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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


To find a lost plane in a vast ocean, first determine where it most likely crashed and then mark that point as the last place to look.

Aeroplanes are made up of aerodynamic surfaces that are affected by water as much as they are affected by air. Ten knots of current will relocate any submerged aircraft and anything that floats will be affected by wind and current, so it’s little wonder that debris from MH370 has been found thousands of kilometres from the search zone.

And flotsam is no indication of where the fuselage, which may have wings still attached, might be.

Australia is bearing the major cost of the search and it’s time to stop the pain for relatives who are waiting for closure while desperately clinging to nutty conspiracy theories.

The vastness of the Southern Indian Ocean is not understood by those who have ordered the extended search. Unfortunately this and other debris that will eventually wash up east of Africa will buoy public expectation that the pointless search will continue.

Flaperons (airbrakes) were extended, indicating someone was trying to land the plane well below cruising speed, otherwise the airbrakes would have been ripped off.

This means the aircraft could be partially intact, which in turn means it would likely have been more affected by currents than expected. It could be anywhere with no relationship to where debris floated to.

All we will learn about the mysterious flight of MH370 is what we deduce from plenty of debris that must eventually find some shoreline.

...and we have already learnt a lot from the position of those airbrakes.

[Correction: the part appears to be a flap but the question remains if it was extended the configuration appears to have had human input... interesting.]


Larry, but if ya consider that if every country started telling the next country just "WTF IT WENT DOWN, WOULDN'T REFLECT BADLY ON ANYONE THAT ADMITS TO SPYING THEN ? " as I have been reading via; thesis ting satellites up there ( sky/orbit or whatever it's called ?) can even track 'HEAT LINES' of a exhaust too ! So, why isn't somebody saying, " why it came down will be in very deep DEEP ???? 4 sure... ????

If the hugely expensive search was being effectively managed, they could have dropped a whole bunch of buoys trackable by satellite along NS and EW axis extending from the north eastern corner of the Indian Ocean. Within a few months, they would have given actual information on current flows. Perhaps there is an agenda to steer any search considerations away from Diego Garcia!

"Flaperons (airbrakes) were extended, indicating someone was trying to land the plane well below cruising speed, otherwise the airbrakes would have been ripped off.". But maybe that is just what happened.....ripped off. Whatever, why should we continue to throw our taxes into a search for bits of wreckage? The chances of finding the fuselage are no greater now than before this finding, and "our friends the US" will never let us search Diego Garcia.

Bruce you were not required to give evidence as you had nothing to offer and don't forget there were 2 trials one civil and one criminal and Nyst was only involved with the Criminal trial. Pauline was found guilty in the 1st and ordered to repay back the funds from the Electoral commission. Still Bruce get that chip off your shoulder you were not needed in both trials as you could not give any evidence. Forget Abbott Bruce he ceased any dealings with Sharples even well before the 1st trial and someone else took over funding Sharples and that was not Samuel's. You are still on a fishing expedition. Move on Bruce.

I don't do anything that would bring disrepute....I am always short answer no...only ever as Gail Louise - I never had an avatar at first then I figured out how to do it

I have been contributing since December last year, I paid every month for a couple of months but when I got hacked and recently I have been reluctant to because I, quite frankly, come on only because I like one or two posters and I like the more unusual alternative news posts. The stories are pretty tame and mainstream, nowadays, unfortunately.....The ribbon only appeared about 2 months ago, I have tried to get rid of it - to no avail. I must have accidentally left the tick on, once

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”… George Orwell

I don't say anything I need to was hacked around the 15/3/15....that's when I had the security and tracking installed

No, Stoney - that's not how it works...anyway information given for explanation only not for discussion. I read your comment re Roberts - that's pretty damning

dodo - there was a person posting as of the ones who just put their name many times, so that you have to scroll....I don't think he meant me...I have stated many times I post under my real name and I work for the police...just for a couple weeks more (sadly) before I am medically discharged.....and my computer was hacked quite badly (more than once) and emails accessed. I had to report it because there was work stuff there. I haven't thought about it too much because they will be found and dealt with - quite draconianly, from what I understand. With regards the fb group - I am still feeling quite repulsed at the idea and I only correspond to those who attack and I need to set straight or those I trust

With MH370 it appears that we are being treated like mushrooms and fed nothing but bullshit just as we were during the second world war -
Churchill Lied About Hitler
By Jonas E. Alexis on August 2, 2015
You be the judge: did Churchill really save Britain? Britain was still paying its World War II loans in 2006—and keep in mind that the war was over in 1945
On the contrary, Myers declared, Hitler “admired the British Empire,” and that he “offered terms that did not involve German control of Britain. Churchill refused to allow these terms to be read to the cabinet, and they remain prudently concealed under the 100-year rule.”[1]
Myers wrote,
“Instead, Churchill’s determination to keep Britain at war turned what had been merely a continental defeat of its army into the enduring myth that in 1940, Britain faced a war for national survival.
“But the German naval leader, Raeder, had repeatedly forbidden his staff from planning an invasion of Britain. And far from wanting to continue the war, in June 1940, Hitler ordered 20pc of his army to be demobilised, in order to get the German economy going again.”
“The ‘invasion fleet’ that the Nazis began to assemble that summer was no more capable of invading Britain than it was Hawaii. It was war by illusion: its purpose was to get the British to the negotiating table.”.............
Myers concluded,
“Just about everything that people believed about Hitler’s intentions towards Britain in 1940 — and still believe today — was a myth created by Churchill, which he probably came to believe himself. Consider all the facts above, and then consider how that myth has endured, despite them. Makes you wonder, no?”
Yeah, it should make us all wonder. What is so pathetic is that Myers got paid to say things like that, but Holocaust revisionists have been saying the same thing for the past thirty years or so and have been persecuted all across the globe! David Irving has been writing about these things since the past thirty years or so, but he always gets into trouble because he does say some uncomfortable but true things about Churchill and Hitler..................................

they should be..that would be almost every politicians and govt official in the country..still no arrests of moslems (especially doctors - known to police) for slicing off genitals of young girls (and charging Medicare...for a procedure (say wart removal))..instead the govt is funding it with outreach programs and 'friendly chats about it...fwits..

cant see the reason for the Australian Taxpayer meeting the cost of this search?

Sorry Bruce but your wrong I read the site daily and comment where applicable and your wrong Bruce as always about that document. Its locked up tight and very safe. As for Sharples he played you and others and would say anything to get help. He was very upset of being left out of the Criminal Trial and from recollection even threatened a witness and Hanson's committal hearing. He lied to the Court one day saying he was ill and could not attend and sent someone to convey that with a Doctors certificate saying he was home in bed ill but Bruce he was spotted in the Court area and then at a Take Away store. Bruce as for Pauling she would fall in love with any man if it suited her. It was never used to offset debt and as I indicated before its safe and under lock and key.

Bruce you continue to blame Abbott for all that happened to Hanson but as usual you forget to remember that after Sharples left Everinghams Lawyers and went alone with out Abbott, Tony had no further dealings with Sharples or what was happening in the future. Another identity then assisted Sharples with Money and legal support and you still haven't woken up to that and events after that and for that matter many others including you and CS would not have a clue who it was and you all would be surprised. That letter is still safe and in good hands Bruce and you and others don't know where it is. So Bruce just move on and let Pauline make a fool of herself again.

There is an attitude in this country that sports 'stars' are great fonts of wisdom; their opinions are sought on all sorts of issues outside of sport. Like the general population, I suppose, groups of sports people follow the intelligence 'bell curve' from a few highly intelligent, the majority of average intelligence, through to a few very stupid. Academic achievement, or outstanding accomplishments in non-sports professions count for little in Oz. People such as Adam Goodes, probably - I don't know him - a decent person of average intelligence, but with some personal issues that override good judgement, will continue to be foisted upon us as 'role models' as this country continues its 'dumbing down'. Just my opinion.

OT can someone enlighten me as to what the term Rock Ape actually means? Also, Rock Spider as well. I understand who they are directed at but don't actually know their origin or what they are actually inferring. Ta.

Seems not only is Bronwyn taking flights she shouldn't but she does not give a stuff how much it costs. There seems to be a pattern of the flights being exorbitant and if it is the same Company Bronwyn's booking staff might be onto a scam. Seems to me at 72 she may be past her use by date.

Senator Bernardi brought this up in his debate with Utterly Wrong,the lefty mindset seems to focus on an erroneous viewpoint of a subject and then all the non-thinkers jump up and down and cheer"marriage equality"the left is trying to get us to agree that two entirely different entities should be recognised as the same.Also the reason we boo Goodes is because we're racist,we boo him because he is a deadshit,and as Australians that is our God given right.

The sooner the divisive Goodes gets out of the game the better