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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Twelve years ago Tony Abbott canvassed with colleagues the possibility of becoming leader of the Liberal Party. He was told, “Forget it Tony, it’s not really your go, we don’t see you in that way.” 

Tony was devastated, he had seen himself as PM since he first entered Parliament in 1994. Bloody hell, he was a Rhodes Scholar, a journalist and a trainee Jesuit priest. He was the perfect Lib leader with a clean record. Well, sort of a clean record.

When he was 19 he was reported to have punched a wall at uni and unfortunately had got his girlfriend up the duff (not exactly criminal offences). 

Both parents parted company after putting their new baby boy up for adoption. But 28 years later the boy was a man and working in Canberra as a TV producer and when he sought out his real parents it was discovered he had unknowingly been working with his father. 

DNA testing later revealed that Tony Abbott was not his father after all.

It was Bob Carr who first tried to lure Abbott into the Labor Party’s NSW Catholic Right faction, but he declined the offer. Abbott was an elite Lib, a monarchist, a right-to-lifer and had no time for unions.

Malcolm Turbull in the meantime was running a remarkably parallel career, but of a different colour. He too was Rhodes Scholaring himself to perceived elitism. He too dabbled in journalism and he too was courted by the Labor Party. 

Gough Whitlam’s son, Nick and he were involved in some dodgy banking manoeuvres that Malcolm had deftly dissociated himself from before the proverbial hit the fan. 

Although Turnbull and Neville Wran were close friends, Malcolm decided to have a tilt at the Libs’ safe seat of Wentworth, spending a reported $1 million on his campaign. Despite the Lib vote falling by a massive 10 per cent, he scraped in on preferences.

But Turnbull and Abbott were politically poles apart. Malcolm was, and still is, a passionate Republican, a global warmist and a same-sex marriage advocate. 

Many of his colleagues see him as more Green than blue.

Regardless, he gained the Liberal Party leadership by two votes, ousting the hapless Brendan Nelson. But in no time his erratic and inexplicable judgment in handling the Godwin Gretch affair led to another Party room ballot where Tony Abbott wrested the Leadership from him by a single vote.

That one vote highlighted the Party’s discontent with Malcolm and its guarded suspicion of Tony.

But as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s handling of the Rudd/Gillard/ Rudd Government was dramatic, tempered and highly effective. He led the pleasantly surprised Libs back to government in a landslide.

Unfortunately, a leader’s brilliance in Opposition often lacks the same radiance in government and Tony Abbott’s protective, wooden persona is proving dull and sluggish. 

The canny Malcolm has noticed the Abbott flaw and is currently displaying devastating Turnbull performances of grandiloquence on the floor of the House, to the delight of both sides, leaving Abbott cringing in lingual inadequacy.

Old scores of one vote die hard in politics and Turnbull’s vanity-driven second foray on the leadership is becoming naked and manifest.

But there is a deep loyalty toward Abbott, despite his bloopers, and the Left leaning Turnbull is tilting at windmills. 

He may again allow his Liberal Party membership to lapse once his magnificence is not sanctioned for a second time. Then again, loyalty is not a word politicians can spell. 

... no man was more hated by his Party than the despicable Kevin Rudd when he was sanctioned for a second time.


Do we envisage the prospect of Australia becoming a regional office of Goldman Sachs?

"I have no ambitions towards leadership". Beware of the smile on the face of the tiger.

Watch Turnbull,s body language when he is near TA which is not too often. It stands out like a sunburnt arse at a nudists picnic that he cant stand TA.Unlike the rest of a very efficient Liberal front bench he rarely fronts the dispatch box and totally lacks input and is obviously not a team player.,better off without him.

Watching the ABC Drum tonight makes good reasoning why the ABC should be privatised.

This evening I listened to an interview (on 2GB.. take a look at their website and all will be revealed)... with Ben Fordham and Malcolm Turnbull... 'twas interesting to say the least.. poor old Malcolm has this awful disease ( I can't recall!)... shades of Carmen Laurence methinks.. other than that old Malcolm did his best but was truly outdone by Ben.. good job Ben.. you're right up there m'friend. Keep those bastards on their toes!

The lady, Malcontent Turncoat, doth protest too much, methinks.

The left of politics says the science is settled, the following statement by the Geological Society of Australia shows that there is a real split in scientific opinion on this subject. The science is definitely not settled, and all this bla bla yesterday about Obama putting caps on the states via the EPA to get round his senate is not a carbon tax or a trading system, it is only him trying to force the states into cleaning up their coal fired power stations, and in most cases by converting them to natural gas, of which the USA has an abundance. There could be a number of court cases by the states on this use of the Federally controlled EPA to force states to comply. It is not over yet, just wait until the power bills go up, especially in the populated states.

“AUSTRALIA’S peak body of earth scientists has declared itself unable to publish a position statement on climate change due to the deep divisions within its membership on the issue.”

Turncoat ???????

Turnbull, with his muddled global warming worshipping, led the liberals to their lowest approval rating in history, or at least damn close to it, when he was the Lib leader. Now he wants to force his own party to dump Abbott because he thinks he can tame Clive Palmer. What a joke. The Lib's must see that as soon a Turnbull is appointed leader, Palmer and Labor will turn on him too. So what would Turnbull actually do as PM. Increase ABC funding? Close Manus Is? What a joke Turnbull is. All show and no substance. Just like Rudd only in the slick form of a smart arse lawyer but still just another empty Leftist self-interested suit.

Labor gets my vote if Turnbull steps up. best to scuttle the ship.

If he isn't on plenty of lithium he should see a Doctor.

Surely we have worked out Clive is not a well man. I believe he will fold in quick time and yesterdays outburst isn't evidence of a stable person.

History has had enough revolutions to show 'us' where all this trouble making can end up. Suggest everyone gets serious about their home and family security. All the bullshit is a time bomb and the fuse is getting shorter. The G20 just may be a event where all the mal-contents can trigger more Nation destroying events.

Was watching Monday night footy (Rugby League for you). Would not even expend the energy on my remote to watch those useless Leftard wankers on the ABC! Total waste of tax payers money! Sooner we sell that shower of shit the better! Got a problem with BR? Princess!

Clive is for CLIVE.. make no mistake here.. he has an ego even more than his girth... he';ll not let up on 'his ego'... shame really... we don't need people like Palmer as representatives of our people.. one wonders if he'd be interested in just the 'norm' really think about him???

Clive THINKS Australia owes him?? WHY! He wants his snout in the trough like a lot of other useless pollies! He wants to destroy TA and CN and the fool does not care how destructive that will be to Australia, Queensland and ALL Oz workers and Tax payers.

If it wasn't for money, neither would be in parliament.....Their electorates were persuaded with very big buck campaigns to vote for them....Generally, a 23 y.o who gets to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars by 40 has to be very lucky or a little crooked.....If Clive or Mal go under the spotlight a lot may be be revealed.

and definitely not a team player !

Two questions I would like to be answered: Why is Malcolm Turnbull, minister of communications - it's like Hitler shadowing Joseph Goebbels, propaganda ministry; And, who hired Mark Scott, the ABC's General manger, at over $805.000 a year? I would do it for $500,000 and keep Pippa. We are all being played for fools!!

ringer, looks to me like this party doesn't need Turnbull to bury itself. The current Prime Minister is doing a good job of this on his own. I think Tony needs to hire a new set of advisors.