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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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…it was all about his Republic

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


But Peter is a bit new to this game and should not have passed around a petition for his supporters to sign. Fortunately only a few were silly enough to sign it. Silly because it gives other Turnbull opponents the names of Libs who want him gone in a secret ballot. Turnbull could then deny a Party meeting, which he has, and use that list to spend the next non-sitting weeks cajoling, rewarding, or threatening those who have lost faith in him.

And the time and place was not right to be rewriting Liberal GST policy, the last thing Peter Dutton needs right now is States’ interests getting involved.

Whoever wins the ballot (Turnbull cannot dodge it forever) will need to carry out the Conservative policies that Abbott didn’t. The hard Left biased ABC must be sold off this time, our immigration must be halved and restricted to compatible cultures, our defence forces must be purged of Pyne and Payne, our education curricular reformed to benefit our beautiful kids rather than the sexual PC fantasies of the gangrenous, rainbowed Greens.

            Tony Abbott will probably stay at home and run with the Education portfolio.

Oh, but what to do with Turnbull? Well it doesn’t really matter because his plan to work with Shorten to destroy the Liberal Party will be shattered. It was always his ambition to be a prominent figurehead in the new Republic which would have become a reality soon after the Queen’s funeral. 

The timing was exquisite, she is well into her nineties and the idiot Charlie is 70, but first Turnbull needed to do Shorten’s bidding and destroy the Party he has always detested, along with it the Conservatives who would have opposed his wet dream of a Republic.

It’s no secret, the feigned vitriolic attacks across the despatch box are forgiven with winks, nudges and handshakes in the hallway later. Turnbull has dragged the Liberals to where Shorten wants them, as useless carbon copies of Labor.

Some, like the Stick Insect and others, are clearly in on Turnbull’s bilateral scam, there were sumptuously extravagant rewards on offer, but Ministers like Morrison and Hunt are not in on it. Dutton would do well to keep Morrison in Treasury and coddle the Turnbull supporters as a unifying measure.

Now that the backbench have twigged with only a few doubters, it is all coming to an end.

It would have been the coup of the century and written about with gusto by scribes for decades, but the only thing that can go wrong now is that Turnbull could win the Party Room ballot. Hmmmm, not likely.

Hillsong Morrison and possibly the Stick Insect will throw their hats in the ring to fissure the vote.

Even that will give Turnbull only limited time alive to dream of his promised Presidential post in Australia’s spanking new Republic supported and lauded by the UN, the EU, the fraudulent, global-warming IPCC, and those nations that have benefited from the Stick Insect’s thick cheque book.

                         The proposed Presidential First Lady, Lucy, will die spitting chips.


Those stupid smug looks on those faces of these corrupt fucks! Says it all. Anyone who reckons these two didn’t have a grubby little self serving gentleman’s agreement are kidding themselves. We saw the Turd supporting that idiot Krudd all the way when in opposition and now while in Government supporting the enemy again. You wonder why he never landed a glove on Shorten. He was too busy undermining and stabbing his own people. Good riddance to the treacherous prick. Now Shorten will get what’s coming to him!

Trouble is that the real pain is yet to come. All this internecine bullshit has practically ensured at least 2 terms of a CFMMEU government under that dickhead Shorten. The millennials won’t know what hit them when the economy is dragged down into the first recession in their lifetimes.

Scott Morrison PM!

Dutton is the only one with any balls to do something about the ''immigration '' into this Country ,and why the Greens hate him ,hope he replaces Turnbullet ,who is just another Zio ,U.N YES MAN

Jeff Kennett on 3 aw speaking with Neil Mitchell,givinh his opinion that Julie Bishop is best qualified with Scomo as deputy, I nearly ran off the road. What is this fool on? he appoiints Gillard to Beyond Blue to over see management of millions of dollars in grants, what do they have in their dirt file on him? Someone did post something about him some while back with names thinly disguised and realting to children who were wards of state.

If Bishop wins t will only increase the rate of defections from the Liberal Party.
They concede that they don't have enough funds to mount an election campaign. With Bishop as PM there will be even fewer funds.Big business will not come back on board with her at the helm.

CIHB - obviously you want some fresh air - as all dags do.

All the criticism of Dutton for proposing taking the GST off power prices is weird. Power is an essential service and should never had had the GST applied.

Where is the Governor General when you need him?

Apparently there is increasing activity on the Pacific Rim....

So the Turd says he`ll quit parliament causing a by-election if Scomo or the Stick is not elected.. What a scumbag fucking prick he is. I never wish death on anyone, BUT?

I hope mal & loosey are really feeling the heat today . I hope both are suffering .

Hugh Rimmingtongue still trying to stir up confusion over Peter Dutton's eligibility to sit in parliament. I truly loathe the media. They are the biggest threat to this country. Conveniently finding the most dimwitted "average voters" to vox pop on the street.

Good riddance to another prick.

Maybe he and the Turd can catch the same flight to New York.

AGL Energy chief executive Andy Vesey is quitting the company after almost four years in the role, after saying only two weeks ago he had “no intentions of going anywhere”.

AGL said current CFO Brett Redman had been appointed interim CEO, effective today, and a search was on for a new boss.

Mr Redman joined AGL in 2007, has been CFO since 2012, and has more than 25 years’ experience in senior roles in blue-chip industrial companies in Australia and North America, AGL said.

I know the answer and for you to speculate that Scott Morrison, if elected PM, would allow asylum seeker boats into Australia, shows how stupid you are. When Morrison was kicking asylum seekers in the head the Pickering Post was lauding him as a potential PM. It seems you people confuse inhumane treatment of brown people with strong leadership.

I heard Turnbull say that the problem is we/they have moved to far to the right, I have also read some comments on other blogs saying the same thing , and blaming the conservative right for Mals downfall, But plainly being a conservative never stopped Abbott from toasting labour,In fact it is because Mal has gone left that he has caused his own problems , Handing over the NEG plan to labour first instead of his own supporters clearly shows where his alliances lie and its not with the trad, lib/conservative voters.It is in my view the left that cause the problems in gov, just the turmoil caused by the Rudd/Gillard/ Rudd years should make it plain that the so called progressives are poison to stable government.People , including some on the right ,have short memories,

The will of the people? This IS NOT Indonesian people - this is radicals - a small group coercing State to their will. Case being appealed.

Vesy is leaving AGL as of December 2018. (RH 2GB)

I feel hopeful that because Cormann supports Peter Dutton the majority will follow. Good luck Peter Dutton. Press the button and blast the bastard's out for ever.

The cinerama predicts a Dutton win