The Pickering Post
Saturday, 24th February 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Oh, just pass this Bill first and we will ensure the needed amendments are passed later. A LIE! Today when many reasonable amendments were suggested on each occasion they were thrown out. The Labor Party said that their Members would have a free vote as did the Coalition assure their Members. A LIE! 

Each time Labor's failed lawyer Mark Dreyfus (above) approached the dispatch box he said, "Labor is not voting for this amendment". Clearly Labor voted as one against all amendments. There was NO free vote as promised.

Coalition voters scurried to either side of the House to vote with Labor while Labor Members sat tight in their seats.

Shorten rose for a personal explanation saying he had never divulged information from Security briefs. A LIE! Security briefs were afforded Labor, the Coalition and the Greens.

Yet supergrub Dastyari (above) somehow knew that his and the Chinese operative's cell phones were being tapped. How did Dastyari know this? How did he know to inform the Chinese that their phones should be left behind and that they should go outside to "talk"? He was not privy to the security briefing.

Well, there is only one way that Dastyari knew this... Shorten was foolish enough to tell him to be careful of tapped phones and Dastyari duly relayed that information to the Chinese. There is no other explanation other than that the Greens or Turnbull must have told him, and that certainly didn't happen.

                                            Shorten with Huang Xiangmo

Labor Party Members have always been paid by Chinese operatives; from Bob Hawke to Bob Carr and now Dastyari. So how can Shorten sack him when he is simply playing the same game as Labor has always played? And it was Dastyari who doctored the votes against the preferred Albanese. 

The Chinese have always given play money to Labor and Labor Members have always sold Australia out... as their unions did throughout the first and second world wars.

Shorten has always said he did not rape that 16 year-old girl. ANOTHER LIE. He did rape that girl as is documented here on the home page and I ask you, you filthy low-life, to please have the balls to sue me so I can get her in the dock.

You are a rotten liar and you always have been. You might have found a few new homosexual friends in the visitors' gallery today,

... but you have never had any old friends. 



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Always wondered for many, many years why no one hit you up with a deformation suit. Actually no.... I knew. You were right and them suing you would drag the truth out into the public forum. Can't have that now, can we.

i love bill's style he should be cleaning shithouses instead of sniffing

Good on you Larry for telling the truth about the Iranian grub. Frankly the Australian parliament makes me sick. The antics yesterday were downright disgraceful, dancing around hugging and hi fiveing over the vote that now makes sodomy and homosexuality legitimate when the taxpayer's are paying them their salary's to run this country. I'm sick of Turnbull but even worse is Shorten as you have described him.

Billy Boy fingered his way to the top. It makes sense now.

New Post Up !

Back door migration continuing to make whites a minority in america with the multiplying effect,

A few years ago, on this site, many PP's were so fed up with the degradation of our politicians; the ghastly traitors in the ABC/SBS; the disappearance of any morals or commonsense in this once-wonderful country; being bled dry by ugly 'refugees' who came here specifically for their enormous families to live off us before they instituted their Caliphate and then killed us......etc. etc. that we discussed going to live in certain other countries. Nowadays, with chaos ruling just about everywhere I doubt there is that ideal country. America could be good, again, but Trump will be taken over by the nasties before that happens. Best just to get in a good supply of booze, get rid of anything electronic, return to old books and old friends - and never, never, listen to "the news".

Geoffrey Rush has launched legal action against News Corps to clear his name of false allegations.

Former Victoria Police detective Denis Ryan a hero of child abuse inquiry.
Jack the Insider. See in REPLIES.

Coming to a Courthouse near you.

America: Killer Gets Three Years for Murder – Vandal Gets 15 Years for Placing Bacon in Mosque

Gays triumph with their first American porn star suicides after being mercilessly harrassed and bullied by the gay lobby, for refusing to have sex with gay man...thats what this gay mafia are like folks..they will hound you to death... according to Turnbull 'for love' of course before sh killed herself she tweeted '“I don’t have anything to apologize for! Apologizing for taking extra steps to [ensure] that my body stays safe? F--k you guys for attacking me when none of my intentions were malicious. I f--king love the gay community! What the f--k ever! I CHOOSE who I have inside my body. No hate,” she wrote in another tweet.

o'keefe leaving weekend sunrise , better if he left Australia .

Why do we have this need to prefix what we say with "äs a hetorosexual, I "

Any one know. Is there a petition to force the resignation of Mr Bean ( aka Sam DastriAri)??

I used to love rainbows. Now I hate them. I used to like men and now I love them. I used to not like women and now I find them creepy and nasty. I used to liked well groomed people, now I pity them. I used to love being gay, now I settle for being happy. But I am not happy because I can no longer love a rainbow, be well groomed or be gay. I am not a happy well turned out Australian right now.

Don't know if this has been already mentioned BUT Turnbull has just launched a new law (to match 18C). The Turnbull Government today introduced landmark legislation to prevent the sharing of intimate images online without consent.
Publish a photo of Yassmin Abdel Magied without her head scarf and you could be fined $105,000 under new legislation Turnbull introduced yesterday.

I will put it out there. If Deb Flecklington from Nanango had been the Leader of LNP I would have voted for LNP. She looks like a normal woman, a decent human being married, kids, from the bush, educated and a quintessential Quenslander.