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Sunday, 22nd January 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Having a bonk buddy on the Gold Coast creates a problem for any red blooded Canberran politician. Nothing happens on the Gold Coast that interests Federal politicians except gigolos and hookers. Sussan Ley can justify a flight to Brisbane, then a comcar to the glitter strip to visit some er, “clients” of the welfare budget who happen to live not far from the bonk buddy's bin-cleaning business. 

But an upgraded hotel room with champas in bed is more appropriate for important people. 

The trouble starts when Sussan has a sudden urge to buy an investment property while there. It makes a lie of why she originally said she was there. Therefore she can’t take the comcar back to Brisbane. She has to pay for a cab fare with her comcar following dutifully behind her. Oh dear.

The Press gallery has very little to amuse itself over the new year period so the little darlings pore over Senate Estimates to see how politicians have been misspending our taxes. Only Liberal politicians take their interest of course, otherwise Labor’s Tony Burke would be sharing Eddie Obeid’s cell.

Burke flicked his wife and kids to enjoy life between the legs of his young attractive office mail girl, a Ms Laris. (Well, she looks sort of okay if you squint your eyes a bit.) 

Their whirlwind multi-Continent tour (holiday) cost taxpayers exactly $225,000. But the Press gallery doesn’t want to upset the wrong Party and the Libs won’t mention it for fear of retaliatory revelations by Shorten or Wong.

Regardless both the budding love birds travelled first-class along with two departmental officials with Mr Burke’s out of pocket expenses totalling an extra $48,951. 

On return, Burke promoted Ms Laris from mail girl to chief of staff on triple her salary and he stipulated that from then on his new love must accompany him on all of his domestic and overseas trips. And she does. 

Wow, one of them must have been a damned good shag!

But this is how it works for the average member and every politician does it: There is a wedding you simply must attend on 14/10/2017 at Nar Nar Goon, Vic. But there is no way that you intend paying the cost of getting to and from there, because you are important. 

You are an important politician! I mean does Barack Obama pay for the 747 that takes him to his golf lessons?

So you get your secretary to phone the local Nar Nar Goon Lions Club (note phone, do not leave an email trail just yet) suggesting the Federal politician will be in Nar Nar Goon on the weekend of 14/10/2017 and if the club president would kindly send a letter asking the politician to address the Lions meeting, the politician will be only too happy to accept. 

The letter duly arrives and your secretary duly accepts the request (this time by official email) and voila, suddenly all the costs of attending the wedding are now met by the taxpayer, plus a free inedible Lions’ dinner that you excuse yourself from eating, plus accommodation and all you have to do is talk shit to a few blank faces for 20 minutes.

I mean a comcar driver can now take you from Tullamarine to Gippsland and return with free accommodation for the weekend and the politician can of course arrange for upgraded accommodation, all on the taxpayer.

Just ask Tony Abbott, he knows how it all works, but Malcolm Turnbull is rich and doesn’t need to take any risks.

And you thought “swindle dockets” were only used by travelling salesmen?


OH NOES!!!..................say it isn't so bro!!

The Stick Insect and her Rent-a-Dick won't be going to the Portsea Polo...........the heat on Susan Ley probably made her think twice about billing the taxpayer for her non work social engagements...

.....betcha she's pissed..............I'm guessing the freeloading man-bag is too!

Thar she goes!!

Thar she goes!!

Tony Bourke.. Evil scum... His only attributes are...1. Compulsive Liar, (Couldn't tell the truth even if it bit him on the arse.) 2. Union hack that will screw/steel from his own members if it benefits him. 3. Mixes with some of the worst most corrupt Labour Politicians in Australia's history. 4. Communist that wants Australia values destroyed. 5. Sucks up the Muslim Terrorists for votes...

Some people say would say about Sussan Ley”, “Oh well, give her some slack, after all she’s doing a reasonable job”.

Considering the overwhelming extent of her systemic rorting, I DON’T THINK SO.

If she is indeed a clear thinking efficient administrator, then why would she change her name merely on the whim of the voodoo mysticism of numerology? Maybe she picked it up from where she was born, i.e., Nigeria.



A legitimate question now is whether she was appointed and sustained as a Minister merely as a political hack of Malcolm Turnbull and for the sake of political correctness, rather than merit.


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Someone should make Susan Ley-Buy watch Trey Gowdy's reaction to spending other peoples money.

I"M confused . >>> A partner is the person getting Bonked today . >>> A Husband or Wife is the real deal but few get identified. >>>>> This Health Minister has a partner in Albury and another in the Gold Coast .>>> The reported connecting flights are not really an entitlement. ... Great place that Gold Coast , The "partner up there seems to be getting plenty.

and politicians wonder why the voters (real voters,) despise every one of them.

The guy is an absolute scum bag

Quadruple Yawn !!!!

Am I a blockhead???This woman guilty of fraud? Simply removing her from the front bench doesn't fix things,,, I've sacked blokes for lesser misdemeanours.She should be sacked and charged,,,end of story,,,

'Yes we did' ( ABC's Headline - ): Obama says goodbye in emotional speech

Yes we did nothing - more like it

flying, all the bastards are guilty! Both major and minor parties.

True to form
expect bibi to delete the thread
and leave us all orphans... such a worry.

A beast with multiple heads
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if I remember rightly Greg Combet took his girl friend on a tour of Europe around the time that Labour lost office. But with a friendly media the matter wasn't pursued.