! !

BK, I am right next door to a NSW Govt building , which was extensively refurbished a year or so ago, complete with a 24 hr security guard, fancy lighting, etc., etc. As soon as the refurbishment notice was removed, it was replaced by an auction notice. The notice was from a Sydney real estate firm, for an auction in Sydney. Jobs and money for the boys and not a Labour politician involved. Just your crooked lot. They are all crooked in Sydney.

Heard even more about this Telstra 'bit'.. seems some of their people have been experiencing troubles for more than two weeks.. not good?

Baird Build More !!

A Perth dad who dressed his son as Ben Cousins - complete with white flour on his nose - says the social media reaction to his photograph raises questions about why society might laugh at drug problems but react differently to racial issues like last week's Nic Naitanui "blackface" controversy.

Daniel Johnstone says he has not received any backlash since posting images on Facebook of his son in an Eagles jumper, with a dazed look on his face and a powdered nose.

9 news has felt it necessary to jump in and defend poor bullied dwarf head by stalking a white collar worker's facebook page and highlighting random stuff out of context to make him look evil. . .

see reply for full text

I remember reading that same comment in your long running serial "Me, Me, Me" by Whiteside.

My Windows Live Mail (Bigpond) is working okay.

And as we all know Four Corners is full of bull excreta.

I have never used my Telstra email. I suppose I have one as I had to have Telstra in this building.
I am still getting gmail, though. So it's not the whole system.

Mine is off and I'm supposed to be going to the new Telstra mail in the next day or so, which I don't want but have no choice in the matter.

Kerry: Media should cover terrorism less so that “people wouldn’t know what’s going on”
You see, he wants people not to know what’s going on, so that they don’t start in any significant numbers demanding real action and an honest approach to the motivating ideology behind jihad terror. He wants to keep people ignorant and complacent so that they don’t question the administration’s suicidal approach to the jihad threat and the Muslim migrant influx.


Police riot squads are pelted with rocks and bottles outside Kalgoorlie Courthouse.
According to reporters on the scene, a crowd of about 200 people armed with rocks and bottles have broken the gates at the court and surrounded police sent to calm the situation. The police, heavily outnumbered and are using pepper spray and riot shields to defend themselves.

see reply for full text

So it looks like to me that Turncoat has allowed Bull Shitten and the drug dealers wife to bypass the will of the people and have SSM ( dick to dick marriage ) passed in parliament by the LYING USELESS GUTLESS swill called politicians Fxxk em

I use Windows Live Mail, it seems to be playing up too.

Wow - Cory Bernardi making news over his private members bill to change 18C . The article is in the Australian and comments going nuts.

Yup, just tried to send myself a test email. Failed.

mine is to T W, I agree Drac,. what did these Telstra grubs do with the lazy 11 bil,. that the turd O Keyed when he was ( supposedly the communications minister ) I hope this grub is gone before XMAS.

I hope telstra have to offer free internet for an entire Sunday again. I'll download my arse off.

hmmm gmail seems to be working. What exactly is down?