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Monday, 17th December 2018

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... not really, he dresses to the far Left

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Those conservatives crying tears of blood for Tony Abbott, forget it! You have a much bigger problem on your hands because the Libs are about to self-destruct. They are about to elect someone who will lead them into the valley of death. The no-name backbenchers proposing a spill motion weren’t thinking Turnbull... they were thinking Bishop or Morrison!

And for you angry Abbott lovers who call me a traitor, let me tell you something, I’m more bloody angry than you are. I spent three years doing my unpaid bit trying to help rid Australia of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd only to see this disaster. Angry? You don’t know what fucking angry is!

Abbott did not have the testicular fortitude to bring on a Double Dissolution when he had the chance. Had he done as suggested here, this mess would not have occurred and right now he would be in election mode and about to mop up that Senate swill. Shorten would again have been caught with his pants down and without a prayer or a policy.

Either Abbott has employed the world’s worst advisers or he as thick as pig shit. I suspect the former. The decisions coming out of the PMO over the past four or five months are not just confounding, they are blitheringly stupid and Gillardesque.

Far too many to itemise here, but just a couple: The ABC cuts, one per cent per year over the next five years. Bloody hell, if you are going to cut anything that is crying out to be cut, cut deep, don’t beat it round the bottom with a feather. The flak will be the same no matter what you cut and the ABC will sack people and threaten children’s programs to cause you hurt regardless. A world of pain for no commensurate result!

A $7 co-payment without saying why! It was, of course, to stop people going to the doctors for no valid reason. Was that too hard to say? Must have been, so Abbott decided not to be honest but to soften the message with some bullshit research fund maturing in 20 years. So, $2 to stop you going to the doctors and $5 to this phantom research fund, that the private sector overlaps anyway, with both amounts being usurped by administration costs.

University reform! Right now every bloke and his dog can have a uni education before getting on the dole. Our University world ranking is 24th and every bugger is running around calling every other bugger "Doctor" and "Professor". Tell the truth! A uni education is for the elite, we still need bloody bricklayers.

And when you have obviously been telling lies, don't say you haven't been telling lies!

The PPL, well I’ve said enough about that nonsense. But I just can’t let this one go: The promotion to the front bench of his little Catholic mate who holds his hand in church, Kevin Andrews, as Minister for Defence. Well I hope we don’t go to war any time soon because little Kevin, and his $200 happy marriage vouchers, would be over-promoted had he landed a job washing dishes in the Parliament canteen. Yesterday he suggested in his Press conference that the “Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard team” were doing a great job!  Hmmm.      

Now the Libs are looking at Turnbull of all people. Yes, bloody Turnbull! The bloke who petulantly resigned from the Party when he didn’t get his way. The bloke who is a life member of “Friends of the ABC”, passionately believes in anthropogenic global warming and a regular darling of Q&A!

The bloke who says, “I refuse to lead a party that doesn’t promote a carbon tax”, a Republican who wants a different flag, gay marriage and our border protection policy relaxed. WTF is he doing in a conservative Party?

And if an illiterate, brainless, bogan senator like Jacqui Lambie wants him, what further disincentive could there possibly be?

This is what will happen under Turnbull. He will drag the Libs closer to Labor, it will be all comfy for a while as they both wallow in philosophical intercourse and further debt. At the next election Shorten will turn on him, digging up his dirty millions made in dodgy deals.

Relentless TV ads will show his $50 million mansion and asking how he could possibly be a man of the people.

Godwin Gretch footage will re-emerge, the Gunns Pulp Mill will be revisited and so too will the little matter of $10 million in taxpayer funds he invested into a Russian/Swiss rain-making company in 2007.

That “away-with-the-pixies” company, partly owned by Rupert Murdoch’s nephew who lives in Malcolm’s seat of Wentworth, makes significant donations to Turnbull’s private fundraising group, the “Wentworth Forum”, which comes in handy during an election year.

Compared to Tony Abbott, Turnbull makes a good Al Capone and he will be a high-value target for a treacherously ambitious Shorten.

Massive wealth does not indicate ability; note Tinkler, Bond, Palmer, Skase, Rivkin, etc, etc.

The wash-up of any election will be a rudderless and decimated Liberal Party without a compass, a philosophy or any semblance of integrity. The Nats will align with an emerging Right Party that will gather the crumbs of what’s left of the Libs.

It’s not a matter of whether you like Abbott or not, it’s a matter of whether you can stomach Shorten.


Turncoat is a Trojan horse for Goldman Sachs who want him in so that THEY can get on with making money with the greatest con of all time, carbon trading.

The embarrassment is all Whiteside’s. In the interim here’s a little veracity test for Bwoose:

1. Have you ever been banned from this site?
2. For what reason?

No porkies. Simple one word answers will suffice.

Nothing to be jealous about lg, they're a good match.

I'm jealous! How come Bruce gets the most elegant and smartest chick on the blog? Multi-lingual as well - La Belle Marie d'Or. Life's unfair . . . think I'll go and crack another stubby.

It's Whiteside's continuous vanity blogging here that's at issue and the fact that he said he'd gotten permission from Larry to do it. Big mistake that last bit.

It'd coming Whiteside. As old Joh would say: "Don't you worry about that" ... and you know what it's going to say and you'd better have a second bullshit excuse ready that is better than the one you gave earlier.

Maridross: I didn't know Larry's email address until your dopey mate Whiteside published it on here yesterday and dared me to use it. I did. I got a reply from Larry at 10.57 this morning. I responded asking his permission to quote him. I await that reply.

Getting panicky Bwoose. You can chant your dopey mantra all you like, Whiteside, but it comes when it comes. Meanwhile, as I said, you'd better get that excuse of brain of your working on a different bullshit excuse for running a personal blog on here.

You're a bit slow on the uptake there Whiteside. You'll see it here verbatim when I get Larry's okay, as a courtesy to him. Meanwhile, you know his email address so get your self a preview direct.

Go get it Bwoose, you gutless bag of piss and wind.

If you want a preview, I'm sure Larry will email it to you. Go get it.

Not so fast, Bwoose. Larry has replied to me with the SP on your blogging habit here and I have requested his permission to quote his reply here. So, stand by for that. In the meantime, you had better get working on another line of bullshit as you know what is going to be said about you.

So there you have it - the mentality of Bruce and Mg on display for all to see. That was a bit tame, warriors - have another go.

Really OT: something weird has happened to the Boycott halal in Australia page - a couple of days ago there was a robust discussion on comments made by the pages' administrators about Fleurieu Milk (SA dairy) who had decided to go back to non-halal and shortly thereafter won a big contract to China. They also managed to hang on to their Emirates Air contract although now non halal certified. Yay them I thought but the webpage moderators were a bit negative so I had my five cents worth and I was banned. It's a good site it had 62500 likes but fb took down the page or so they say and now they say Anonymous has hacked their page and it only has 500 likes and they are saying all sorts of weird stuff. have been banned again. Similar site called Boycott halal certification in Australia ??????

Thanks Bruce. My head's already hurting from trying to do a very easy Sudoku last week (I got three numbers)

My trailer has a broken axiom. The neighbour was good enough to take my palm branches and tree clippings to the tip in his ute.

I'm sure that 'old sayings' are your speciality Marigold.

Jim of Sydney, well written letter, and definitely the type of actions Abbott should be following up on. I don't think so though, he is too concerned about negative feedback from the press and the left to even start on any of this.

The Pickering Post Literary Circle tag team seem to be taking you apart segment by segment, Pie. Hang in there. It's tough, but you'll come through it. My thoughts are with you.

That's about it in a nutshell.