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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Masao Nakayama, Permanent Representative of the Federated States of Micronesia, is a softly-spoken man, born on the tiny atoll of Onoun in the state of Chuuk.  He says, "The threat is to our existence, survival, not only as a people but as a culture. ... We now have just flat beaches -- the wash comes in and hits the roots of coconut trees," he said, "It's very scary, it's very frightening", the ABC has reported with a straight face.

Scientists (the UN’s IPCC pretend scientists, that is) are telling Micronesians there will probably be three more feet of sea-level rise in less than 90 years, with 6½ more feet as an estimated "upper bound" -- a distinct possibility. "Even a small rise of one meter would already have a devastating effect," they said. “Global sea levels have risen by eight inches since 1870 forcing relocation.

                    Micronesian islands the IPCC says will be almost underwater in 90 years

"If it gets to a meter or higher, the islands would vanish." The IPCC has also told them if they can convince western nations of this awful warming thing then the UN can succeed in its socialist mantra of a world-wide redistribution of income. And we all know how the islanders love a dollar.

Apparently this six thousand year old area of the western Pacific is about to suffer a rise in sea levels that will necessitate manning tiny canoes and relocating next door to Polynesia or a little further south to Melanesia where sea levels are lower... really?

But before Turnbull hands them the borrowed $300 million our kids will have to repay with interest, someone should take him aside, shake him by the collar until his teeth rattle and tell him that the Pacific does not have different sea levels any more than his bloody Point Piper gold fish pool does!

Of the close association I have had with Pacific island Jifs (Chiefs) not one has heard of this warming business, unless of course they have been visited by IPCC fraudsters, Gillard, Plibersek, Hunt or Bishop.

Tides ebb and flow for myriad reasons ...but not sea levels. Tsunamis (the result of undersea quakes) are known to all the islanders. The first warning sign of a tsunami is that the tide rapidly goes out, almost to the horizon, the further the tide contracts the greater the tsunami that will flood back. 

Even the kids then know to start running like hell to higher ground, as all island kids have done for thousands of years.

It does not indicate an increase in sea level. It is simply a forced relocation of the existing volumes of sea water to another place... and temporarily. I’ll give you an example I experienced of this during seven years’ search and rescue in Pacific archipelagos.

Although hundreds died, many of the Pacific disasters are tsunamis that went unreported here because no footage was available. One that claimed around 200 lives was in a group of islands south of the Solomons where the main island suffered the worst with only the cross of a church exposed atop mountains of sand dumped by the rotating waves of the tsunami. It was a bloody mess.

Trying to get the injured back to a hospital became impossible after the natives insisted that first the dead must be delivered back to their islands of birth. That was far more important to them than attending to the injured.

So it took a day and a night to ferry the dead in a sling net below the Jetranger back to where I was told each body belonged. Unfortunately the information was invariably wrong, the islanders would not accept the bodies, so I finished up dumping more than 100 in a lagoon next to an uninhabited island hoping the sharks would get to them before anyone noticed.

Now I had to travel south 150 mile to refuel, but when I returned to the tsunami site, most of  the seriously injured had also died and I had to perform the same repatriation task all over again. After three days of this farce I managed to get five seriously injured to hospital. Three of whom were dead on arrival and I heard the other two didn’t survive anyway.

Many months later I visited the same island for another reason and it was incredible to see everything was back to normal, the repaired church was still standing, the huts had been rebuilt and there were the same old pigs and goats wandering around the village of grinning natives.

The sea level at high tide still lapped at the same tree roots and at low tide the same reef was still exposed to gather the same abundant seafood by the women and children.

Had Plibersek and Hunt arrived at the same time as I did immediately after the tsunami they would have reported a catastrophic warming instance back to the eager ears of the IPCC. No-one notices the natural reparation that has been repeated hundreds of times before.

You cannot blame the natives for the misinformation, they have been promised a lot of money if they say they are fearful of drowning in rising seas.

     Like mainlanders, islanders also build close to the ocean, where natural tragedies can occur.

The Guardian reported on the Solomon Islands seven years ago:  “As the climate warms, sea ice and the ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic continue to melt. (That of course is patently false, the Antarctic ice sheet has been rapidly expanding for years, but we are talking The Guardian here). 

"These and other factors lead to increases in sea levels and further warming of the Earth. Climate change will manifest in many, many ways, including changes in weather patterns and more extreme weather events. For some, though, rising sea levels may leave them under water", so says The Guardian.

Hmmm. So Greenland’s melting ice sheets are affecting the South Pacific Solomons, yet there are varying sea levels between Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia where villages have been happily living on islands not more than two feet above high tide for thousands of years?... WTF?

This is the extent of the woolly thinking among these global warmists. Crazy stuff! But that sort of misinformation can be expected from the ABC and The Guardian with the backing of the lying UN who, like true socialists, are determined to create a global redistribution of income.

Turnbull is aping Gillard by agreeing to augment billions in aid to these well tutored islanders who have no possible way of spending any money that could affect the elevation of their islands anyway, and they can’t eat any more paw paws, bananas or seafood than they already eat.

Archipelagos closer to Australia that have also been caught up in this IPCC “vanishing islands” nonsense have decided to spend their aid on new Mercedes for all the Jifs and their families. They don’t care that there are no roads to drive on... it’s a status thing with natives who have no interest in socialism.

Turnbull should be visiting Venezuela instead of Micronesia.


A fool in a fool's paradise. Aptly said.

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OT: JUST LISTENED TO SENATOR MALCOLM ROBERT'S MAIDEN speech. WOW! Yes I am Yelling out loud with joy! Senator Roberts has said all of the things I have been waiting to hear a politician say. What a refreshing difference to the other muddle-headed Malcolm. More senators of the ilk of Senator Roberts is what this country despirately needs.

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Fact. I have recently spent several weeks on the Gold Coast correlating and authenticating the-documented history of the early days re: Pauline Hanson. As you well know, I know Bruce in the real world, no secret. I was interested to see after watching him lampooned over the past years to see if he could back up his claims re: The Hanson saga. I got to know him and his lovely wife Iris very well indeed....I now class them as good friends. Contrary to how some portray Bruce here on the dartboard, I find Bruce to be a man I can trust and confide in. Yes abrasive at times, but a spade a spade man, I like that, we get over our disagreements quickly. I have made Bruce see the light and he has now found safe harbour for the litany of potentially explosive documents I saw on my many visits.

This is a MUST for those who still have any or many years to live on Earth. 1400 years of mass murder and IT IS BACK WITH A VENGENCE! Worth listing so you are not deceived any longer. Pls MAKE all our Pollies see, listen, understand and take immediate massive defensive action.

It ain't over yet. Obongo still has 130 days left to do his worst.

With the new digital system in the US, you can be assured that the election will be rigged.