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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... but there is a way out of the Turnbull mess and it's not Tony Abbott

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The push for an Abbott rebirth by Andrew Bolt is unrealistic. Rudd, Gillard, Rudd has a certain ring to it and is expected of a desperate ALP but Abbott, Turnbull, Abbott doesn’t really fit the staid Libs. As Lib elders once told Abbott, when he approached them in the late nineties about the PM position, “We just don’t see you in that role Tony”. Tony ignored their judgment and the rest is history.

So what the hell can the Libs do now? They certainly can’t take Turnbull to the next election and their talent pool isn’t all that deep? Well, there is one starter with a wealth of experience who has stamped her name indelibly on conservative politics. (Yes I typed "her") She is a brilliant debater who would wipe the floor with Shorten, Albanese, or any Labor geek. She would make Plibersek look sick and could recite standing orders to Labor’s Manager of Opposition Business, Tony Burke.

This Amazonian lady was born in a little town I know well called Wycheproof (above) in north west Victoria on the Calder Highway.  It boasts a population of less than 800, although I have never seen more than three people at the one time anywhere and only some wheat silos on the horizon are there tell you that you are approaching Wycheproof from 50 mile away... it's an Aboriginal word (although it’s just a sound and has nothing to do with the spelling) that means “grass on the hill”. But I have never seen a hill or a blade of grass anywhere... only this railway line running through the centre of the, a’hem, town.

       The “hill” (above) I am told is some way away and towers a lofty 43 metres above the                                                                          township

If Peta was indeed born in Wycheproof, as she says, it must have been under the only gum tree or under the railway siding because the nearest hospital is in Mildura, some two hundred kilometres away.

You can buy one of the few houses in Wycheproof for less than $80,000 or rent a vacant farm house for $1 a week. You can also enjoy the one race meeting a year at the obligatory local racetrack, or watch a game of Aussie Rules at the obligatory oval before downing a VB at the obligatory local pub... but they can’t be all that local as I have never seen any of them except the pub Est, 1880.

Anyway I guess you know by now who I am talking about. Yes, Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin. What a fillip she would be to a waning Liberal Party, what an adornment to the front Bench, what a breath of fresh air any electorate would flock to.

                                     Sexy? Not really, but intelligent and competent. Yes!

Of course she would not stand for pre-selection, she would need to be drafted into a safe seat and assured of a vote in the Party room that would vault her past Turnbull and a few other hopeless PM hopefuls.  It can be done, the Libs have done it before and this time it would ensure a competent Conservative Federal Government for decades to come.

                  The Stick Insect's opinion of Peta is low, which is seen as a plus for Peta

It would also put Wycheproof on the map, (dunno what for) because it’s barely on the map now.  

And a walk up start for her Chief of Staff would be? Yep, of course, Tony Abbott.


Bring back a good man.... ie., Tony Abbott~

Her expressed opinions qualifier her as rising star. How do we get her to the starting gate?

I'd like to see Cory Bernardi. I think he'd be great.

Peter Dutton is far more credible than WWW. For heavens sake, and Australia, you backbenchers grow a backbone and rid us of this waste of oxygen.... asap.

Why would Credlin the Magnificent save the not-so-staid Liberal party that she built up until they shat in her face?

so far it's been Turnbull, Abbott, Turnbull in the Liberal stakes. There's nothing staid about the current Liberal party.

Why are our jobs going offshore? I had to call Optus service faults line the other day. I don't know what country I ended up in - but she sounded like a Papuan. I literally couldn't understand one word she said. Not one. I still have no idea what she said. Other than the word NO. So obviously whatever she did say, she was trying to tell me she couldn't or wouldn't, help. Is this deliberate, I ask ???

That's a novel idea, not bad at all. Many thanks for the article and the vote of confidence. You are sooooo right. Ms Credlin would wipe the floor wif liebor. besides being the stick insect's bete noir.

They told him to get rid of her and if he had he may have changed tack and recovered......she was a mill around his neck and they went down together. Only she has found two new careers....God knows how.

Yes Peta, go for it. You're intelligent and a damned site more competent than most others in Federal politics; and your political experience certainly qualifies you for the job.

Reading many of these comments, I have to respond with one of my own. I always understood that a true leader will seek advice BUT always the final decisions belong to the leader not the follower!

Sorry, Peta not my cup of tea, she is a white women with common sense and a attitude.

Turnbull will get my reluctant preference, but if Credlin were the leader, I for one would preference my vote to Labor for the first time in 20 years. No Credlin for me thanks.

I'd rather see Mark Latham get another run with Peta as his COS. He was never a labor boy at heart, he was just brought up in south west Sydney.

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Peta knows the in and outs of politics and yes, she' d make a damn good PM ... certainly a much better PM than policy-vacuum Turnbull.

Credlin is a good commentator. But as far as voting for her? She seriously fucked up Abbott's policy commitments

When women such as Credlin start using their sex and whining about males, you know they are closet lefties.

Keep your eye on Peter Dutton. This man is tough and cunning. Remind you of anyone?