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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


We’re witnessing a core reasons why we don’t get the best parliamentary representation available. Labor’s handbag hit squad is embroiled in an unedifying old fashioned street scrap over preselection for retiring MP Martin Ferguson’s Melbourne seat of Batman.

In one corner we have the Prime Minister endorsing and promoting one of her key backers, David Feeney, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence. She’s choosing him largely for ‘loyalty’. It’s a reward and a wedge against Rudd forces. Feeney was instrumental in her seizing the PM’s job so it’s a quid pro quo. He’s also a good performer, so that assists her argument.

In the other corner are Gillard’s fellow Emily’s Listers. They have their knickers in a knot ‘cause they want a woman – but Feeney is a man.

The likes of Jenny Macklin, Penny Wong and Catherine King are in a tizz, saying the ALP is failing to meet its rules that require 40 per cent of candidates in winnable seats to be women. The seat of Batman is Labor’s safest.

Feeney, in their view, and according to convoluted Labor policy, shouldn’t get the job because...well, he’s a man. The handbag hit squad members are sexists. Or more accurately, misandrists.

No matter that Feeney’s already a proven performer. The hit squad wants Mary-Anne Thomas to be shoe-horned into parliament in the safe Labor seat.

Jenny Macklin said on the weekend, ''As a former senior vice-president of the ALP and a former deputy leader, I am very concerned that if a woman is not preselected for Batman, the ALP in Victoria will have only 27 per cent of candidates in seats held who are women.'' 

Macklin’s argument is that a person should get the job, not for what they have between their ears – but what they have between their legs.

It’s cringe worthy tokenism, demeaning and condescending to women. Macklin is arguing women are simply not good enough to be preselected based on ability – but on sex.  

Martin Ferguson has thrown his support behind Feeney for the seat, declaring him the best qualified candidate to deal with the challenges facing the party. He said, “I’m backing David because he brings experience, strength and determination.”

Contrast that position with the Liberal Party, where  women (including the deputy Leader) are preselected for being ‘the best person available for the job’, not sex or gender. Leader Abbot has a woman for his Chief Of Staff. That’s how it should be. Equal opportunity regardless of sex, age, religion or race (the Liberals are also ahead on race with a growing list of candidates sourced from ethnic communities)

If Labor wants to rebuild after the trashing of the disastrous Gillard years, it will review its tokenism and get back to selecting its candidates based only on ‘best person available’ regardless of gender, not based on gender.


Woman on 3AW radio yesterday had an e-mail sent from Anna Burke asking the lady if she would donate some money to the labor cause.
E-mail also contained a message from GilLARDARSE, asking for financial support to help labor win the next election.
It seems GilLARDARSE is indeed launching the misogny mission again despite being warned against it by cabinet and backbenchers. This lady does not know how her e-mail got into the hands of Gillard and Bogan Burkey.
Was there ever a person so hated and despised as this venomous creature, under normal circumstances, anybody with principle and a genuine love of their party would "do the right thing" and step aside for the good of the team.
When the rug is finally pulled out from underneath her there is every possibility she will suffer a breakdown.
She's not a normal person, she appears to be suffering from a delusional disorder, similar to Whitlam.

because she is cheap!

you keep forgetting the independents!

not jolly likely - she has never answered a question - she is rotten to the core

we know! let's put Gillard in one of those suburbs -

Hi MR PZ*.. and Mr LP*
Top of the world to ye ;)

Oakshot and Windsor are wimps. I hope both lose their seats, although both don't have a big seat as GillARSE

Oakshot and Windsor are wimps. I hope both lose their seats, although both don't have a big seat as GillARSE

ralphie the mug voters,US have learned a lot about independent pollie,s I E wilkie oakshott and wanker Windsor.

Let the stupid bastard communist union labor/Green party select their faceless men, faction leaders, because their members are gutless & ignorant hacks and morons

It should be the best person for the job not the token female for the job we have seen what this has done to the current government and has set the cause of women back to the 1970's yet Julie Bishop is a more than capable deputy leader or even leader should the need arise but the hand bag brawlers has made this very hard for her to achieve

My friends at age 15 called their .. Music Funkified F IL TH. That iS what politics has become.. FILTH ,and we do know who caused IT!!!

Geoff, perhaps Lazarus ain't that good at political speeches but after the election he can do the wrap-up . . . 'Der boys played good . . .'

seen that my sentiments exactly then he is a socialist so he could be putting on the reverse phyc on of the POOR labar pardy

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the girls club meeting - just to watch the handbags hit the carpet at Mach III when Ferguson dared back a bloke rather than play the silly game of 'Pick 40% girls and 60% boys so we can NEVER get all of the best available people.' What a hoot that meeting would have been!

You cant dress up a SOW......Gillard sleazy old HAG.

I second that emotion.......
Do people realise that there are as many gun deaths in the USA as motor vehicle deaths in the country.

The US also has a horrific suicide rate via a bullet to the head.

Hello again GeoffU
In answder to your query (my word I am a damn know-all to-day aren't I?) they wanted $10m but I read where they received a jot over $6m.
I will never ever give to the Salvos again.

The Pickering Post (or Paul Zanetti Cartoonist facebook page where this piece was also published) was read - and the opinion here re-worded in The Herald Sun under non-thinker & perennial, emotive, over-reactor, Susie O'Brien. She's used much of my own words and arguments, then predictably spun the argument that 'a woman is the best person for the job'.


A woman who has no parliamentary experience or track record as a performer, up against someone who has...and does.

Then again, if your born as stupid as Gillard, all the schooling in the world won't help.

Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.