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Friday, 14th December 2018

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.. and it will be a high price to pay

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The measure of a man is not how high he climbed but who he climbed over and Malcolm Turnbull had borrowed one of Bill Shorten’s knives. Over many dark nights he moved on Abbott’s deputy who had an intense hatred for Peta Credlin.

He used that hatred to his advantage and gave Julie Bishop a foolproof way to get rid of Credlin once and for all and keep her beloved Foreign Affairs portfolio at the same time, if only she could accept Abbott as collateral damage. And she did that with a smile.

Wow! Why would the Libs think for a moment that Turnbull can be a part of their future, are they mad? Ten votes decided this (a differential of five) and now the Libs look like a desperate Party that went looking for a Rudd to save the furniture.

And the Rudd analogy isn’t far off when you consider the betrayal, the backgrounding and the leaking, the conspiratorial treachery and ruthlessly meticulous, dead-of-night planning it took to bring down a first term PM.

Abbott has been on death row since February this year, he had to go, but not this way. His method of execution leaves an adjacent cell empty and waiting for his executioners.

Abbott was right when he said the Libs were better than this. Well Tony ‘ol mate, they USED to be better than this, but loyalty and honour died with Menzies and Gorton.

Treachery may have got Turnbull, Bishop and others what they wanted but their victory is temporary and only a pyrrhic one. They have cleaved the Party in two and destroyed what was once the difference between Labor and the Libs... a small matter of loyalty.

Turnbull stood there with that pious smirk on his face, beside him was Abbott’s former woman, a woman he trusted, a woman to whom he thought loyalty meant something... like loyalty meant something to him, with Joe, Bronwyn and Peta. Despite the fact they were unintentionally helping to bring him down, he stayed true, and that should mean something.

A return to Turnbull is an unthinkable prospect for the Libs... something I thought the Libs could not let happen. But I was wrong, well I was wrong about 54 of them.

There is never a nice way to depose a first term PM, but not this way, not with months of planning prior to a surprise attack with no warning and no time to regain those critical lost numbers. Five per cent of those Turnbull numbers and the coup would have failed.

Abbott’s fate was sealed when Turnbull sent Abbott’s own deputy in to tell him it was all over. What a man! A man who used his own portfolio to help destroy his leader.

His support from the ABC and his friends in Fairfax were critical players in destabilising his prey. He can forget the corporate sector, their loyalty is only ever to their shareholders.

It may be five PMs in five years, but two good things come out of this dastardly Shakespearean play... Shorten is gone and a gaping vacancy emerges on the Right for an honest third Party... a Party that might just have the notional support of 44 Libs who justifiably despise Turnbull and what he stands for.

Let’s face it Abbott was a superb Opposition leader and a hopeless PM, but his legacy will be his loyalty while for Turnbull and Bishop it will be their treachery.


Do I see "Zig Heil" in this photo?

Will Credlin take Abbott's or Hockey's seat?

The smiling assassins! MT - eMpTy of integrity and J-u-LIE. We now have Rudd and Gillard clones in the Liberal Party. What a despicable pair.

I have noticed that Morrison has re-introduced a bill that was defeated in the Senate last week. Morrison is no fool. He would not do that unless he thought he could get it through or there is an ulterior motive. I have a feeling that Turnbull might be limbering up for a double dissolution. It would make sense. He is riding high. He has a huge problem with the Senate. The bill that Morrison is putting back to the Senate could be plausibly argued by Turnbull and would get widespread support from the population at large. Such a move is the very nature of both men. He would also use the opportunity to argue that Labor is opposing the China Free trade Agreement and that he cannot get it through the Senate because of the Cross Benches. Watch this space.

Now the enemy is well and truly within, the Trojan horse if you like. This is the only country where it is compulsory to vote and you get fined if you don't, however your vote doesn't matter. We can now watch as Turnbull opens the flood gates to refugees, extend Gillian Triggs contract, bring back a carbon tax, reinstate the funds from the ABC that Abbott cut, cave in to the Islamists, cave in to union pressure and take the steam off the TURC, give in to Indonesia's demands and perhaps even help his mate, Rudd by giving him a diplomatic post. Everything and anything is possible with this treacherous bastard, who stole the PM's role with the help from despicable people who do not know what the word, "loyalty" means.

I am thinking of moving to the Nationals!

behaviour that we have come to expect from our self-serving parliamentarians.

Only 3 more prime ministers before christmas
"Turnbull has dinner with his ideological ally, Simon Sheikh from the leftist GetUp!, and proudly posts a photo on his social media accounts."
28th July, 2010 – It is reported that Turnbull isn’t putting the Liberal Party logo on any of his campaign literature, signs or advertisements. This is a recurring habit, and yet more evidence that, for Turnbull, it’s all about using the Liberal Party as a convenient vehicle for his own ideological and personal agenda.
Meanwhile, Turnbull has dinner with his ideological ally, Simon Sheikh from the leftist GetUp!, and proudly posts a photo on his social media accounts.
Would someone like Sheikh ever be in a similar friendly photo with John Howard or Tony Abbott? It would be unthinkable, simply because they are profound philosophical enemies, whereas Turnbull is, ultimately, one of Sheikh’s own tribe.
12th August, 2010 – Turnbull speaks at an event supporting the craziest of crazy green policies – zero carbon emissions. The other headline acts are Labor‘s Bob Carr and the Greens‘ Scott Ludlam. So far left is the event, that is gets a positive write-up from Green Left Weekly.
21st August, 2010 – The federal election sees a large swing back to Tony Abbott’s Coalition, and they tie with Labor in winning 72 seats. Only the treachery of two country independents prevents Abbott forming government. This is an almost unprecedented success against a first-term government. Turnbull’s predictions about the destruction of the Liberal Party turn out to be spectacularly wrong.
GetUp exposed: George Soros' tentacles reach into Australia
The left-wingl activist group, GetUp claims it is “an independent grass-roots community advocacy organisation.”
GetUp’s founders David Madden and Jeremey Heimans are heavily involved in a number of similar US and global left-wing activist groups, each of which is tied to the shadowy billionaire, George Soros.
Soros now interfering in Australian politics…attacking free speech.
The Case Of George Soros

Turdbull & Bishop......marriage made in hell.....weep Australia as these two will sacrifice you on the New World Order Devil's altar of "Climate Change"!

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