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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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… with more Islamic surprises in store

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


At age 15 my job in Melbourne Goods Yard was to clear the cattle trucks of those animals that did not survive the trip. There were many, but mostly from trucks where only a few beasts were loaded.

If animals are not packed tightly they do not survive any trip in a semi, a rail truck or a ship. Usually the smaller ones die first, trampled by the heavier ones after having been thrown around vacant spaces and bashed against the sides of the conveyance.

My job was to pull the dead cattle on to the adjacent platform for the butchers' vans to collect before hosing out the truck of some pretty disgusting animal parts. The poor things had broken legs and their stomachs were gassed up and blue. They probably made it into the odd meat pie but I didn’t like to think about that.

The live cattle could then look forward to standing around for up to 48 hours before being unloaded, fed and watered.

                     The same dead lamb was used in multiple structured pics

Animals Australia is a very dishonest mob that tells lies about where and when their graphic pics are taken. Their ads where sheep are packed tightly and dying of dehydration are accurate enough, but they are packed tightly for their own protection, and that's at the seat of the problem.

                       No food or water unless she can reach the outer perimeter

It is almost impossible to hand feed them and totally impossible to give them water. Now I don’t know how long a ship takes to sail to the Middle East with around 70,000 sheep but it’s more like weeks than hours. To lose two or three thousand is economically sustainable when it's impossible to feed or water them anyway.

                                             The only way to load livestock

No transport business likes to lose any product but it’s a fact of life (or death) whenever I’ve been involved in livestock with rail trucks and driving interstate tiered road trains from central Australia to city sale yards.

And it’s out of sight and out of mind when the Muslims have their ritual fun at the other end of a sea passage. Their eventual halal slaughter is something Barnaby Joyce and the Greens refuse to even discuss... and that's the really cruel part!

                                  100,000 with no way to be watered or fed

Australia will always be involved in transporting livestock. Many have travelled thousands of miles across parched Australian land before they even get to a sea port. 

Cameras installed on ships with “alert” inspectors are a joke… slip them a couple of hundred bucks and they won’t see a thing… guaranteed, that’s the way it all works (economically).

If the Greens believe Aussies are cruel, just wait to see who takes up the slack if ever we ban live exports. Which we won't.

As usual the well-heeled city Greens have no idea what’s involved. They rely on emotional misinformation to get their way. They don’t want any animals killed, despite sporting their leather accessories, expensive shoes, belts and handbags. And of course ingesting their rare rib eye fillets and fashionable raw tartare.

Livestock transport will continue (sorry fellas but Gillard is not around this time).

So you tearful Greens had better grit your teeth and bear it.


Australia lived on bread and dripping during the Depression, but the Poms always lived on it. That's the pre-war Free Market for you! The War sent them broke and destroyed the Empire after which their rulers let the "Commonwealth" flood in with insufficient resistance. The "success" of that disastrous social experiment meant it was - sooner or later - visited on Australia.

Speaking in Front of Israel’s Nukes, Netanyahu Says IDF Will Hit Iranian Forces in Syria with “All Its Might”
“Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by a warmonger standing next to an actual nuclear weapons factory.” — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – During a ceremony at an Israeli nuclear-weapons development center, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech in which he stated that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would act with “all its might” against Iranian military assets in Syria, and that Israel would oppose Iran’s presence in Syria with the same “determination” it used to push the United States to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
In “working to prevent Iranian military entrenchment in Syria,” Netanyahu asserted:
[The IDF] will continue to act with total determination and all its might against attempts by Iran to station troops and advanced weapons in Syria, and no agreement between Syria and Iran will scare us, nor will any threat scare us.”
The Israeli PM’s statement is an apparent reference to the signing of a new military cooperation agreement between Syria and Iran on Monday, which will see the presence of Iranian military advisors in Syria continue, among other provisions.
Netanyahu subsequently added that “anyone who threatens us with annihilation will find himself under the same threat, and they won’t succeed anyway.”

Well he is in his up market Condo in NY at present. So I guess he will be firing bullets from afar.

New Post Up

2GB Chris Kenny , Eric Abetz, Barnarby Joyce....and much more....
Fit for a queen (of soul): Aretha Franklin has THIRD outfit change for public viewing arriving in Detroit church where she started singing gospel in rose gold gown and matching Christian Louboutin shoes
Franklin's body was transported to New Bethel Baptist Church Thursday for Day 3 of public viewing
Music legend this time appeared bedecked in sparkling floor-length gown with pink lace, gold-sequined Louboutins and pink pearl necklace and earrings
Franklin was dressed in striking ruby-red for the first day, and wore a baby blue dress on the second day
Her private funeral will be held Friday and she will be buried in Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery T
The Queen of Soul died from advanced pancreatic cancer at age 76 on August 16

Too true Tosir

All the dams are full in the western districts of Victoria

Idlib: Syria's Final Battle With Terrorists (if West Stays Out of it)
Syrian forces are gearing up to take the last terrorist stronghold, the US is boosting its military presence, and Russia is warning of a false-flag chemical attack. RT looks at the aligning of forces ahead of the battle for Idlib.

American warships, cruise missile delivery systems, strategic bombers and other hardware has arrived to the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf earlier this week. Washington is denying that any buildup is taking place, but Moscow says the assets are being gathered for a massive strike against the Syrian government.
A provocation with chemical weapons, staged by the jihadists, will be used as a pretext for the attack, and Damascus will again be groundlessly accused of poisoning its own people, Russia said. In April, a massive bombardment of Syria by the US, UK and France was triggered by what Russia says was a similarly staged false-flag operation.

Jabhat al-Nusra and other militants in Idlib stand no chance against the Syrian military, backed by Russia and Iran, but Western interference may give them a fighting chance. The US and its allies are making every effort to preserve jihadist forces and use them to remove Syrian president Bashar Assad from power, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said.

And if the violence escalates in Idlib, the two million strong population of the northern province will be put in grave danger as the terrorists basically hold the people hostage and use them as a human shield.

The Russian Reconciliation Center continues talks to achieve a peaceful resolution of the Idlib standoff. However, the militants seem reluctant to lay down their arms, which makes the coming days crucial for the fate of Idlib and the whole of Syria.

Tim Blair does it again. Wonderful story and comments......

Permanent War for Permanent Peace: The Global Alliance for Evil
American troops live and die for both the owners and the customers of America’s weapons-manufacturers, and are being paid by U.S. taxpayers to do it.
Which countries, then, fit the description that the first paragraph here provides? Which countries constitute the global alliance for evil?
All allies of the U.S. Government do. What was described in that first paragraph fits each and every one of them, though to different degrees within each, to the extent that there are different degrees to which each of America’s allies is essential to America’s aristocracy. That’s the aristocracy of the global center, the hub of the aristocratic wheel, which is proudly but entirely propagandistically called ‘The Western Alliance’ (as if good and evil are represented respectively by “The West” versus “The East”), and which alliance constitutes the global alliance for evil.
For example, UK and Australia are certainly members of the global alliance for evil, and on August 26th, the retired Australian diplomat Brian Cloughley headlined at Strategic Culture, “Britain Prepares for War Against Russia”, and he astutely observed:
The headline in the UK newspaper the Daily Mail on August 7 encapsulated much that is paranoid in sad modern Britain. It read “Russian warships pass through English Channel as Putin’s armed forces ratchet up pressure on the Royal Navy.” …

Now where is our government. Get the CSRIO in now, and tell them to get busy as we have plenty of oil in oil sands in Australia.

Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback - Telegraph
Jan 24, 2013 - Up to 233 billion barrels of oil has been discovered in the Australian ... oil sands

ThePhantom Fri 31 Aug 2018 08:25:35 am Looks like another win for Trump as the US is set to become even more independent from the Middle East and their oil.

The single biggest breakthrough in oil tech this year | about 5 hours ago |

Utah holds the largest reserves of oil sands in the United States, but up until now, no company had the technology to exploit these vast resources.

Despite the potential, "only a few companies are pursuing the price-sensitive and water-intensive development of the state's oil shale and oil sand resources," the EIA said in a 2017 report on the state, essentially writing off the region as a meaningful opportunity.

But that could change in the very near future. Petroteq Energy hopes to bring the first commercially profitable oil sands production online in the United States in the next few weeks. This new technology makes a mockery of traditional oil sands processing, which involves vast quantities of water, chemicals, heat and toxic fallout.

"We have a very disruptive technology," David Sealock, Petroteq's CEO, told the New York Times in a sweeping profile of the innovative oil sands company. "There was a treasure chest here that didn't have a key, and this technology is the key."

Waleed Aly is dumping on Dutton now.

Go Dutton, up an’ at ‘em bruiser.

So much for all that nonsense he wrote in his farewell letter about “tearing down walls,” avoiding “rivalries” and how much we as Americans have in “common”!

I do like the way that Trump is sorting out the world. Now he has Turkey on the run with steel tariffs, Turkey's banks are in a lot of trouble. Since I have been back in communication here in Darwin. Nothing has changed with the ABC/SBS all still on the stormy Daniels rant, did not miss that one bit. I am amazed that the media are still at it. Geez talk about obsession.

Catallaxy files has a vid of the Cabinet photos being taken at GG house last week. It shows how prissy Pyne would not move an inch to let the new Treasurer Josh into the from row. It was posted on 4.11pm August 28 2018.

Here's a hint for the poor common people in the path of that toxic smoke in Melbourne, call yourselves The Great Barrier Reef and the Environment Authority/Soros Greenie demonstrators will rush in to agitate on your behalf. Sadly, it's only ordinary people so EA deems there is no problem, the air is clear to breathe even though the world can see the smoke trail from space.
Now, if only it had been a 100 year old disused mine site, well the UN would have been called in and someone would be up for millions to be paid to the State Gov! And we're supposed to take notice of bureaucrats!! (Why no names of the owners.....Muslims??)

I would love to know who is leaking the Au pair shit on Dutton. Dark arts at work.

My goodness I was shocked this morning to see ALL the countries we have supported with AID have dug deep into the Australian aid they received and donated to our drought appeal,PIGS GO FLYING BY, billions our lot of useless arsewipes give away and all borrowed money and what do we get back, boat loads of riff raff and fly by's too,to support and WE have to change our ways to accommodate all and sundry, what a load of crap by ALL our politicians (pigs in the trough),hopefully when the revolution comes ALL Fed,State and local get the chop