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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The unravelling of John Howard’s GST idea was predicable simply because VAT/GST is an easy mark for raising taxes further. The trouble is that centrist Federal governments like to hold the guiding reins on State expenditures and when a rise in the GST becomes economically necessary, as it has in every other nation, it never happens here. 

The reason it can never happen here is due to endless State elections and a disproportionate allocation, as is the case in all States. In an election year no incumbent State Government will agree to a rise. 

Yet the original legislation requires that ALL States must agree to a rise or a reduction... and that will never happen!

WA Premier, Barnett. A broken GST promise by Turnbull is likely to lose him this                                                                            weekend's election

Western Australia’s highly volatile minerals economy requires a variable rate of GST return but there is resentment in other States that they should be paying for any increase, and SA and Tas bitch about their over allocations being reduced, so good ol’ WA now gets a paltry 30c in every the dollar it raises through its own GST. But that 30c was framed in a long-gone mining boom.

Currently there is an inducement for SA and Tas to continue with anti-development policies, albeit acceptable to voters, because other States are forced to pay for their Green excesses.

                                                          Tasmania's Jacqui Frog.

Energy alone is but one example of the GST anomaly. Tas locks up rivers of hydro energy that sit there waiting to be exploited but some rare frog is always in the way. SA is ideologically focussed on renewable energy and has conned Vic into supplying base-load power so it can concentrate on ineffective wind turbines and solar power. 

This farcical situation is exacerbated by a new Labor Government in Vic that is also besotted with renewable energy and is in the process of closing existing coal-fired power stations. Blackouts will increase. And there is still an unfounded fear of safe, clean, renewable nuclear power, while energy prices go through the roof.

And of course the white Aboriginal activists fortuitously find sacred sites at every proposed development.

The only way the egg can be unscrambled is to hand the collection and spending of GST over to the States. If there is an electoral cost in raising the tax, then let the electoral combatants pay for it in votes. The States could even independently reduce the tax for electoral advantage. It is the States’ money, and they have the infrastructure in place to collect it, so why should NSW be paying for the spendthrift morons’ excesses in Tas and SA?

At the moment there is only ONE birthday cake and unless it is evenly divided (which it’s not) there must be dissatisfied losers, including John Hewson (above). 

If Penny Wong’s ex bed partner, SA’s Premier Weatherill, (above) wants to play funny buggers with an RET, let him pay for it at the ballot box. This bloke should have been booted years ago but the SA gerrymander means he can lose the popular vote by up to 57% and still sit there playing with his donger while relying on more hideous windmills for his State’s power.

Equal GST distribution can never happen under Federal administration, so make the States’ responsible for what they raise in, and what they spend of, GST. All State Premiers annually trek to Canberra anyway for the Commonwealth Grants Commission handouts. 

And SA's $60 billion in subs to be delivered in 50 years when it's certain they will be obsolete.... but it saved this bloke's seat (above).

It's GST made simple really, but politicians prefer things to be expensively over-complicated. 


Stop bitching about Tassie taking a bit of extra GST, I don't hear anyone talking about how that state gets ripped off in the other big stimulus providing Federal Budget's!! A bit of extra GST goes nowhere near compensating it for that rip off.

Australia is one nation. States and state governments, in this day and age, are a "colonial' relic that should go when the Queen goes. Every year, the state system is unnecessarily costing Australian taxpayers an obscene amount of billions of dollars. For Australia to be run efficiently and cost effectively, Australia needs one law on something... not one Federal law, six state laws, and two Territory laws all for the same thing. The GST system must remain as is, but with the ability to be raised and lowered as the government thinks fit.

Thank you Rumpole, now that you mention the subject I find your comments interesting and useful too.

So that makes it right to be "rude". I and others would prefer to words "offensively rude" and unwarranted. You stupidly admitted that you ignored to content of my posts but you carried on with abuse regardless? Posting facts on a board that is for discussion of matters political is the purpose of the board. It's not "preaching" but I can understand why not well informed people might see it that way, immature minds, as like minded people resent teachers in school.

Thanks BK, whilst I was aware of the GST distribution formula I always find your comments informative, interesting and without hostility most of the time and on the few occasions that you vent, you do so with good manners and intelligence, which is more than can be said for some (or most) of your detractors. Please continue your good work.

"Several days ago I noticed that the website, which I use as my homepage, would not load properly. See image below for what loads. I'm in New Zealand. As you can see, no images are loading. Also, links are dead, but not all the links are dead.
Eleven friends who live around New Zealand advised that it is not loading properly for them either. is still loading properly.
I have emailed my ISP and asked if they can shed light on this matter and am awaiting a reply.
A Proxy Browser allows me to see the website fine -

Does anyone know what is going on here?"

I suspect the people who can no longer be bothered are mature grown up people Kangaroo, and the more they read the tripe people like you post, and your disgusting language, in the end they ask themselves why they bother. No doubt that pleases you, the fewer intelligent people the better it is for you. And once again, re that post, why deny it, have the courage of your convictions at least. And read your comment, and if you can ask yourself if it is of the quality that the intelligent people would take seriously.

You did not direct your post at me Kangaroo, and why did you delete it before I mentioned it above. And why ALL IN CAPITALS? You have a nasty habit of twisting things around. And for heavens sake, going ballistic with abuse above and admitting you did not bother to read my comments. That suggests anger management problems and an unhealthy selective board hatred of people you cannot reply to in a civil manner and explain why they are wrong.
As for your crazy assertion that I was disrespectful, did you attack all the others who like me, after first posting in support of Larry's comments, posted about other things? No. Go and consult a psychiatrist, you need help.

Maryanne, I did not cut and paste the above, I wrote it all from my knowledge and therefore used more than the word limit per post. However, does that cause you problems?

After Tara Brown's kidnapping scandal in Beirut her next attempt at face-saving career rebuilding is the 60 Minutes gender-bending family freak show. Well done, the silly bitch has found her level in life.

“Before World War II both federal and state governments collected income tax. In 1942, in order to run the war effort, the federal government became the sole collector of income tax. It did this by passing laws which raised the federal tax rate and gave some of the proceeds back to the states on the condition they drop their income tax. States receive this money in the form of funding grants. Technically a state could still collect its own income tax but this would mean its people would be taxed twice and the state would forfeit its funding grants.
Four states—Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland—challenged the legislation. The High Court ruled it was valid on the grounds that section 51 (ii) of the Constitution gives the federal Parliament power to make laws relating to taxation, even though in practice the legislation removed a state power. It also ruled that under section 96 of the Constitution, the federal government could attach conditions to funding grants, and therefore it was legal to only give compensation to states that stopped collecting income tax.
Intended as a wartime measure, the arrangement has remained in place ever since. As a result the states are now more dependent on the federal government for revenue.”

They love their little prizes.

All the best to the people of the West.

Unionist labor won't save you, they will screw you all for themselves.

Best wishes to Pauline and team doing it for all, doing it for the right reasons and doing it for Australia.

You really should stick with conservativism and not falter because the left will do what it always does, debt, theft, blackmail and rest assured, you will be left with the BILL.

But I do wish you all well to do what is right.

I have proposed this several times but Australia is too stupid to understand. Handouts are what life is about and in Tasmania we have you all by the Niagaras so lay it on us.


Vault 7 is not just political theater--it highlights the core questions facing the nation: what is left to defend if civil liberties and democratically elected oversight have been reduced to Potemkin-village travesties?

If there are no limits on CIA powers and surveillance, then what is left of civil liberties and democracy? Answer: nothing.

The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle--it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation. Citizens who define America's interests as civil liberties and democracy should be deeply troubled by the Establishment's surrender of these in favor of a National Security State with essentially no limits.

Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack’s Kenya ‘certificate of birth’
An Obama has joined the birther movement.
Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.
Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

Surely. What's this?

“What’s this?” he tweeted.

The document is from the “Coast Province General Hospital” in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, and is for Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born on the “4th day of August, 1961.”

In 2011, the White House released what it claimed was President Obama’s “long form birth certificate.”

The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country. It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country. Therefore, the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate.

Obama’s staff released this image of his Hawaii birth certificate:

Well, It is nice and polite to ask first.
Then just sack the bastards and get on with draining that swamp.

Jeff Sessions asks 46 Obama-appointed US attorneys to resign
Los Angeles Times -
Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions asked Friday for the resignations of dozens of politically appointed U.S. attorneys held over from the Obama administration, the Justice Department said.

Wouldn't that shake things up. Heads would explode, Liberals Labor, gaybc....
Greens would be dead and buried. It won't happen but what a great thought from Terry McCrann
Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
an hour ago
Terry McCrann says there's only one hope for the Liberals if they won't replace the dud Malcolm Turnbull with Tony Abbott.

Bring back former Treasurer Peter Costello. No other candidates can save the Liberals:

The names being tossed around from within the parliamentary Liberal Party — the perennially loyal deputy Julie Bishop, the Abbott Version 2.0 Peter Dutton, and assorted pointless others — all essentially share two characteristics. They are hopeless exercises in clutching at straws: the switch would only guarantee the same inevitable loss at the next election but under a different leader. And the only redeeming feature of each of them is that he or she is a not Abbott, not Turnbull...

More immediately, a Costello PM would promise a return to “grown-up government”, where good policy was proposed and fought for...

More broadly and more simply, Costello would be thought of warmly across the political divide. Voters would remember we had stable government. We had political and policy direction and cohesiveness. We had budget surpluses and regular tax cuts: we will get none of that in the foreseeable future. And the nonsense that he was a big spender: in his last budget he got it down to 23.1 per cent of GDP. Only one year in the past 40 had been lower — the pre-GST 22.9 per cent of 1989-90...

Only a Costello could unite the party — something which is self-evidently not going to happen under either the current PM or any of the potential successors.

Whatever happened to Clive Plamer? It's like he has disappeared from the face of the earth.

Bk is one that rules Maryanne. He is god and not capable of learning simple things. Its not written down in the MSM so he cannot cut/paste and learn. And Bk, you truly are disrespectful to Larry's post on Bill Leak, disgusting in the extreme, forget my abusive language as its only directed towards YOU and all know that. So piss off once again you know it all wannabe.