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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The following are instructions on how to vote in the Senate from the AEC’s web page. Similar instructions are shown on the AEC’s television advertising. The trouble is that the instructions are plain wrong... or else the enacted legislation is wrong.

What you need to know

To vote for Senators in your state or territory at the 2016 federal election, you must fill in your ballot paper in the order of your choice. You can do this by voting either above the line or below the line. [correct]

Voting above the line

If you vote above the line, you must number at least six boxes from 1 to 6. [incorrect, you can vote simply 1, or 1 to 6 or any number you want in order. If you make a mistake your voting will be valid up until that mistake is made. In other words if by accident you vote 1,2, 3, 5, it is valid up to and including 3.]

By voting above the line, your preferences will be distributed in the order that the candidates appear below the line for the party or group you have chosen. Your preferences will first be distributed to the candidates in the party or group of your first choice, then to candidates in the party or group of your second choice and so on, until all your preferences have been distributed.

Voting below the line

If you vote below the line, you must number at least twelve boxes from 1 to 12. [incorrect, same as above the line, you can vote in order for as many or as few as you wish IN ORDER.]  By voting below the line your preferences will be distributed to the individual candidates as numbered on your ballot paper, in the order of your choice.

You can check the AEC’s web page instructions here:

You can compare the legislation here:


So I called the AEC to ask for an explanation.  After the usual run around, with press 1 for this and 2 for that, I finished up in the legal office asking how can this be. “Yes we know about that”, said someone called Brian, “yours is not the only phone call we have had”.

“Okay” I replied. “When will you be pulling the TV ads and correcting the web page information?”

“Oh we won’t be doing that”, Brian said. “You see that’s only an amendment and we are only authorised to publish the information in the original legislation.” “But it’s bloody wrong”, I said.

“Yes I agree it IS (my emphasis) wrong.” Brian admitted. “Do you realise if voters follow the way you have framed the instructions it will favour the major parties?”, I asked. “Yes, it appears it will”, he said. “Maybe that’s the way they want it”, I thought as I hung up. And who will complain?

It seems the AEC might have to re-run a Senate election across Australia and not just in WA like last time if this false information is allowed to stand!

And someone forgot to tell the legal dept of the AEC that amendments to legislation are still law. And someone forgot to tell a lady called Andrea in the AEC Office how to explain to people asking for information. She maintained the web page was correct.

Crumbs, where are you Mr Trump?


Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has told Sky News that placing just a '1' above the line on Senate ballot papers would be formal, clarifying the Australian Electoral Commission's latest advertisement.

The 30-second television commercial explains the changes to the way senators are elected, which will make it harder for micro parties to gain office.

Minister Cormann said the advertisement campaign was accurate and consistent with the laws passed last month, but that people could vote just '1' because of savings provisions which prioritise 'voters' intent'.

'In the end despite the guidance and instruction that is enshrined in the law that you should number at least six boxes above the line, at least 12 boxes below the line, in the end it is our responsibility to err on the side of the franchise, to err on the side of voter intent,' he said.
- See more at:

Larry: Your link to the Electoral Act was to the Explanatory Memorandum, not to the Act. I think this is the correct link to Section 268 - and you need to read on for the other parts. It certainly seems that you are correct, and we will have a new Senate election when the current one is challenged in the High Court.

Sharon to Peres: "We Control America"
Congressional Pandering to Israel proves him Right
The Babylonian Talmud adherents control America!
by Mohamed Khodr
On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn the US against us. "Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."
"The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."
Senator Fullbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 10/07/1973 on CBS' "Face the Nation".
"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews..... terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen .... I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"
-----Sec. of State John Foster Dulles quoted on p.99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff
The long history of bipartisan Congressional support for Israel led former Secretary of State James Baker to call the Congress "The Little Knesset" after Israel's Knesset (parliament) in Jerusalem. Congress's embarrassing and unpatriotic display of allegiance to a foreign country that is dependent on American largesse and support is the unknown scandal to the American people. With the media's strong, biased and sympathetic portrayal of Israel while simultaneously denying any opposing view of Israel or human pictures and stories of the endless suffering of Palestinians, its no wonder that we the American people are so unaware of the true face of Israel. Thus shockingly but not surprisingly only 4 % of the American people are aware of Israel's 34 year brutal military occupation of the Palestinian people.
Continue reading

The Senate vote whisperer was on Paul Murray tonight discussing this issue. Not one mention of ALA.

Sandy, I think most will do what we do...keep the tv turned off most of the time,.....wear the remote out other times.

I hope you are joking, Sandy. ? Saddler is so far left of Malcolm he'll fall off the edge soon.He has no tolerance as shown by his remarks on for lucidity? He will have to take the blinkers off first!

Rigged , Just like the 130% eligible vote count in the UK local elections .
How the fxxk could a Muslim be voted mayor of london .

angry little grub

Seems like the Libs have figured out they need to make WWW look a lot more intelligent so just saw on 24 Mal standing in front of the strangest group of people one could imagine. Didn't work boys!!

Interesting concept and a lot more beneficial then construction of wind monstrosities .......

ExxonMobil says that using fuel cells to capture CO2 from power plants reduces emissions and increases power generation.

The plan is to redirect the exhaust from the plants into a fuel cell, replacing air that is normally used in combination with natural gas during the fuel cell power generation process. As the fuel cell generates power, the CO2 becomes more concentrated, allowing it to be more easily and affordably captured from the cell’s exhaust and stored deep underground.

FuelCell, which develops carbonate fuel cells that convert waste gases into energy, says CCS with carbonate fuel cells “is a potential game-changer for affordably and efficiently concentrating carbon dioxide for large-scale gas and coal-fired power plants.”

Former French intel boss: France recklessly followed the orders of Washington by joining anti-Russian sanctions and supporting terrorists in Syria
2016-05-08 20:51:00
The French government ignored its own intelligence in dealing with crises in Ukraine and Syria, and recklessly followed Washington's lead by joining anti-Russian sanctions, dealing a huge blow to its agriculture, said a former French intelligence boss.
Alain Juillet, former deputy director of intelligence at France's General Directorate for External Security, accused French authorities of making a range of poor foreign policy choices, such as its pro-rebel stance in the Syrian crisis and anti-Russian response to the Ukrainian turmoil, which he says have proven detrimental to French citizens.
"The French were certainly wrong on Syria and Ukraine," Juillet told Paris Match on Thursday, while citing two possible reasons for the authorities' policy blunders. One potential explanation he offered was that the government had received inaccurate intelligence. The other was that "despite the information, the politicians wanted to go in a direction not connected with the reality. On the Syrian issue, we simply ignored the reality," he stressed.
To highlight the importance of maintaining constructive relations with the Syrian authorities, he mentioned the hostage situation in which four French journalists in Syria spent nearly a year in captivity before being freed in 2014.

My grandmother voted liberal till the day she died,,,but since then she has voted labor.

Santos condemns activists' stunts at Narrabri

Monday, 9 May 2016
Anthony Barich
SANTOS has slammed activists who it says not only put themselves in danger but unnecessarily stretch police resources after two protestors were arrested at the company’s Narrabri operations centre on Wednesday.

Don't buy/read/endorse TV Week, rarely watch TV, mostly buy DVDs and listen to the radio and research via internet. Switched on AJ this morning....heard him say something about I don't watch the project and then quickly switched him off when he started gushing about how wonderful Walied Ali is...huh?doesn't watch and wonderful???anyway................

How could any decent person with only half a brain bring themselves to vote for such a despicable man like Bill Shorten. A man known to have raped a young girl. A man when union leader sold out his union members benefits for money. It's got me.

I'd recon Larry's got more "fans" and audience. The only noteworthy thing about the "logies" is that they represent the equivalent of nothing. Just goes to show how unimaginative, mediocre, fatuous and vacuous the Australian entertainment industry has become when a third rate show with a panel of self-important, over-opinionated commentariat hosts decide what is newsworthy and proscribe any mention of Islam or Islamic activities other than as a religion of peace. Evidently PPers are all bigots and racists who are determined to create conflict and subordinate people of middle eastern or Islamic origins. Oh well, at least we know what we don't want which is comforting.

Dear Friends,

This will be an exciting first of many campaigns to follow for us. With the reduced Senate quota this year, we expect our Senate candidates to do really well. Our party will contest Senate seats in most states and also a small number of lower house seats.

I was distributing campaign fliers with members in Perth when Mr Turnbull decided to call for an early election.

Our secretary Ralf Schumann wrote to me: “While this is our first contest after launching only last October, we know members and supporters are poised to establish ALA as the voice of all conservative Australians, no matter whether our collar is blue or white. For our supporters this is not a question of right wing or left wing, we are concerned for our grandchildren and Australia. Many of our supporters are 55 years and older and we know where it hurts most”

Members and voters I speak to identify an overbearing bureaucracy, big and wasteful government with self-serving career politicians, Islamisation, divisive multiculturalism, a looming jobs crisis and uncompetitive taxation, immigration policies that choke our cities but neglect rural Australia and faltering public services as the core issues of concern. We have good policies to address all of those.

We know most Australians have had enough of endless debates and white papers. Mr Schumann said “When politicians are too busy with their own careers, the people will take back their country. We see the same phenomenon with likeminded parties in the EU. We are encouraged by the growing support that political friends with similar values and policies receive from voters in Europe.

So I urge you to spread the word about ALA and tell your family and connections: For Australia In 2016 Stand With Us!

Yours in Liberty,

Debbie Robinson
National President
Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd

President Barack Obama will step up his campaign to change the laws and social expectations about the sexual development of children in schools, according to Politico.

Politico’s report shows that Obama’s agenda goes much further than allowing a few “transgender” youths to use bathrooms or locker rooms reserved for kids of the opposite sex.

The new rules will restrict and suppress the views of the vast majority of normal students, and will create procedures to keep parents in the dark about their kids’ government-supported experiments in “gender identity.”

Just a load of leftist rubbish .

We're heading through an exploded comet trail on May 24. Should be big meteor showers, really big. Volcanoes are getting excited too.