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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Emmanuel Macron describes himself as an egalitarian Centrist which, in French terms, is close to a Verdant Marxist and fits well with our dear leader’s philosophy. Mal and Lucy are comfortable within the President’s and his wife’s rules. Very Green, very EU, very global warmist, very (small l) liberal and very open borders, where every line imaginable can be crossed.

Tony Abbott was elected to disband all those things but was unable or unwilling to do so. Thus the progressive Libs replaced him with Turnbull and the voters then got the exact opposite of what they originally voted for. Good system eh?

Mal and Lucy will return with devastating smiles that indicate they were rightly sort of Leftishly egalitarian all along. So now the Liberal Party is split asunder over who should lead it.

There are plenty keen enough but none is sure of pre-selection or how far this Left lurch lists. Turnbull is determined to stay until he can be named President, but that won’t happen before he meets his maker in a special spot for Merchant Bankers in Hades.

So where to now for a betrayed Oz? The Right wingers refuse to amalgamate so the vote will be split and preferences will be sprayed around like a drunk Barnaby having a leak. 

                            A disillusioned Erica Betz considers an unlikely union

This means there is a possibility that Shorten could be PM. Not likely, but possible, and a thought too horrible to contemplate.

To be honest the Conservative future looks bleak and there are many, including me, eyeing other countries as their new homes. Nup, actually I will stay here… I was born here and there is little chance for Shorten as his polling is lower than Turnbull's, which is drooping lower than Trump's tie.   

Justin Trudeau and his wife were also invited on Emmanuel’s plane, but the pilot objected saying it was too dangerous as he couldn’t kick in that much compensating Right rudder.

Donald Trump and his wife were also invited but, despite Melania being keen, Donald said he had already arranged something with Mr and Mrs Putin.

And anyway Donald said it wouldn’t be a fair swap.


Dodgy result. The magnificent Marine le Pen should have won. Her ballots were ripped as in France they have to be pristine. The UN puppet, Macron, could have had cow shit on them and be ripped to still be counted. Rigged.

The thought of Halal Mal and Lucy having a orgy is revolting

Did Macron and Lucy join the Mile High club? Errr the thought!!

This is what I posted last night and it is MORE pertinent now.......... Turnbull is a traitorous c#nt..............

( BigBoyScotty Mon 10 Jul 2017 07:44:49 pm
Is there anyone out there that hates Turdball more than me??.......... I`m calling for a revolt. ..It`s radical I admit and could deliver the government to Billy BigTits but SOMETHING MUST BE DONE...........If the Conservative right in the Libs don`t roll Turdball then there should be a mass walkout and move to the Australian Conservatives. This will cause a new election but it will show where this country stands............. Stand up and show your colours.. I say split.......................

remember all co-ops and mutuals, building societies sacrificed for alleged progress.

I have been contributing on this site from the inception, and I can tell you that the amount of petty bullshit that goes on (mostly after 7 p.m..) is unbelievable, in that it seems the geriatrics come out to pick fights with each other, probably for the only reason they are bored sitting at home with nothing to do but speak to the dog. Come on guys you can do better than pick fights, why not try to teach us all about your intellectual thoughts on politics etc. Really it is bringing down this site big time. It is easy, if someone has a go at you, just say wanker under your breath, and move on. Having said that I really think the old has-beens love to have a go, so there is obviously nothing left in the brain, but a plaque building up, meaning in a few years they cannot even sign into PP. To summarise GIVE US A REST PESTS.

State Insurance arms as well- to keep the bastards honest

CIA in Australia demolished the Whitlam Government
How many know the CIA planned, implemented, and setup covert operations with their own bank operating in Sydney that removed our elected Whitlam Labor government as they manipulated unions, Governor General, and Liberal party politicians.
It all stemmed from a conceived idea Whitlam was not to renew agreements that would allow US Government spy establishments to continue operating around Australia that had been in place for several decades.
This story we have published “The CIA in Australia” is based on a very detailed transcript from a Melbourne based radio station interview’s with witnesses and whistleblowers in October 1986.
Further substantiation is from the movie -”The Snowman and The Falcon” – a true story of CIA systems analyst Christopher Boyce whose whistleblowing led to this movie featuring his spying revealing CIA and the Whitlam government demise starring Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.
As the USA dance on Donald Trump over Russian manipulation of the recent American election by this same CIA who removed an Australian government needs to be read – FREE E-book – and get it out their.
Harry Palmer

New post up folks, hurry over.

Ray Hadley show this morning. He was interviewing a Lib MP. The Lib voters are leaving the party by the bus load. All heading for Cory and Pauline. While our PM talks about Menzies. I would love to see Bob haunt that little prick over his comments. Apparently he will lead us to victory. BS, he will lead us to labor and with the money he has borrowed and more when labor get victorious, future generations will be smothered with debt and muslims. But, I have to say. I feel something is in the wind, there is a stirring

The Church of England in Australia has found a new Christian agenda for its remaining 10 followers..the Church is to rewrite its identity/agenda/protocols to include the precious 'transgender' crowd...seriously

"A teen is facing more than 50 property damage charges following the vandalism of 53 new cars at an Alice Springs car dealership.

The 14-year-old was arrested and charged by officers from Strike Force Winx."

... and being a member of the Kickatinny tribe, of course he'll be given a good behaviour bond: ##### al gore said hurricane Sandy was 'global warming', BULLSHIT, the NY flooding was due to Sandy (2 hurricanes joining) with a supermoon, each added 2 metres totalling 4 metres, it was forecast. The gore alarmists said they would come every year, where are they ? I doubt I will see 2 hurricanes during a supermoon in my lifetime

That photo of Maladroit and Lucy grinning looks like a pair of assassins. Oh wait, they are.

Japanese tourists spotted drooling at the sight of Migaloo the white whale.

Another scenario?

It was Tony Abbott as PM that made the likes of Morrison, Pyne, and even Bishop look good. Now they’re exposed as being nothing more than duds.

The Liberal Party, as a whole, is now exposed as being nothing more than an inane self-serving gang of political cowards, led aimlessly by a fraud.


For no other reason other than to save their own political skin, the Liberals will jump ship as they realise the electorate won’t cop Turnbull.

Under Tony Abbott’s strong leadership again, in sheep-like manner, they will, albeit petulantly, again become more conservative.

Then again, after winning will the Liberal Party back stab Abbott again?

So the Turd finally admits to the world that he's anti-conservative, but doesn't have the guts to do it on shore.

He tries to cover himself with Menzies. Now there's a laugh. Can you imagine Menzies heading a party that promotes faggot marriage? ##### According to al gore, I've been dead for a long time and I missed my funeral

Left Party wants men to pee sitting down
June 20 2012,
From the article : Men who work for the Sörmland County Council in central Sweden should sit down rather than stand up when urinating in office toilets, according to a motion put forward by the local Left Party chapter. As a first step in its quest to get men to take a seat, the Left Party proposes labeling toilets which are designated for men who absolutely want to remain standing when they pee. The Left Party’s Viggo Hansen, a substitute member of the county council and the man responsible for the proposal, wants the office toilets to be genderless and as a result, is pushing for the “sit-down only” requirement.
Ironically, cohen-cidently, it is by Muslim teachings that you have to piss while sitting. For some strange notion the communists like that idea.