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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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... Trump skips the obvious

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Every government America has established and nurtured in the Islamic world has turned out worse than the regime it overthrew. Something is missing in Trump’s plan for the Taliban’s demise and it is a little red poppy. 

Afghanistan’s poppy fields supply 97 per cent of the world’s heroin and they finance the Taliban’s war effort, yet the yanks still refuse to spray those evil crops that are destroying the West. 

Afghanistan can never be anything other than a corrupt version of the worst Islamic rule can offer. And a borderless crossing into Pakistan’s north finds permanent, protected territory for those who plan terrorism… just follow the footsteps of Osama bin Laden. 

                                   Afghanistan opium production in hectares

And another quick borderless crossing further east into northern India and you’ll find most of India’s 175 million Muslims.

Pakistan has nourished Islamic terrorism for decades. Oh yes there is a semblance of government in the South but it is still the North Asian centre for Islamic terrorism. You need proof of that? Then ask yourself why is the greedy little Pakistani who fingered Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts for the Americans still rotting in a Pakistani jail? 

He was trying to collect the $20 million reward money that the Americans now never need pay.

Osama bin Laden assumed he was safe within the confines of a Pakistani military establishment in Abbottabad in the far north of Pakistan. He wasn't, and it required breaking through Pakistan's sovereign land and air space to kill him. 

Pakistan was embarrassed that their terrorist affiliations were laid bare but they couldn't cry too much for fear the world would become aware of the obvious.

Trump’s courting of India to assist in the Afghanistan war effort will fall on deaf ears as Pakistan and India are nuclear able and anything India does to Afghanistan it does to Pakistan.That volatile nuclear argument is best left alone to settle other conflicts like the Muslim plagued Kashmir. 

The ears of Pyne and Payne will only hear as far as a couple of hundred more troops.

At least the shackles that Obama restricted the US military to are now off, and coalition troops can at least protect themselves. Obama refused US troops the ability to kill a Muslim unless the Muslim killed them first. It was no way to fight a war and Obama’s terms of engagement ensured not only the loss of the war but thousands of American sons who wanted to fight. 

This is just one example of the pro Muslim war that Obama wanted fought: When a hundred tankers were regularly leaving al-Raqqa with stolen ISIS oil, US Jet fighters were waiting to obliterate them. 

Under Obama’s rules they had to first drop thousands of leaflets to warn the Muslim tanker drivers they were about to be bombed. By the time the leaflets hit the ground 40 minutes later the pilots had to return to the Gulf carrier as they were out of fuel because the Turks’ Erdogan would not allow the Americans the use of their airstrips next door.

This was a normal occurrence and Obama knew the outcome each time, he was told the outcome, and he was happy. Erdogan could not allow the use of his airstrips because he was buying the oil himself at a heavily discounted price and shipping what he didn’t need over the Bosphorus and through to Europe.

At least now there will be some serious killing of the malignant Muslim Taliban that could force them to the negotiating table. But a coalition government of anything with the Taliban in it cannot survive long. 

Who will administer education, who will administer justice, who will administer the armed services? The Taliban will never deny their Wahhabist Islamic cult.

Yep,as soon as the US thinks it’s once again safe to leave, the Taliban will take over with little resistance and the current corrupt government will oblige them. Islam always changes sides when it suits, and it’s back to where we were 3,000 US deaths ago.

Obama’s solution to Afghanistan’s heroin economy was to teach them to plant vegetables, that’s how his inadequate black brain thinks. The poppy fields return $60 billion in revenue and that’s a lot of cabbages for the average farmer. 

                                           US troops survey the harvest

So why hasn’t the US sprayed every crop? Well, says Obama, “If we take away their livelihood they will be forced back into the arms of the Taliban.” Jesus Christ, how dumb was this bloke? As long as those poppy fields exist, so too does the Taliban in ever increasing numbers and strength.

Perhaps now common sense will prevail under the Generals’ carte blanche. The opium fields need to go now, not later.

The war can never be won, but the US and we can eventually extricate ourselves from this Afghanistan sewer,

… and bump off a few thousand budding poppies and Muslim terrorists on the way. 



The Obamessiah was the greatest thing ever in Moonbat politics. Compared with the billions Americans dumped on primitive Islamic savages in Afghanistan the Opium trade is a mere pittance.

Like opium if the world bought oil elsewhere rather than the Middle east the global threat would disappear and camels would be back in vogue. Piss them Leftist retards in Venezuala and the world could buy their oil as this countries oil reserves are larger than the middle east. The question begs how many of our world's politicians are receiving kick backs from the Arab countries?.

Pull the troops out and spray the whole country with roundup, it would make it harder to buy weapons so the war wouldn't last long.

Thanks lp, I don't have any problem with most of the posters here, there's only a few idiots here that like to stir people up, they're bullies and I was always taught to stand up to bullies.

Well, I personally think you are A OK ID

Sweden on the verge of collapse due to mass migrant invasion who have to date created 61 No Go Zones and are now armed with grenades, and other arms, burn cars and terrorise local citizens into moving on to a hopefully safer neighbourhood. Scandanavia's largest mosque opens in Malmo (a violent No Go Zone - where ambulances must have police escort to enter the zone- funded by Qatar. Also in Sweden 15th June 2017 Migrant stabs passengers when woman in hijab asked to show train ticket blames "racism". An Iragi man travelling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal attack on passengers after a Muslim woman was asked to she her ticket. Karim Alaa Hussein became infuriated when the unnamed woman who was wearing a veil was asked by a female conductor to show her ticket.

yes well said is truly shocking

Good news in the US folks.

Jury refuses to convict in Bundy ranch standoff

That's what Nazism and Communism was all about. Extracting shekels from the victims on both sides. Although the Communists transferred their wealth even more so to the International Jewish Mafia bankers.

Exactly, they run the Republicans too. I didn't want to endorse that side. Just pointing out that left wing Jews are projectionists are Communists are Cultural Marxist and right wing Jews are alt-right, in solidarity with Nationalists but at the end of the day are just as big a hypocrites because they share the shekels with their Jewish friends on the other side.

They are parasites on both sides. The only Jews you can trust are people like Bobby Fischer, Nathaneal Kapner, Benjamin Freedman. The ones who tell the truth.

lp :)

yes indeed MM..Zero Dark Thirty..another load of tosh from Jew run Hollywood....and Alex Jones regularly points out the seedy background of the democrats...I know during the Jewish created great depression, the Republicans got all the blame....and the New Deal from Jewish stooge promoted as a cure all..when all it did was prolong the recession for years..but it made the Democrats the governing power..people will believe anything the jews tell them they seem to run both parties ..for themselves

Smartgirl just LOVED Phoebe.

Even my NeW York Jewish friends call the Democrats the Jewish party.

Hollywood always trivialises their crimes or points out or transfers blame to goyim's crimes. It's all part of the PR brainwashing campaign, the same as the holocaust. Always victims and oppressed when it is they that are victimising and oppressing.

Law of reversal pelican, Democrats are famous for it as well.

This video about Democrats really shows the hypocrisy. As the saying goes, show me a poor city of Negroes and I'll show you a Democrat ruled city. The party of slaves. LBJ even said, if we can't have slaves we will ruin the blacks another way.

Yes, the very idiots that keep on making up lies about me.

IE has never learned that you reap what you sow.

.Indignant Elder @ 10.24.53 am

That has to be the biggest load of b/s you have said on this site yet......"never used anyone else's name or avatar".

Unfortunately for you clog head there are people here at PP and on this very thread that know the truth.

the CIA actually means Criminals In America

When a Swiss is, I think 18 they are required to undertake military training. When the engagement ends they are required to serve a short period each year *with the colours*. They retain their small arms in their homes from the end of their enlistment until they are retied from military service, at I think age 60. Death by firearm, though I don't know for certain, is no greater, I don't think, than that say, of Australia because if it was it would be banner headlines & the main topic of every lefty inclined media outlet in the world, especial here.