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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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...and the Murdoch boys are charging the circled wagons

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Bill O’Reilly debacle has been brewing for years and Rupert Murdoch wanted to ignore it but his boys wanted him sacked despite the fact that he contributes over a half billion dollars a year to the leading US cable Fox news channel.

                                                     James and Kathryn

As usual there is a nasty Left wing woman pressing buttons under the bedclothes somewhere, and that woman is the wife of radical liberal, James Murdoch. So you thought James was just a loony Lefty, eh? Then you haven’t met his wife and ex Hillary Clinton aide, Kathryn (above). She is quite a few shades Greener and far more globally warm than our prime fool, Di Natali.

                Rupert has other things on his mind and has dropped the ball for Hall

James Murdoch is maneuvering to take control of Fox News with his father’s tentative blessing. He also revels in global warming hysteria, and anything Green and is apparently determined to make Fox News another network of the Left, despite the economic collapse of Left media in general. 

We will know exactly where Fox News is headed while Rupert’s dead body is still at room temperature.

The Lefting of Fox comes on the heels of many (apparently false) accusations of sexual harassment against Trump and is part of the Left’s and Hillary’s inability to accept the election loss. The raging Left has found a new weapon in otherwise banal water fountain sexual chatter.

                                                      Leggy Fox anchors

But some blame can be attributed to Fox. Female anchors with legs reaching up to their armpits are asked (forced) to wear complementary colours with up-slipping thigh-high hemlines.

Women try not to cross their legs except during ad breaks. Millions of blokes with no interest in politics are frustrated at missing the odd gash flash. The arousal colour of red against toothy smiles and blonde hair is the predominant dress on all sets.

Some relief for females came when they were able to tuck their legs under a table, but magically all tables turned into see-through glass.

       Meygan Kelly left fox amid claims of sexual harassment... Hmmm, Meygan poses                                                                           off-set.

Greta Van Susteren and Meygan Kelly joined the line of executives including O’Reilly to leave Fox without a whimper and O’Reilly’s replacement, Tucker Carlson, is now under attack over “sexist” remarks. 

                                            Sean Hannity.... "I will fight them"

But the Left is after even bigger fry in Trump supporter and Republican cleanskin, Sean Hannity, who told his viewers last week that he was going nowhere despite the extensive and vicious campaign against him.

“This is now in the hands of my attorneys, I refuse to cop this”, said Hannity.

It is very interesting that sexism has become the Left's new weapon of choice. Sexism that was once nothing more than harmless banter is now worth millions to women who can feign a monetary equivalent of offence. 

Yet more women are now pinching blokes’ bums than the reverse, in recognition of sexual freedom and diversity. Now more women than men are suggesting a shag.

                                        The intensely annoying Anna Kooiman

The Left has pounced on this newfound freedom and twisted it into a type of non-consensual rape. Yet sheilas are happy to have both their tits hanging out and quite happy to flash their back bottoms wearing the shortest of skirts. Do blokes do something similar?... No of course they don’t.

We are resigned to wearing long trousers and covered chests with a boring tie. So we are not inviting any sexual advances. But if women don’t get the odd sexual advance they buy Women’s Weekly to find out what the bloody hell they are doing wrong.

I learnt a long while ago never to suggest a shag to any sheila, because every phone, it must be assumed, is alive. They need to suggest a shag to me, and guess what, my phone isn’t alive and anyway I don’t deem the suggestion to be harassment.

It is rumoured that O’Reilly (above) paid out nearly $15 million in shutup money and that can’t last because when the money dries up women will be left dateless and shagless without the male attention they want. But they are quite prepared to misconstrue that attention as harassment where there’s a quid concerned.

I have known women to sexually encourage blokes with lewd chatter specifically to encourage them to reciprocate. But when they do there’s her phone handy to record every word. 

She is not expecting money from the bloke but a flat fee from the employer of a minimum of $14,000 for the complaint to go away. Otherwise the employer risks workplace sexual harassment charges, a fortune is lawyers' fees and over a $100,000 payout from a naive judge, and there are plenty of those still around.

Then the sheila is off to another office to do the same thing all over again...better than wages, and many groups of girls are doing this right now. I have heard some boast that they are on their fourth complaint (victim).

The Left believes it has the upper hand when it comes to sexual harassment, and they do. They will use it to get what they want, and they want the Right destroyed.

                                         A hefty Hillary planning a comeback

Like Hillary Clinton, they cannot believe the Right is on the rise, it must be a mistake, and it must be corrected, using whatever means that works. The righteous Left was born to rule and the Right must not interfere using their common sense policies.

Charges of sexual harassment works best, it utterly destroys the most successful of Conservatives... as in Fox.


You are right Larry, sexual harassment is the tool that is being used by the left because it has WORKED in the past. A few congressional races have gone unexpectedly to Democtrats after sexual harassment accusations were levelled at the incumbent Republican. And if president Trump does not follow through on his threat to sue the lying women who came forward (3 weeks before the election date) to make dubious accusations, it will be an albatross around his neck in 2020. The Democrats will claim that the women were obviously telling the truth because the threats to sue were not followed through.

Killing a viable foetus is murder........that is undeniable.

would be interesting to see the stats for this site when the pipe cleaner is put through it - not to mention the self deletions when posters sober up.
and then there are the deletions when the abusive notifications get so plentiful your entire notice board is full of the same name - self defence deletions!


Oh dear has SadLiar spat the dummy yet again??

Thanks guy's for telling me how it is in a polite manner. It is important to me. Your views always make me think.

lol rin..very good...I'll give Ian Fleming credit for his clever coded message...

Crikey you led me onto something there pelican -

SPECTRE - Wikipedia

SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a fictional organisation featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, the films based on those novels, and James Bond video games.

the Evil in James Bond Movies is....Spectre...thats no accident

These two wankers playing with Daddys empire, trying to change the face of the industry because their little pettle Clitoris got flogged at the polls, they will get a rude awakening and a severe shake up in the wallet region and shares as stocks plummet. They should lok varefully at Faux facts and other leftist rags that are failing miserably. Removing the flag ships of the network will result in the loss of viewers and revenue. Most leftist shit bags can't be bothered putting their stinking greedy fingers in their own pockets to pay for view TV . The audience demographics do not favour leftist shit bags. Daddy will not be impressed! Those prissy barbie dolls masquerading as News Presenters are kidding themsleves if they think they are important! They may as well be on the Naked News.

MT I might not be a proctologist but I know an ass ole when I see one!!

All they're worth:

"Sources familiar with discussions, which took place in Fairfax's boardroom, said TPG had offered to buy online real estate business Domain and the company's three major mastheads - The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review - for 95c in cash."

Here we go! Stuoid German Government, having flooded Europe with Radical Islamist, fighting aged males are now on the look out for so called Right Wing soldiers, stating they had found Nazi items in a barracks. WTF? Yeah right , so anything slightly right of Lunatic Left wing scum bag is branded Right wing!

I am against abortion, for many women it haunts them for the rest of their lives.
However you can’t legislate to do the work God seems to be unable to handle himself.

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Breitbart -ISIS calls for more truck attacks, 'killing, stabbing , slitting throats' in London. ISIS has singled out crowded London streets as "ideal targets" for supporters to mow down pedestrians in the latest edition of terror group's online magazine. Published in 10 languages the most recent issue of ISIS' magazine Rumiyah published tutorials on arson, knife and vehicle attacks, naming Recent Street and Piccadilly Circus in London as locations at which jihadis should "flatten non Muslims under trucks".. the Sunday Times reports.

Saud/Israel alliance
“..........And speaking of allies, Neuer and UN Watch are railing against Saudi Arabia to create an illusion that there is some kind of daylight between Riyadh and “Tel Aviv” when in fact, the Zionist-Wahhabi alliance gets closer and closer by the day. Saudi Arabia launched a war on Yemen for the usurping Jewish entity’s benefit and the usurping Jewish entity is participating in this war on every level, from carrying out direct bombing raids to funneling weapons to AQAP and ISIS shock troops, establishing an air bridge to rearm Saudi jets to putting intelligence agents from Mossad and Aman on the ground to assist Saudi occupation forces.
On Iran, it’s arduous to figure out where the the Zio-squid begins and Al-Saud ends, with both the former and the latter barking against the Islamic Republic day and night and doing everything that they can, overtly and covertly, economically, militarily and politically. Bloody, filthy Saudi petro-cash has flowed into the coffers of both Netanyahu and his puppet PA regime in Ramallah while the Jewish Lobby in America integrates Saudi “princes” and diplomats into its network of operatives. Considering this alliance, Saudi crimes are ‘Israeli’ crimes and ‘Israeli’ crimes are Saudi crimes. Whatever horror Al-Saud heaps upon the people of the Hijaz, the usurping “chosenite” bacteria also bears responsibility. Again, this isn’t just DUplicity but COMplicity................”

“.......You might ask yourself an intriguing question now: how does an American Jew, by name Barbara Spectre, born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1942, end up in Stockholm 57 years later, and manage in the space of two years to chat up the Swedish government into handing over $4 million to her? — in order for her to set up a Jewish institute whose main purpose would appear to be propagandistic: i.e., to pressurize the Swedish government into throwing open its borders to endless hordes of Third World Immigrants.
Not exemplary immigrants either, but immigrants destined to be a burden on the Swedish state and a menace to Swedish women. Since the arrival of these newcomers, brought in at the behest of our spectral jewess, there has been a rape epidemic in Sweden.
A brief biography of the Spectre:
“She studied philosophy at Columbia University and NYU, attaining an M.A. in Philosophy. She married Rabbi Philip Spectre, and the couple moved in 1967 to Ashkelon, Israel, where she served on the faculty of Jewish Studies at Achva College of Education. After moving to Jerusalem in 1982, she served on the philosophy faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem, the Melton Center of the Hebrew University, and Yellin College of Education where she was cited as Outstanding Lecturer 1995- 1997….
In 1999, she immigrated to Sweden and settled in Stockholm, to join her husband Philip, who was then serving as the Rabbi of the Stockholm Synagogue, and in 2000 she wrote the foundational paper to the Swedish government for the formation of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies, which she has continued to direct.”
There’s something not quite right here.
We are expected to believe that the Swedish government suddenly decided to hand over $4 million to a recent Jewish immigrant to start up a Jewish institute whose only apparent purpose was to brainwash the Swedish people into accepting multiculturalism and mass immigration. The Swedish people are to turn a blind eye, it seems, to the rape epidemic convulsing their country and the eventual destruction of their genetic stock through interbreeding with Third World invaders. This is just not plausible. What made the Swedish government hand over such a large sum of money to Barbara Spectre?....................”

Don't worry wheelie, Flysa can't read. You're ok.