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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... McCain gives Trump the thumbs down

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


He could have arranged for a proxy or a pair but instead he dragged himself from a sick bed to join the Democrats and be seen voting down Trump’s Obamacare repeal Bill. 

This is the bloke who gave America’s worst ever President, Barack Obama, four more years, and he doesn’t bother hiding his envy of Trump’s successful run at the White House… a run that he was never able to accomplish despite his numerous attempts.

Enmity between the two was established by Trump when he declared during the Primaries that he preferred war heroes who were smart enough not to be captured. Since then McCain has done everything possible to trip Trump up. 

His mate and fellow trump tripper upper, Lindsey Graham, who lost badly to Trump in the Primaries, have ensured that the US will eventually have an unaffordable universal healthcare system similar to all socialist countries, including Australia and the UK.

Rapacious insurance companies now await, and expect, a bailout of immense proportions. It will not happen because the trillions that insurance companies are socking away in off-shore accounts will stop under Trump. He will allow the US Government to take and use those trillions as a buffer for a universal system. He'd be mad not to.

That’s the only way out of another Obama mess that was once recoverable... 

except for vile envious bastards like McCain and Graham.  

[Away for a couple of days on a fundraiser for a neurological centre on the Tablelands]. 


Anyone have the Hansard definitive reference for the Beazley quote from 1990? I have had no luck in Hansard. The hidden agenda behind the Republican push was always for the Government to take full control over Australia, including the means of production.

my point ..

Anotheroldtimer: Smith helped pay Hicks legal fees, got him a job! Talked him up as a misunderstood boy, not the Jihadi murdering treacherous scum bag that he actually is.

Fuck me .. he makes 100% Australian products and donates all the profits to charity and none of them are Halal he's for less population and cutting back on immigration and all you can come up with he likes getting his mug on TV. I'm sure there are easier ways of doing it.

Fucking bullshit! he was on the news tonight and he was promoting his immigration cut back plan, you pricks just dont like him because he defended Hicks.

TREASON—Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Gillard, and Turnbull
“...........So, according to Labor if WE BECAME A REPUBLIC Australia would be handed over to the United Nations.
Were the UK Government aware of Labor’s motives in allowing the Australia Act to come about? You bet. Check out this statement made in the UK Parliament..............."
That is why they allowed Hawke to remove the Crown and opened Australia up to the United Nations.
However the United Nations is a Foreign Power. As we are still not a Republic our Constitution stands. Section 44 of our Constitution stands concerning holding position in either House of Parliament. Simply said anyone who adheres to the United Nations needs to be removed from Government.
Acts Interpretation Act -
16 References to the Sovereign
In any Act references to the Sovereign reigning at the time of the passing of such Act, or to the Crown, shall be construed as references to the Sovereign for the time being.
A Corporation requires a President, Vice President and a Secretary – Treasurer
Australia ready for UN takeover ?
As far as the Political Parties are concerned the United Nations has already taken control.

Kim Beasley in Federal Parliament in 1990, quote, “The United Nations has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, property, farms and businesses to government control once the republic has been proclaimed.”
So what will voters be voting for if and when that happens – an elected dictatorship much, much, worse than even the present.
Dead In The Water – Maritime Admiralty UCC ( Universal Commercial Code )

August 5, 2017 renegade Comments

This video shows how the whole system of control, from cradle to grave, is based on nefarious maritime law.
It's time we had a mutiny.

Australia needs a catalyst to pull the plug on all these snowflakes and feelgood Agenda pushing Swamp Dwellers and get back to some real Conservative Values and doing what is right for ALL Australians as per:: Our Country, Our Nation, Our Values, All Not Negotiable....If you Don't love all of the Aforementioned, you have No place being here....Feel free to Leave, or Embrace it...But don't try and change it..Why is this statement unacceptable in the Public Arena? and if not, Why is it not our Motto for building a Better and Greater, Australia.....We are fast getting to the point where the only direction Has to be Up before we Drown under the shackles of Political Incompetence...Or that is my humble opinion...

I am with you RoseB, very good !

Please everybody donate whatever you can to help Michael, he has worked so hard for the past few years to bring justice o behalf of the people this --------------- woman defrauded.

i've seen her walking in the gay mardi gras.... don't know what point she is trying to make ???

Former NSC Staffer (to Trump) Rich Higgins Memo

Thanks Donkey.

New Post up >>>

FASCINATING - KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics Full Interview

I think the Turd has elected Pissy Pyne as the man to laed the attack on Sir Billy

QUESTION... Does anyone know when these blood sucking parasite judges in the high court are going to make a decision on all this citizenship garbage, and also rule this whole SSM shit as invalid so we can get back to the most important problem of getting rid of Mudguard Mal, The stick Insect, Prissy Pyne and Marsie Payne and have our government ready in case the NK problem escalates

Here`s a bit of light afternoon viewing............. Traffic after a concert leads to a BRAWL!

Michael Smith News makes interesting reading...

He is a self indulgent prick.

Said Barnaby am I true blue,
Or is it now time to shoot through,
If I am from EnZed,
It will explains my strange head,
And I'm off to join Pistol and Boo.