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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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...who cares, the lady has already won

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


We shouldn’t be giving a stuff because whoever wins the French Presidency will be severely impeded by the French Parliament, and Parliaments across the world are finally sprouting a pair of reluctant Conservative testicles. But the troglodyte Left still refuses to lie down and die. Just ask Trump.

Now there’s a bloke who not only won the Presidency but also the House and the Senate and still he battles to get anything remotely resembling his proposed legislation through both houses to the Oval Office desk. How can that be?

Well, the Conservatives have been silently infiltrated over time and no-one noticed until recently.

It’s not new, the incredibly popular musical “Hair” in the 60s was a Statement of Faith from the Left, and even JC Superstar in the early 70s had its agendum.

 This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius 

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

The Left now believes that their “dawning” has arrived. Why else would a failed Fairfax, after yet another raft of staff reductions, need to suffer a week’s strike by the few remaining staff? That doesn’t seem like sorrow or regret... it seems more like a celebration.

The ABC has Government backing in its commitment to destroy the joint... and they wonder why the majors are failing. Labour is destroying itself in the UK, the Democrats in the US are feeding on themselves without a leader or a purpose, and now the French Presidential election run-off composes of two outsiders without the usual Communist/extreme Socialist Parties or the Centrists.

The run-off voting system ensures Macron of a win and he’s a lucky dip. Among his unknown aims is an Islamic sympathetic France, hand in hand with Merkel, and we all know where that will end up.

Along with the mad socialists, the media is also dying, people have seen enough and every poll, by a healthy majority, says the media is not trusted.

Le Pen has already won. She is already part of the movement to kill off the destructive Left and the Euro farce. May, Trump, Wilders, Australia's Conservatives and now Le Pen are a movement. Don’t be disappointed.

She now has her solid base, so sit back and enjoy a full-on war the Left will not win.  


ABC = Allah Before Christ!

The ABC favourite Muslim Ms Waleed Ali getting a nice bit of free publicity this morning,complete with sack on head etc, why is the national broadcaster promoting a commercial product from a cult religion, would they promote for instance the Jews or the Anglicans, or buddhists, would they promote books by Hirsi Ali ! or Tommy Robinson!.

France had a chance to return to being a nation. They instead chose to remain a source of cash for the socialist dictatorship of the EU. The EU will destroy their economy and the open borders will destroy their culture once and for all. They made their choice, I hope they can explain it to their grand children.

dusty, I just can't work out what is wrong with the French, Macron is not the genuine article any fool could see this, a puppet masters dream come true, Germany will be well satisfied but France should be deeply worried as it is losing Britain which was its closet partner in the EU. With over 25% abstaining from the election France is time bomb, the crooked press are trying their best to contort the truth with their fantasies of a new way with Macron.

Welcome to the caliphate of Francinstan.

Look up the definition of agency.

"Australia must realise it will become part of a Single World
Government and Australians must come to terms with the fact that they
will lose their Sovereignty."--- Robert Leigh Hawke - ex Australian PM
and leading Fabian Society member .

French chauvenism wins out. Seems they're still not completly ready to elect a woman for president. Ah well, at least the left might be rattled for a bit, before self-delusion reasserts itself and restores their status quo. Probably already telling themselves the willed it. Trumbull will be happy next time he goes back to France, knowing that he'll have at least one thing in common with Macron

Larry I totally agree with your story but for any change to be made what has to happen is for the right side of politics to get control of a substantial slice of the media ownership...both here and oversea. In Australia we went downhill when Packer sold out of media and in America Trump is fighting a hostile media on a daily basis , even before he took office and had made no changes. A glimmer of hope is the group looking to take over Fairfax.

Watching the news reports on the French election result, some are happy about a ""new start for France , ""and other comments in the same vein, ,. But surely it will be just more of the same! More spending , more migration , no entry controls, just more of the same, he is a centrist ie a millionaire socialist , being as the centre is now considered to be any one to the right of ãn actual paid up red communist ! given that he has little political experience in french socialist tribal politics, he is ripe for the picking by the hard cases of French politics

AFL Fans . Just announced the passing of LOU RICHARDS past Captain of The Collingwood Football Club. 94 Y.O in his nursing home in Nthn Victoria. Lou played 250 games for Collingwood , was decorated by The Queen , Father of Football entertainment shows , WORLD of SPORT CH7 , THE FOOTY SHOW CH9 . and many more, all Winners.

Latest estimate 4.2 million blank ballot papers. There is a lot of speculation about why the French voted the way they did but Bill Clinton's old comment may be apt: It's the economy, stupid". Although youth unemployment is very high France seems to have retained most of its industry. If people are happy with their economic conditions they are less likely to vote for major change.

The SHIT has hit the fan in the ALP over an advertisment made featuring SHORTON. Being regarded as racist . Wonder if it was made by that Marxist Bitch Dee Madigan , and her advertising company Campaign Edge . She gets a Lot of their work. She has no wikipedia or back ground bio onthe NET. Have heard she was a silver spooner family and education class.

Well the only thing I can say is that the French are gluttons for punishment. They have seen their people slaughtered at the hands of Islam and that make no difference to them. They must be completely whipped.

Some 10 thousand cars and trucks are still in one piece. Had Marine Le Pen won the Left Terrorists would have been burning everything in sight including Public Building, Cars and Buses, to the tune of 100 Million Dollars. This sort of thung happens every New Year and we are all waiting for someone to be charged..........

Just after dawn in France and the country awakes with the realisation that they have got rid of a Fat Pig, Hollande and been suckered with a Fuckwit Piglet and a very Old Sow Granny. We all knew the fix was on when The Piglet had his "victory" stand build in the middle of Paris at Public Expense two days ago. Macaroni will be a Puppet. Started screwing his Teacher at the age of 15 and went on to marry her/him. The French Left have the Elections covered and won before we even vote. The voting booths are manned by the Left and results are counted long before the end of the Election. This way they can tell the media to call for more people to get out and vote. This happened yesterday.Now we wait for 5 years more shit such as Hollande spewed.Watch the Piglet find a younger Sow within the year!

I found out why the French love eating snails....They hate fast food. boom boom!

New post.

France will not last five years without major civil unrest. If the email leaks are genuine he is a homosexual drug addict, not a good start for France when they could have had their first woman president and a true patriot in Marine Le Pen.

France , the latest member of the caliphate

Macron's wife is a sexual predator, she cracked onto him when he was 15 and she was his 39 year old teacher, must be something about the French turning a blind eye to paedophilia, take Roman Polanski for example