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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


A small town country mum and wife of an electrician is slowly but surely, and single-handedly, dismantling the evil of Islamic Halal Certification. Governments have refused to act to stop an extortion racket that has permeated our food chains and increased our shopping costs. It started with the hideously cruel halal slaughter of our livestock but has retrogressed to practically everything we buy, including plastic containers.

Kirralie writes today: 

A NSW Muslim emailed me several times over the course of a month. He began by being polite and apologising for the negative stereotypes surrounding Islam.

Toward the end of a very long email he wrote, “My friend and I will be forming a halal food certifying agency. However, ours will be different from the rest. Ours will have complete transparency and NOT ONE CENT of our funding will be going anywhere other than to our own personal bank accounts.”

What does that imply to you? 

That other organisations are not transparent?

That the money certainly does go toward funding questionable activities?

As I pressed him about these things he responded with increasing aggression and very foul language.

The majority of halal certification agencies in Australia are owned and operated by mosques. Mosques practise and preach segregation (between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims), inequality of women (a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s) even lesser status is afforded non-Muslims, how to use democracy to advance Islam - to name just a few things that are anti-Australian.

In a number of mosques polygamy, marrying minors and violence is also encouraged - teachings taken directly from the Koran, Hadiths and from examples of their prophet.

Much of this is funded by halal certification schemes.

In 2010 and 2011, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) declared that their income from halal certification was "around" $700,000 a year.

AFIC is just one of at least 21 agencies that can halal certify meat in Australia.

Interestingly the 2012 and 2013 reports are not easily found and even the Vice President had difficulty getting his hands on them.

He was quoted as saying, “The secrecy surrounding the financial management of the group was appalling. I was denied the opportunity to inspect our finances, despite my requests made plainly three times, and duly noted in the minutes.”

In France, the UK and Canada it has been proven that halal certification schemes directly fund organisations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – terrorist organisations determined to destroy the West.

In Canada alone it was found that $14.8 million dollars had been funnelled to Hamas from halal certification money.

It is time for the Australian government to investigate the money trail in Australia.

Already there are monetary links from here in Australia to terrorist organisations.

In 2012 the AUSTRALIAN Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed met with Hamas officials in Gaza, including Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

He told media there that, “We will make the stones, trees and people of Gaza talk in order to learn steadfastness, sacrifice, and the defence of one’s rights from them. We feel like we are on cloud nine, we feel like we are on top of the world.”

The SMH reported in 2005 that, “The certification rights from Saudi Arabia allow their owners to in turn certify the slaughtermen who kill animals in accordance with Islamic regulations. 

"With a tithe (10%) on every carcass, and the market for Halal meat rapidly growing, certification rights are worth millions of dollars."

Those who control the rights can build mosques, fund the training of imams in their chosen country and bring radical Islamic preachers to Australia.

The money is also a vital subsidy to the rash of Islamic schools flourishing in Australia, which are already in receipt of State funding, and a source of both influence and income for their operators.

This is a concern for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

It’s time to find out exactly where this money goes to.


and it is a pity that Marella Harris is an admin on the FB page. She is, in my opinion one woman on an egotistical power trip. She banned me from the site because I dare ask what section of the constitution you are relying on for your class action. Oh no cant tell me that and I was banned. Pathetic

their sales are not up, it is only 2% of australia that are muslims, it is only up as the 98% of us are forced to by halal even when we dont know, We know now and I hope the sales are down. I no longer buying meat in my supermarket, We are getting ours from butcher that is not halal.

Thank you Kirralie, our family s a regular viewer of your site. Good work, please keep it up. What we also want is compulsory labeling of halal products as currently many manufacturers --don't-- display a certification mark even though your website lists them as having paid the protection money to the mob.

I think what I find most offensive about the labelling is that it is foisted upon us with no choice. Sure, the likelihood of some of the money finding its way into terrorist coffers is offensive in itself, but being told that I will have less and less choice of what to buy because manufacturers are pandering to a small minority, and I'm paying for that, really annoys the hell out of me.

How did chocolate EASTER Bunnies get Halal certification?
I guess it's not just Americans that don't understand irony.

My shopping time has increased by about an hour because I now read the fine print and tiny logos on all items to see that they are not Halal which I refuse to buy.

I just received this BS return mail from my complaint to Western Star butter being halal blackmail paid.
Dear Mr xxxx
Thank you for contacting Fonterra Australia with your feedback regarding Western Star Butter and Halal certification.
Australia is a multicultural and multi-religious country with a diverse population. We are also an important food exporter to many countries in the Asian region, and further afield, which are home to significant Muslim populations.
Like many Australian food manufacturers, Fonterra seeks Halal certification for some of our manufacturing procedures, in order to label some of our products as Halal and ensure they are able to be enjoyed by Muslim consumers in Australia and in our export markets. Many foods and drinks, particularly those that do not contain meat or alcohol, are inherently compliant with Halal criteria.
Fonterra also seeks accreditation from a number of other authorities such as Kosher and organic.
The use of Halal ingredients means that our products meet Muslim dietary requirements. It does not indicate support for any particular Muslim belief or practice.
We appreciate you taking the time to make contact with us and we take on board your comments.

Kind Regards
Rhonda Masters

The difference is we are not being held to ransom to pay for their little fairy story beliefs are we? It's unlikely the kosher food certification business is a racket funding terrorists is it?

The difference is we are not being held to ransom to pay for their little fairy story beliefs are we? It's unlikely the kosher food certification business is a racket funding terrorists is it?

Thanks Dominoes! Its logical to side with 97% of the market instead of the 3% that don't even eat pizza anyway.

Aaaaah not quite correct I called Domino's and was told that they had 6 stores that were Halal certified and because of low patronage the number has now dropped to three stores, so in all the call to reduce from 6 to 3 halal certified stores was a commercial one so no plaudits for Dominos thank you!

Great work Domino's!!! I'm offended by the certification symbol and have emailed several companies using it, outlining my thoughts on where the money goes, and they come back with a wishy washy response to the effect of the muslim market is only a couple of percent and they don't want to offend them. If it's only such a small percentage of their business, why offend the rest of us by using it? It' difficult at times, and I stopped buying a favourite cheese because of it, but I won't buy anything with that symbol.....ever.

I have every respect for this woman but she should be going after the Jews as well. Kosher is every bit as vile in their treatment of animals.

Go Domino's

After 911 new regulations were brought into play in Australia and the US to ensure every Credit application was substantiated to be able to trace the money to ensure the money was not going to a terrorist organisation. Previous to this (we were told) there was no traceability and funds were going overseas to assist terrorism. If this action was good enough to be implemented to reduce or stop the funds being syphoned off for death squads, why is it such a stretch for Governments today to trace the Hallal extortion racket money trail. The end game is the same and is not that what they are trying to stop?

Most of the 1930'a media were with Hitler all the way. Even the Lefties thought he had great ideas, Go Adolph Go!

Heard Kirralie on ABC this morning, 11am, put her (our) case strongly. Pity about the MK xxxx ABC Cretin. How frigging negative can these cunts get!

Go to click on the Product List section then open the Halal Certified section and be prepared to be amazed. You can log on to the various Companies web sites and click on the Contact Us section and register your query/complaint

Apparently there is halal certification on all NZ products.

What about Eagle Boys, they were my favourite.