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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... in a bloodless dismissal

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Okay, even if the Coalition gets a 76/74 seat majority it will be an unworkable Parliament. The reason is that the Government is required to supply a Speaker leaving a 75/74 seat precarious count. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to get a Speaker from the cross benches and if that person has a rudimentary understanding of Standing Orders he/she will become the second most important person in Government with a huge salary to match and a self contained flat within the House, plus a host of benefits that don’t include an unauthorised chopper ride. 

That’s achievable, but the many tied votes prevailing on the Floor are broken by a casting vote of this new Speaker and the Government has no idea how he/she will vote, or indeed abstain. It’s an impossible way to govern amid calls for a new election. 

So there I was this morning sitting on the dunny trying to snap one off when it suddenly dawned on me! We don’t need a new election. We can keep the same speaker and be rid of Turnbull at the same time without a Party Room bloodbath!

Now stay with me here. Party Wets assured us that the angry Conservative Dries, still smarting over the ruthless first-term killing of Abbott, would return to the fold come election time. Well, that clearly hasn’t happened and there are still clouds of white hot anger wafting over the back and front bench.

Okay, so let’s say the Coalition gets a wafer thin majority of seats after counting this week. The Nats should have their 16 seats resulting in a one or two seat majority on the Floor with a Speaker yet to be elected. 

From memory there were 44 Libs who voted to keep Abbott in Office last year and 54 who wanted him replaced with Turnbull, so it needed only a marginal 6 Party members to change their minds and Abbott would still be PM and not worrying about a slim majority.  

So if the still-incensed anti Turnbull Liberal Party members resigned from the Liberal Party today, (including, but not necessarily, Abbott) and signed up with the 16 member National Party, the Coalition would be rid of Turnbull without any nervous Nellie having to tap him on the Shoulder.

                            Erica Betz livid over the bloody Turnbull coup

The Nats would hold the Coalition majority of 60 to the Libs’ 30, with a Coalition Senate bloc of 38 or 39 Members. 

Brilliant, but Barnaby Joyce would be PM. Dammit...there is always a snag, but anything would be better than Turnbull or Shorten.The Libs would be locked out of the Nats’ Party room that decides whether Barnaby remains the PM or not. But whoever triumphs, including the possibility of, but not necessarily, an invitation to Abbott, gets to select a much needed, brand new front bench with Turnbull back in Communications or sulking on the back bench.

                            Barnaby following a constructive discussion with Tony Windsor

There is nothing to prevent Parliamentarians changing Parties, it has happened often, and in this case the deserters can easily change back to the Libs in future if it suits. It would be an effective "performance guarantee" on a PM that killed a sitting PM only to lead the Party to a near-loss election.

Treacherous PMs like Turnbull and his close supporters would be permanently kept on their toes and the public would have no qualms over the tactic whatsoever.

In fact this swapsies business could become a legitimate part of pre-election strategy when it gets a little too close for Coalition comfort because of an ineffective, traitorous PM. 

No big deal, after all, 66 Party Leaders so far have been replaced in Australia in the past 13 years!

But can changing Leaders bloodlessly be that easy, or do I have my hand on it... again?


Turd-ball is a cad and a poltroon!

Lol..not a problem !

pelican... I've had my suspicions for some time - it's a pity two few can be trusted these days.
Thanks for the information above.. it's beginning to all come together now.

mike..and youll only read about it here on else will print it.not eve The Socialist...most people have no idea what an evil thug he is...puts on his fkn Mr Magoo act....bloody hell

Little Johnnie has turned out to be a real champ. Secret hand shake brigade.

Lol...100% no..merely based on the biased BS and propaganda that they are shoving down our throats...from TV hosts who support islamic terrorism to deliberate misinformation about islam..ahem Gold logies etc...havent checked the share might be obvious, but more likely to be disguised by front thing is a known fact..Howard opened the floodgates for Saudi criminal cash, and so much flooded in Downer had to advise the Saudis to back off a bit , otherwise Aussies might be suspicious (Downer is on record as saying this an being in on the swindle)..Howard was also instrumental in helping the Moslem Mafia set up the halal extortion criminality..we're awake now.

An interesting scenario. But it ignores the elephant in the room. The fact is, the problem goes much deeper than party politics. We the People have spoken. About 30% of us voted against party politics. We want Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR). RestoreAustralia has a Bill ready to amend Section 128. We are hopeful that Pauline will act for all of us to submit the Bill to Parliament. If she does, it will be up to all of us to put our weight and support behind her. We want CIR! Meanwhile, read this to see how corrupt the parties have become:

Regarding that 'father' of the poor little ten month old baby who with his homosexual lover abused her - words fail.

It is unbelievable depravity. And our self-styled elites are facilitating it by promoting same sex 'marriage'. As if peverted people aren't going to take advantage of such law 'reform' to indulge their depravity as these two did.

My heart bleeds for the poor little baby girl so cruelly abused. A ten months old baby! Where was the baby's mother?

This was gross shit by Ch9. They have the journalistic skills of two year olds.

Pelican.. have to ask this.... are you absolutely sure that Channel 9 and, as well, Channel 10 are owned by Muslims?

Billy ! Not you too? What's got into you people today...stop being rude to Thorn. Don't call a lady a 'Prick'. Not good.

Something to consider over a couple of beers tonight.

Do you finally think we have finally reached the tipping point where we are going to challenge the muslim invasion.

We knew yonks ago that the major parties were leading us to the point of genocide of what we have accepted as the "Australia Way of Life".

Time to fight back folks.

@Marco-eloco - How long did it take before Farage saw his vision realised? Just got to find people willing to dig in for a long fight against the establishment. Other than that, so many similarities between the EU and the UN - starting with badgering and punishing it's members who pull their own weight as well as picking up the slack of others.

Potential Banking Crisis Threatens Italy’s EU Membership
The Brexit vote has put further stress on the beleaguered Italian banking system which may have to separate from the European Central Bank (ECB) and possibly the European Union (EU).

The ABC hates poor people.

Musta been that other bloke Holt at Portsea? Whatever, neither would be a loss.

mocking is a form of bullying. Especially when they pick on personal matters such as how someone looks, or things they can't do anything about like having no dress sense or being of a certain gender (hmmmm, are qwerty people of certain gender??) or short or tall ....

so give it right back to the press. You can start, Pauline Hanson. You are making a good case for it already!

Keep a referee's whistle near your phone ....

Next time a telemarketer calls .. politely ask to wait a second

Then blow full blast down the speaker ..

Then come back and ask .. softly .. My God ! ... What do you do ? ... I'm half deaf !

Bob Katter supports the unions - They donated $225,000 to his campaign (M Smith's site)