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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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For gross violation of public trust - and racism

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Imagine the scene. A bunch of young, tattooed guys are hanging out in a local park. A girl walks past on a footpath.

“Hey you!” Screams one of the gang “Get down on all fours when you walk past us to show some respect.”

The girl refuses. “I’m not going to do that,” she says, “I have every right to walk past you.”

“Do it now bitch!” screams the guy pushing the girl, “or I’m going to bash you.”

At this point, the police, who are in the park intervene. “Please can you do as he says Miss,” says the policeman. “We don’t want any trouble.”

The woman refuses to walk past the men on all fours despite the police and the gang of thugs insisting that she does.

One of the thugs then assaults the police and has to be subdued with capsicum spray.

Later on that night, the Police Minister comes on TV to criticize the woman for “inciting violence,” and tells the audience that her behaviour is unacceptable.

Does this sound far-fetched to you? It shouldn’t - particularly if you live in Victoria.

Yesterday, a white man was apparently filming a group of men who were playing soccer in a park in Victoria. The men playing soccer were of African appearance. Filming people in a park is not illegal. There is no reason why it should be.

For some reason, the men of African appearance did not like being filmed and began threatening the white man. The police were in the park due to incidents of violence and robbery the day before.

The ABC forgot to mention that the violence and robbery the day before were carried out by “youths of African appearance” who enriched beach goers by smashing a bottle over one man’s head and stealing the belongings of people who had gone for a swim.

The police instructed the man to stop filming, but he refused. At this point, members of the African group are not just threatening the man, they are slapping him and his camera which should constitute assault.

According to the ABC report which can be viewed here, one of the African men then assaults the police and has to be subdued with capsicum spray. This was apparently caught on camera too, but the ABC decided not to show that part.

Their ABC forgot to show this bit

The ABC report then quotes the Victorian Police Minister:

- Lisa Neville praised police on their response to the incident, and warned that "racism itself does not make any of us safer".

"People who attempt to incite — whatever their background — incite violence … should be held to account by police and the law," Ms Neville said.

WTH? We all understand that day to day policing involves keeping the peace and trying to diffuse potentially volatile situations. However, the core job of the police is to ensure that citizens can go about their legal business without being threatened with violence.

The police had every right to ask the man to stop filming. However, he was not breaking any law. The African group were breaking the law by assaulting him.

The police had an obligation to prevent this. No matter what re-enforcements they needed to call in, it is essential that the police do not cede control of our territory to gangs or groups other than the democratically elected Government.

If they do capitulate to threats of violence, society will begin to rapidly break down. If you want to know what that looks like, perhaps you could visit Haiti, Sudan or Afghanistan.

It is the core expectation that citizens are entitled to have of the police. That they will “do whatever it takes” to ensure that the law is upheld.

Lisa Neville has betrayed this trust. She has blamed the person who was legally going about his business for, “inciting” violence and she is threatening that people who take such action in future will be “held to account by police and the law.”

The idea that the police and the law will be used against people who are not breaking the law should send shivers down anyone’s back.

Ms Neville made no such threat against gangs who used violence and threatening behaviour to get their own way. Her statements are an utter disgrace. She has betrayed the law-abiding people of Victoria and should immediately be removed from her position. African gang violence is an escalating problem in Victoria in particular.

This is not the fault of the police, it is the fault of our immigration policy. However, if the police fail to retain control of our public spaces then our society will fail and will rapidly sink into the violence and squalor which characterises the African nations that these migrants fled from.

No greater catastrophe could befall our society.

One thing Lisa Neville did get right was her assertion that "racism itself does not make any of us safer."

Let’s be clear here. Deep seated racism underlaid this whole incident. Imagine for a second that roles had been reversed. Imagine that a group of burly white boys had been playing soccer on that foreshore and a couple of black kids had been filming them.

Imagine that the white boys had begun screaming at the black kids and threatened and assaulted them. What would have happened? How would the police have reacted?

I am pretty sure that every single one of the white boys would have been rounded up and probably tasered too.

They would have been arrested and charged with “hate speech.” They would have been held without bail and tried by a judge who would have given them the harshest penalties available (and complained that he couldn’t give harsher ones).

The ABC article would have been completely different too. The black boy filming wouldn’t have been a “far right activist.” He would have been a “courageous freedom campaigner bravely exposing the evil racism of white people.”

The police who asked him to stop filming him would have been portrayed as racist oppressors of his basic human rights.

They wouldn’t have focused on those members of the group who were “attempting to defuse tensions.” Instead they would have focused on the rest of the group who were causing the “tensions.”

And the video would have been edited to only show the white boy attacking the police.

As Lisa Neville correctly asserts, this evil anti-white racism is not making us safer. It is pernicious and is taking hold right through our society. It has to stop. Our schools and universities have to be forced to stop spewing this hateful anti-white racism.

Members of the Police, Government and public broadcasters should be forced to resign, just as they would be for any hint of racism against non-whites.

If we don’t do that, our society will break down and become a living hell for all of us, whatever our skin colour.


It should be a crime for us to be subjected to the sight of this creature on our television

westley Tue 1 Jan 2019 09:26:59 pm
The troll persists. Well paid and an absolute and unashamed Christian hating liar.

Dead right sailor. The one thing that women want is "MORE".

The tax they've avoided through the foundation runs into the billions. May have to sell a few trinkets.

Down to their last 100 million,i heard,,poor bastards.

She sure is one hard faced person. Interesting that connection to dogs!

Europe Should Woo Russia When Putin's Gone (Op-ed)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a new toy and he wants Russians to think of it as their Christmas present, too. On Wednesday, he called the successful test of a new supersonic weapon “a remarkable, excellent New Year’s gift to the nation.” Russians probably would have preferred a rollback of a recent retirement-age increase under their trees, but that doesn’t much matter to Putin’s view of his country’s national interest.

The question to ask as a bad political year ends for Putin is to what degree his militaristic worldview should survive his leadership. That doesn’t only depend on Russians; once Putin is gone, the West — but largely Europe — will have another chance to tempt Russia with different prospects.

Russia has a broad set of geopolitical options. It can try to be a global military superpower, a status it achieved in the 20th century despite a weak economy thanks to its armaments and creative strength harnessed by fearsomely repressive regimes. It can accept the status of a regional power, increasingly turning into China’s junior ally and natural-resource base.

Top 10 Craziest SJWs of 2018

Mark Dice

Published on 31 Dec 2018

Happy New Year ....everyone post up .

Great stuff IE, they had to give the furniture back apparently.

Every blog I visit I am told to ignore the trolls, do not respond.
Do Not feed them.
Yet they continue to troll, stalk, annoy and harangue.
Yet we ignore them and try to carry on.
They monopolise our boards, threads and conversations online. They ridicule and chastise and ask questions that have no logical answer and somehow continue to pollute and denigrate intelligent debate.
Ignore them
Just pretend that they do not exist.
The more we ignore them, the more they seem to grow in stature.
If we respond, they come back with arrogant ignorance and we finally give up, throw our hands in the air and say " You know what? I can't be bothered."

So we leave them alone to spill their lies and their distorted version of reality and we cushion ourselves with the knowledge that we have not fed the trolls.

Well, I call bullshit.

Trolls are the cancer that is destroying our free speech. Trolls are the cancer that is destroying our culture. Trolls are shutting us down because their crap is actually over riding our voice of reason because we LET THEM.

You see, that is where we are going wrong today.

We think that ignoring bad behaviour will make it go away. But it doesn't. It simply makes it worse.

We have lost Community Outrage.

The schoolyard bully will not get over it because he is ignored. It will make him worse. It will make him stronger. It will empower him.

The moslem imam will spout his venom and we ignore him but he does not go away. The acid attacker in London does not go away because the media ignores him. He comes back, stronger and more vicious than before .

To ignore is to be ignorant. And ignorance is failure to see what is in front of our eyes.

Ignoring things that we do not like, cannot abide or tolerate does NOT make the situation go way. It makes it worse.

President Trump is standing up to the trolls and boy do they hate it. Trump stands up to the trolls in Main Stream Media and he stands up to the trolls in the Democrat Party. He stands up to the trolls who hate the fact that he is standing up to them.

We, as citizens, need to join him and stand up to the trolls. No matter what Nation, what blog you belong to, what community you live in, stand up to the trolls.

Because, if we do not, the trolls will take over because we bloody ignored them.
They do not go away. They multiply and gain strength through OUR IGNORANCE.
Ignore to your peril.
It is time to stand up to trolls.

Freedom on the Net 2017
Russia Country Profile
Facing major antigovernment protests across Russia in 2017 and a presidential election scheduled for March 2018, the authorities scrambled to tighten control over the internet. Lawmakers took every opportunity to push through legislation aimed at curbing unchecked expression of dissent online.

Great! That's what's wrong with tv now, those blokes aren't there anymore.

Love it IE.

Anyone. And I mean anyone, not on your side of the liberty/free speech debate is your enemy.

Trump “Reconsidering” Withdrawal of US Troops From Syria Thanks to Lindsey Graham

FEDERAL POLITICS Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch has defended a mouthy attack on the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull by Peter Dutton.

Tim Blair today: Venezuela’s socialist idiot leaders probably didn’t intend to destroy their nation’s economy and ruin millions of lives.

It’s just that, being socialists and idiots, destruction and ruin were always going to happen. Christina Sulbaran reports from that tragic, shattered country:

The descent began in the early 2000s when the Hugo Chavez government began to take control of elections, private companies, the judiciary and the police. The descent turned into a nosedive when Nicolas Maduro came to power and the state tightened its grip on oil production, our country’s main source of revenue.

Investors fled and skilled workers emigrated. As living standards plummeted, the response was to print more money. Hyperinflation has been the result …

We don’t go out after dark – those who do take huge risks. A friend’s son was kidnapped on his way back from the cinema, with the perpetrators demanding an extortionate ransom. Tragically, kidnappings work. A six-figure sum is demanded and families scrape together to pay.

Even basic medicines are increasingly scarce now in Venezuela, but I’m lucky to have a son who sends me thyroid pills from abroad.

By comparison, we have Iran. There, a nation’s ruin was absolutely intended by Islamic fundamentalists:

There was something cool about Iran in the 1960s and 1970s, a time when a certain class of Iranian woman could be found playing volleyball on the shores of the Caspian Sea in a bikini — a world away from today’s enforced shawl-wearing.

It was the era when the Empress, or the Shahbanu to give her Persian title, would appear on magazine covers next to Jackie Kennedy …

And it was a golden age for Iran’s cultural scene. For a decade, the biggest names in avant-garde art, music and theatre would gather at the Shiraz Arts Festival, founded and run by the Empress. ‘That was a very important festival from 1967 to 1977,’ she says, ‘and it was bringing East and West together.’

Iran these days has no “cultural scene”. And on to Pakistan, where Christian woman Asia Bibi spent nine years in prison facing the death sentence for blasphemy:

In 2009, Bibi was at her work on a farm when she stopped to drink some water from a well, using someone else’s cup. She was told that she could not share utensils with a Muslim because she was ‘unclean’. This led to an argument about religion, and Bibi and her family were later beaten by a mob who extracted a ‘confession’.

She was then arrested and imprisoned for more than a year before being formally charged. She was the first woman in Pakistan to be sentenced to death for blasphemy, and would have been the first to be executed for blasphemy under the current law …

After nine years in prison, Bibi was finally acquitted. The judges ruled that there was insufficient evidence against her, because she ‘confessed’ to blasphemy while she was being beaten. Her exoneration sparked violent protests across Pakistan from the country’s fundamentalists. Some called for the judges involved in the case to be killed.

All three links are to the Spectator. All three pieces are worth your attention. And your subscription.

Strange Bedfellows
The Western Socialist Left detests the United States and its capitalist economic structure, and seeks to facilitate that structure's downfall by any means necessary -- including the formation of whatever alliances will further that ultimate objective. One seemingly unlikely alliance that the socialist left has forged is its alliance with radical, fundamentalist Islam, which emphatically and unambiguously rejects virtually everything for which the socialist left claims to stand.
There could be no stranger bedfellows than Western Leftists and Islamic extremists. Yet they have been brought together by the one overriding trait they do share -- their hatred for America; their belief that the U.S. is the very embodiment of evil on earth and must consequently be destroyed.
As Osama bin Laden declared “America is the head of heresy in our modern world, and it leads an infidel democratic regime that is based upon separation of religion and state and on ruling the people by the people via legislating laws that contradict the way of Allah and permit what Allah has prohibited.”
While Western Leftists make no similar religious references, they do contend, like radical Islamists, that the United States is determined to overrun other nations and dominate the world.
While Islamic radicals seek to purge the world of heresies and of the infidels who practice them, Leftist radicals seek to purge society's collective "soul" of the vices allegedly spawned by capitalism -- those allegedly being racism, sexism, imperialism, and greed. Just as Islamic radicals aim to impose their religion on the rest of the world in a totalitarian fashion requiring unwavering obedience, so do radical Leftists strive to create an omnipotent socialist state that will control every aspect of daily life…..on all mankind.
So, we can see then, while not outwardly similar, the governing principle of the Islam-Leftist alliance remains “The enemy of my enemy is my friend…. whoever that may be.”