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Monday, 27th March 2017

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... Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


Breakfast television was one of the main reasons our family disconnected from mainstream media. The constant ‘gossip’ presented as news, the obvious advertising pushes and the political activism and bias by the presenters was all we needed to switch off a number of years ago now.

Lisa Wilkinson’s behaviour recently is a prime example.

On 9/11 she tweeted: “Donald Trump declared US President at 2.43am. The date in Australia? 9/11.”

It appeared on my timeline and I was appalled to say the least. My heart immediately ached for the families and friends of the 3000+ victims and many more who were traumatised by that act of barbaric terrorism. How vile to compare a democratic election to the aftermath of a horrific and devastating act of terrorism.

I even received messages from others who were likewise upset by this callous and cruel comparison. (below)

So I quoted the tweet and said: 

“Wow @Lisa_Wilkinson that is atrocious. Why would you be so insulting? 9/11 was carried out by the terrorists Trump vows to stop. U R Cruel.”

I was sincerely shocked at her insensitive behaviour. I have travelled to a number of Islamic countries and met with refugees of Islamic terror both here and overseas. 

The trauma these victims experience is hard to comprehend. 

The victims all share a number of things in common – regardless of their nationality, their circumstances, their gender, socioeconomic status etc – and that is they feel forgotten. Almost all of them have said to me, “Please remember us. Please tell others what we have gone through.”

So to read the flippant and cruel comparison Lisa Wilkinson made was very upsetting. To top it off she didn’t have the integrity to respond publicly but instead sent me a direct message. 

She said, “Thanks for the feedback Kirralie, which I have only just seen, but 9/11 refers to the US emergency number. Just a light bit of irony, nothing more. Please don’t tell me we’ve got to the point where we aren’t allowed to have a sense of humour when it comes to politicians? Cheers Lisa.”

First of all she specifically said in her original tweet “the date in Australia? 9/11” Absolutely no reference to the US emergency number, she made it quite clear the reference was to the date. Is she playing me for a fool or was she drunk?

Secondly, she claims it was a bit of ‘light irony’. 

Perhaps Lisa would do well to sit with a few victims and their families and listen to what they have had to endure instead of making fun of one of the most horrific acts of terrorism in modern history. 

Trump is the democratically elected next President of the United States. He is not a royal leader, tyrant or a military leader who took the nation by force. 

More than enough Americans voted for Trump because they choose to have him represent them and their views. Immigration and terrorism are to key themes as to why he was elected. 

The elitist attitudes of the media are another. It seems this breakfast show host still can’t see the writing on the wall and instead of finishing what she started publicly has to resort to a direct message that contains misinformation and underhanded comments.

Thirdly, of course we can have a sense of humour about politicians. 

But this tweet was not funny and Lisa Wilkinson you are no comedian.


Wilkinson and her red bandana sporting brainless husband are both died in the wool Lefties. I cannot understand why so many Journo's and TV talking heads are Lefties, perhaps it is a Union requirement.

CONTACT ASAP ON [email protected]

She and that bandana wearing halfwit are a good pair. A rotten pair.

You are right..she is a main stream media presstitute. About 9 /11..anyone who still believes that 19 camel shaggers, with sand in their thongs..pulled off the twin towers? Give me a break..all three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition...sanctioned by Bush and his top advisors. The evidence is there for all to see..the trouble is..the mind is like a only works, when it is open.



The Moaning Lisa.

Support freedom of speech, scrap 18C!

No comedian for sure but she sure is stupid and I am not only talking about her association with the bald red ragged one.. Her only talent, along with the rest of her morning crew is the ability to giggle incessantly "ha ha ha ha ha"

Shes not Lisa....Her name is Julie....

HE said it:

"Indigenous leader Noel Pearson has lambasted the ABC as "miserable" and "racist" during a speech in Sydney."

I was wrong
He will be ok
They have no one else

If you're offended........surely Griggs will take her to court!!??

Lisa Wilkinson's partner Peter Fitzsimmons to host Scenic Tours new discovery yacht Eclipse next June in Paris . The old red ragger commo gets around.

MILO and the "Alt Right"...deconstructed.

Lisa is a fuckwit

Interesting to see who's on the board of the largest private gas company in the Ukraine................
Old news but paints a picture...
REVEALED: Joe Biden’s Cocaine-Using, Navy-Busted Son Now Working For Huge Ukraine Company story.

New post.....

Opinion: Forecast cloudy for Turnbull if he sticks to climate policy

MALCOLM Turnbull’s survival depends on how quickly he realises that climate change is a hoax.

The signs of him accepting this fact are not good, which means the chances of him surviving to the next election get slimmer by the day.

This is yet another ramification from Donald Trump’s victory.

Trump’s win came as a terrifying surprise to all those who get their opinions from the latte-sipping political/media/think-tank Canberra “insiders”, yet was no surprise to we “outsiders”.

You only had to look at the expression on Turnbull’s face and listen to the bizarre speech he made when Trump’s victory was announced to see his horror at what had just occurred.

Rather than rejoicing in the election of a fellow “conservative”, Turnbull looked like he’d just taken a bite out of Tony Abbott’s onion.

Julie Bishop, whose job it is to ensure we know exactly what is going on in the world at any given point in time, particularly when it comes to our most important ally, looked like a stunned mullet with pearl earrings.

Isnt it wonderful to see our PM acting like a 14 year old girl by getting himself plastered all over the news taking selfies of himself with the POTUS. This is a bloody embarrassment. If he cant act like an adult he should piss off out of any position that reflects on our nation.