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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A bitter Tony Windsor dug up all he could find on Barnaby’s private life, but the not so dirty dirt didn’t stick. Yes, the man who gave us Julia Gillard and didn’t have the balls to run against Barnaby this time, was content to sit at home on his social media accounts trying to destroy the character of the bloke who has always had his measure.

Barnaby is back as Deputy PM and ready to restrain his team of naughty Nats who have been causing havoc in his absence.

Joyce's four daughters, it is said, have to call their Dad’s personal assistant to speak to                  him, something Natalie his wife (on his right) describes as “really sad”.

The extent of the dirt on Barnaby boils down to my problem of never having spent the time that I should have spent with my daughters. It’s a tough call dividing your time between a chaotic career and a large family, and it's a nasty place for Windsor to attack. 

But that's the real Windsor. Yep, the only real loser in New England this time around is Tony Windsor.

And don’t count Barnaby out, in a joint Party room meeting, to replace Turnbull. He isn’t even registering a price with the bookies because he is a Nat. Impossible, you say? Not really, the 18th Prime Minister of Australia was a Nat… and the 19th a Senator.

           Alexander appears glum and sullen, even to his large numbers of supporters.

Next it's John Alexander’s turn, and the Bennelong electorate must decide between a hard-working, dour Member whose loss could unseat Turnbull and victory for an ex-NSW Labor Premier of a government that was arguably the worst and most corrupt in NSW’s history and naturally supported by Bill Shorten. 

But hey, Kristina has the panache and physical appeal to pull this one off. As for me, her overbearing demeanour and screeching voice makes me reach for the remote.

There is little loyalty in today’s politics and sitting Members have unjustly suffered. So I believe the annoyingly determined Kristina can nearly pull this one off,

…and if it happens it will be a bloody shame!   


Yes twas mighty how generous Gina gave poor Barnaby a whopping $40,000 present and how bold Barnaby had the loot all spent on his 'family farm', that is until Bill Shorten buggered everything up for Barnaby. Generous Gina must think the world of poor old Barnaby still out scratching for a dollar

Seriously voters will prefer the likeable Kristina to dreary old taipan Turnbull and his misfits.

Snigger doesn't understand the emanation of his politics. Can u bear it?

Where does that Yankee sounding Sheila live ?

Marx and Engels time came and went. FFS Marx was born in 1818, about the same time as you, I suspect. I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be a follower of Marx nor Engels. The trouble with Conservatives is they don't evolve or learn which is why you are so out of touch with the modern world.

dusty ..I'd go for validation of the to that's an interesting question..but given that there is nothing jews love more than fighting between themselves...and their hatred towards outsiders is often only surpassed by their hatred of each other..and given that WW1 and 2 were created as a by product of jews argueing amongst themselves over who would run their 'promised Land' could well be some sort of political exercise of jew could make a case that jews killed more jews in WW2 than anybody else..not that there were that many anyway

So. insulting people with disabilities is part of your repertoire? Blacks, women, gays, people with disabilities. Creeps.

So Andrew, you have no problem with treason.

Our parliament has been turned into a whorehouse.

DD runs rings around that fool Rowe.

The original comment was about Q&A and Abbott didn't appear on it for years, then after Zaky Mallah appeared Abbott tried to get his Ministers to boycott the show, as well. Turnbull, obviously has a great media adviser, if he is steered away from those two.


Constantine - I think if you hark back he saw to it that everyone wrote down what they knew at that time. Christianity was not split on any secular grounds until much later.

lol dusty...


Investigating other choices on free-to-air satellite tv because of the absolute garbage on offer, I discovered we now have channel 603 which is the Seventh Day Adventist org. So now I can listen to easy music while on the computer, hear about ordinary people's lives in different countries, a Vietmanese man's devotion to Christianity in his dangerous missionary work in his former country, cooking segment, healthy excercises and no ads. Get stuffed msm, you have nothing for me!!
(3ABN Australia - Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN)


My wife and I use the pull-out method for birth control..
we pull out our phones and ignore each other all night.

A Liberal MP from Queensland has a lesbian daughter who helped him "understand" homosexuality (he was on the Yes bus) the convincing analogy was that her generation will look upon his generation's attitude to gay marriage in the same way that he looked at the attitude of his parent's generation towards our indigenous people - still scratching my head, what on earth are they teaching our kids, suspect I already know the answer though.

No Duck, I am a good liberal who eats roots and leaves.