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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The latest US figures available show suicide deaths by gun in 2010 were 19,392 compared to gun homicides of 11,078. In Australia the suicide rate by gun has dropped either marginally or not at all since Little Johnny took all our guns away but he fails to mention other means of suicide now used, including mainly hanging, and bungee jumping without rubber bands, have increased markedly. Other weapons such as knives have been increasingly replacing guns in homicide crimes.

Predictably, gun homicides in Northern Melbourne and Western Sydney, where the Middle Eastern gangs are intent on killing each other, have not decreased as those who intend to carry out these gun crimes are the only people who have the ability to obtain guns illegally.

First you need to know where to get a gun, and that’s not easy in Australia. Then you need to pay up to $4,000 for an old revolver that misfires more often than not. Or if you want a ceramic Glock, that will set you back $12,000 and an assault rifle will cost anywhere between $35,000 and $50,000.

These guns can be got, they are available. But to whom? Yep, only the people who shouldn’t have them, the drug dealers and Middle Eastern hit men with pockets full of drug cash.  

Those innocent people who intended to defend themselves are the only people without a gun... and a baseball bat or a seven iron are not viable defences against any type of gun.

With few exceptions since 1920, the vast majority of gun deaths every year in the United States have been self-inflicted suicides. Obama and Clinton are dishonestly including this major suicide statistic and ignoring that the majority of the remaining gun deaths are black on black.

It’s unreasonable to compare US statistics against Australia’s as there are more guns in the US than there are people. And the guns that Howard destroyed mainly belonged to country folk who used them safely and legitimately on wild pigs, rabbits and ducks.

It’s too late to scrap the US Second Amendment and ban guns in America like Obama and Clinton clearly want. And it is misleading of them to keep citing Australia and Johnny Howard as a success story.

Howard’s emotional kneejerk response to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre has altered methods of killing to a much nastier form using knives, suffocations, drownings and hangings.

The US Second Amendment refers to “a well-regulated militia”: The right of the people to form citizen militias was unquestioned by the Founding Fathers who had the foresight to envisage the likes of the Obamas and Clintons. So there is always a good reason why Governments want civilians devoid of weapons.

The US Federalists promised that State Governments and citizen militias would exist to ensure the Federal military never became too large or oppressive.

The Second Amendment begins with the phrase “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State.” Some argue that this phrase limits the right to keep and bear arms to militias only ... which, they say, means the National Guard.

A popular pro gun lobby says that to say the National Guard replaces the notion of the militia, runs contrary to what the Founders actually said and wrote.

"The Second Amendment was designed by people who did not want to become slaves to their government, but they were unfortunately and tragically willing to permit private slavery in some States. Now that slavery is abolished, all citizens of all races should enjoy the Second Amendment’s legal protection against despotic governments."

Before a government can become a fully-blown tyranny, the government must first disarm its citizens. "The Founders of this nation, from their own experience, knew that when government goes bad, liberty evaporates and people die ... unless the people are armed."

South America is proof positive of governments having no control, where the people are left powerless and flooding north to a borderless America.

The problem is that in 1776 the most modern guns available compared poorly to what is available today and it's a fair question to ask if we need military style weapons in the home that satisfy macho Southern hoods who want to blow the nearest stop sign to bits.

Anyhow, the perennial US debate over the Second Amendment is now reduced primarily to a statistical debate about the most popular suicide techniques...

oh, and what methods blacks prefer to use to kill other blacks.


Another Politician that works for Israel got an Award for it from them and only 10 people have ever received it ,you must have done them a BIG FAT FAVOUR Johnny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Johnnie ? Makes him sound harmless...he is a socialist grub who is still trying to complete his dream..the disarming of all Australians..he should be in the 'clink' instead of Martin Bryant..the innocent man-child who was framed for Port Arthur..SHAME on you "Johnnie"...enjoy living on the fat of the land now...when your day of reckoning comes...have a nice trip down...enjoy the heat..

Archipelago, Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Indonesia, Even though not in the Mediterranean are still described by the use of Greek names. The term Britain also has its origins in the Greek language. The earliest known names for the islands come from ancient Greek writings. Greek records from 320 BC refer to the British Isles, including Ireland, as the Prettanic or Brettanic Islands. I'm sure as an educated person of Anglo Saxon descent you would know this.

Did you know that "Little John Howard"was a closet lefty?The Libs have been going "Left"since before Malcolm"Lost My Pants"Fraser.

those infamous jewish deputies appear yet again..The Controllers who are regarded as 'God'..just ask Abbott about 18c

wow dusty....that is bizarre...anyone would think that you had to be jewish to be allowed to live these days..oh..wait a minute....some of the statements in that article are incredible 'Asked to name a Jewish friend, he cited the late Lord Janner, a one-time fellow Labour MP Mr Livingstone said: "I have lots of Jewish friends and I always have. I have had members of the Board of Deputies round for parties. "When I went to Israel and stopped by a kibbutz, I felt completely at home there. Everyone was a leftie like me."He said he had not crossed the line between criticism of Israel and antisemitism in making his comment about Hitler and Zionism.
"It is an absolutely ridiculous thing to conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel,"

CC, I don't know much about Pacific Islanders. Your assumption that I'm a Pacific Islander is incorrect .My origin is from another Island from another part of the world. This Island was the birthplace of western civilisation. The civilisation on this Island from 2000 BC to 1500 BC made a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization as it is known today.

Is it true that the AWU paid $250,000 to the girl shorten raped on condition she withdrew the allegation

Epilepsy is caused be standing naked in front of a lamp, or sexual relations with the light on. (BT Pesahim 112b).
The law regulating the rule for how to urinate in a holy way is given. (BT Shabbath 41a).
Eating beef and turnips causes fever if it is followed by the summer moonlight. (BT Gittin 70a).
Not burying cut fingernails causes miscarriages. (BT Moed Katan 18a).
Everyone has two kidneys, one of which inspires good deeds; the other, bad deeds. (BT Berakoth 61a).
After seven years, hyenas turn into bats. After even longer periods, they turn into thorns and demons. (BT Baba Kamma 16a).
Some antelopes grow as big as mountains; some frogs as big as fortresses. (These are eyewitness accounts by Rabbis). (BT Baba Bathra 73b).

some of my best friends are jewish...yuk yuk yuk...cmon can anyone take these clowns seriously...make up their own myths and then claim to be the Gods Chosen Ones, with Cameron claiming to be related to a Jew, and someone else chiming in and saying yeah he's related to Moses.!..what next, soon they will be claiming to be Gods...oh would be a comedy if it wasnt being used as a basis to enslave us..indeed wipe us out

I have been paying particular attention to your posts...overwhelmingly your posts are anti Jewish. Your occasional positive statements for any Jewish demographics are meaningless and hollow because you cant resist yourself and always resort to hateful anti Jewish slurs. I'm also disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that you are starting to employ personal insults. You are now insulting Islanders! CC, if my views strike you as foolish,let’s just say I’ve been accused of foolishness by a fool.

CC, NO I'm not but I was going to ask you if you are Rinaldo and Saddler...are you? Yes the facts do speak for themselves CC. As the saying goes, we can all have our opinions but we cant have our own facts. In any event have a good Sunday.

CC, of course you know all this but you seem to focus ONLY on attacking Jews. I think you are displaying intellectual dishonesty on this.

Marx Bros.?

Hey, I've got Jewish ancestors ..

CC, you say...Lot of parallels with this religion and Islam... I say, except terrorism, genital mutilation, murder of homosexuals, raping of innocents, genital mutilation, murder of those who choose another religion, murder of those that draw cartoons, forced marriage, violence against women, child marriage,honor killings, disciplining and punishing wives, sexually enslaving women, punishing rape victims, Also, the belief that flogging, stoning, beheading and imprisonment are appropriate punishments for adultery, apostasy, witchcraft and blasphemy....yes one can clearly see the similarities!!!


Yes, it is the anti-thesis of truth.

that's a bit of a mouthful rin...from wiki 'The entire Talmud consists of 63 tractates, and in standard print is over 6,200 pages long. It is written in Tannaitic Hebrew and Jewish Babylonian Aramaic and contains the teachings and opinions of thousands of rabbis (dating from before the Common Era through the fifth century CE) on a variety of subjects, including Halakha (law), Jewish ethics, philosophy, customs, history, lore and many other topics. The Talmud is the basis for all codes of Jewish law, and is widely quoted in rabbinic other words its all made convenient