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Thursday, 15th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Sky News’ pundits, radio and Press are still reciting “disunity is death” while they pore over Wentworth’s entrails. Well, I used to live in Wentworth, and I can tell you Saturday’s result had nothing to do with “disunity”. 

My circle of friends included barristers, judges, pollsters, politicians and a range of Oxford Street’s sexually confused Greens. The Wentworth electorate was a perfect fit for Malcolm Turnbull, and he held it with large margins.

Those margins have now disappeared, not because the citizens of Wentworth adored Turnbull… he was a totally unadorable bore, but because the electorate is, and always has been, at least for the past half century, thoroughly Left, Labor, Green… which is exactly what Turnbull has always been himself.

Anyone supporting the homosexual lifestyle and the UN’s global warming hoax while vilifying basic Liberal principles, was a walk up start to win Wentworth. 

Turnbull knew full well that Sharma could never fit the bill in Wentworth, he simply wasn’t Left enough. He was a straight family man!

But I’ll tell you who did fit the bill!… Yep, former leader, John Hewson (above) held Wentworth (from 87 to 95). He is yet another useless, true, red, Green Labor, warmist lawyer arsehole, pretending to hold a blue ribbon Liberal seat while imploring voters not to vote Liberal.

It has changed around Sydney with electorates like Kingsford Smith, Zimmerman’s gay North Sydney (above) and even Warringah now at risk. The Libs can now win seats in the far west, like Lindsay.

The Libs need to alter course because being rich in the inner suburbs is no longer synonymous with voting Liberal. 

Being rich means you don’t give a stuff about power prices. 

Being rich means worrying about what wine to take to the next dinner party, because every dinner party will include homosexuals who appreciate bouquets while looking for multiple new partners, attendees from the mentally-deficient global warming mob, a sprinkling of dumb GPs, Trump haters, and the consistently far Left judiciary.

No surprises! Take Turnbull out of Wentworth and you only had the far Left Phelps left. At least Labor understood that and didn’t waste money competing.

Geographic demographics are not what they were, and as usual, "true" Libs are the last to wake up to it.


If we didn't have preference voting Phelps wouldn't be in parliament

Was turnbull a turncoat?

Great moments in failed predictions

In 1865, Stanley Jevons (one of the most recognized 19th century economists) predicted that England would run out of coal by 1900, and that England’s factories would grind to a standstill.
In 1885, the US Geological Survey announced that there was “little or no chance” of oil being discovered in California.
In 1891, it said the same thing about Kansas and Texas. (See Osterfeld, David. Prosperity Versus Planning : How Government Stifles Economic Growth. New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.)
In 1939 the US Department of the Interior said that American oil supplies would last only another 13 years.
1944 federal government review predicted that by now the US would have exhausted its reserves of 21 of 41 commodities it examined. Among them were tin, nickel, zinc, lead and manganese.
In 1949 the Secretary of the Interior announced that the end of US oil was in sight.

The true enemy of the people are "The Public Serpents"they control the Politicians and the"Sheeple"

One crucial but overlooked point is that Turnbull was aided and abetted in this policy by a group of ultra-ideological, “expert” global warming bureaucrats who run the electricity grid, especially the Energy Security Board Chair, Dr Kerry Schott.

These people allowed Turnbull to place all the responsibility for the promises about the policy on their back, to help him politically. Why are these anti-carbon dioxide fanatics helping Turnbull defeat Labor when Labor policy pushes greater emissions cuts? The obvious answer is that they want to protect Turnbull’s leadership in order to destroy, for the longer term, their only effective opposition, which is conservatives within the Liberal Party.

Dr Kerry Schott, considered the primary architect of Turnbull’s policy, is an eclectic bureaucrat a

The true libs are a wake up to it, Larry. We just don't have a voice anymore. The libs have been overrun by leftists like rats in a sewer. The party needs to die and the corpse burnt to ashes to eradicate the infestation of leftists that has parasitised and decimated it. The only real chance for a conservative future is for the true liberal members to defect to the Australian Conservatives and for strict rules be emplaced to prevent the infiltration of leftists in the future. Let's hope Abbott leads the withdrawal. It is political Dunkirk moment for the libs.

Fuck off Granny

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Power was off here for nearly 3 hrs. just after midnight .. no storms.. is this the start of load shedding ???????

In other words, Sharma received about 40%of the primary vote and Phelps about 27%. No other candidate from amongst all the 16 candidates who nominated for the election came anywhere near Sharma in primary votes from all the 75.1% of the electors who bothered to vote. Time to change the system and stop bleating about preferential voting.

Why do we accept preferential voting? If you look at the AEC reports on votes counted, Sharma received 31,623 votes and Phelps 21,322 "first preference".
Wentworth (NSW)

Now who could it be funding the caravan invasion. I wonder.....

Republic of Nauru
? @Republic_Nauru
9h9 hours ago

Do you think the ABC, Guardian, Fairfax or other activist Australian media will ever publish these photos of the modern Nauru Hospital staffed by excellent international doctors? Don’t count on it because it will expose their lies and political agenda. #StopFakeNews

UK - Knife Crime Epidemic: Victims with Life Threatening Stabbing Injuries Up One third in Two Years - the number of patients with life threatening stabbing injuries being seen by specialist doctors at hospitals across England has risen by 34% in just two years, according to NHS figures seen by The Guardian. In thisperiod 2017-18 figures from 9 out of 11 major trauma centres at NHS hospitals reported they had dealt with 2278 serious knife injuries compared to 1697 in increase of more than one third. "The rise in knife crime in England is s source of serious concern both for the society we live in and for those of us who have to help care for the injured and their relatives where life, often young life is being so tragically lost" Dr Taj Hassan President of the Royal College

Three alters of DG. Larry, Curly and Ho.

It wasn't Julia Gillard who got the ball rolling into institutionalised child sex it was a Cop I think his name was Fox from the Maitland area of NSW who wouldn't give up that saw him chastised by his peers and nothing stopped him .

THOUSANDS more foreign-born criminals will be deported under tough new measures that will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

The far reaching changes to the Migration Act will see the visas of every non-citizen who commits a sex or violence related crime being able to be cancelled so they can be kicked out of the country.

At present one of the most used triggers for mandatory visa cancellation is that the offender has to have been sentenced to jail for 12 months or more.

The new visa-scrapping legislation will apply to any person — including children — convicted of an offence for which they can be jailed for two years or more, even if they escape a jail term, as many do, or are sentenced to less than 12 months.

Jamal Kashoggi’s (remember him) loss of his “fight” in the Saudi embassy in Turkey now seems almost yesterday’s news. We lucky Australians have much to celebrate after all, what with the drubbing of the conservatives in the seat of Wentworth and the election of another LGBTQI ambassador to Federal parliament …

Soddy Barbaria, AKA Saudi Arabia, will be sin binned for a little while by virtue signalling Western politicians, conscious about any harm to their own precious image if not seen to appear concerned about Kashoggi’s unfortunate demise and responding with suitable consternation. However it'll all be back to business as usual before too long. Fact is, the Saudi’s probably did the world a favour in removing this character, a known friend and associate of Bin Laden, and an Ikhwan (Moslem Brotherhood) operative with links to al Qaeda. His seeming support of greater freedom in the Saudi Kingdom was a pretence — his type want to remove the Saudis and other “secular and apostate regimes” in the Arab world and get on with restoring a proper Sunni Moslem Caliphate.

As for Erdogan, his hypocrisy is as brazen as it gets. Under this tyrant, who makes little secret of his determination to steer Turkey back to full Islamic fundamentalism and appoint either himself or his successor as Sultan, journalists have been purged to the extent the country is now the world leader in terms of the number of journos who've been arrested and imprisoned. Turkish media is entirely state controlled. No surprise — Islam is the original and most thorough of all totalitarianisms.

Turks honest enough to acknowledge the brutal reality of conditions inside Turkish prisons will admit they're so horrific they make the movie Midnight Express look like a love story.

It needs to be understood that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are fierce rivals for the seat of a restored Sunni Caliphate. For centuries, from 1517 - 1924, the Sunni Moslem world’s Caliphate was that of the Ottomans. Turkey occupied and controlled the “land of the two Holy Mosques” — a land now rebranded Saudi Arabia. During WW1, Turkey (known as “the sick man of Europe”) was allied with Germany. The Brits, along with Lawrence of Arabia, a personage destined to become a movie star, helped expel the Turks, whose Ottoman empire was collapsing.

Wahhabism, which arose in the late 18th century in the lands now owned and run by the despotic Saudi tribe, was as much a nativist rejection of Turkish imperialism and occupation as it was an effort to revert to a “purer” more literalist form of Islam. This is something most people in the West seem oblivious of, and our enemedia don't particularly want you to care about either. Yet it's germane to understanding Turkey’s eagerness to capitalise on the Saudi complicity in Kashoggi’s brutal murder. Turkey’s indifference to the rather rowdy, upstart Islamic State was both a testing of the waters and a softening up of the wider world to what Allah expects us all to again soon get used to.

Not that I imagine the new Member for the seat of Wentworth or her delirious supporters will be too concerned about such trifles. Not till it catches up with them at least.

Just turned on to Queer and Arsholes on the GAYBC. Speaker of the moment is non other Keryn Phelps.Stated that the people of Wentworth were not satisfied with the way the Liberal Party was going to the far left too much.They wanted someone who would be more of a Conservative.Words of those effect.The Newby stated this is what she heard from the voters after being on the ground for the last 4 weeks.Just wait until they find out what they voted in.Not as bad as having to decide between Shortonbrains and Scomo.

68.8% of pregnancies in Sweden result in an abortion, 50.5% in France. How debauched can Western society get??