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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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... but first know who your enemies are

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“We are not terrorists, our religion has been hijacked, Islam is a religion of peace”, said my moderate Muslim friend. “Oh, I apologise, I have been unfair to you. Here I was thinking you wanted Shariah Law imposed here in Australia”, I replied. There was a moment’s silence. “That’s different”, he said, and that’s why I’ve lost another friend.

You see, Islam IS Shariah. You can’t have one without the other.

You can’t call yourself a Christian if you denounce the teachings of Christ and you can’t call yourself a Muslim if you denounce the hadiths of Mohammed. If you do, you are either a heathen or an apostate with a date with hell.

Western leaders have a responsibility to their constituents to wipe these terrorist groups from the planet and they can do it, yet still they remain in denial waiting to react to the next attack on the West with sickening platitudes.

Obama has now called a summit of “moderate” Arab nations to discuss this worsening “workplace violence”... WTF?  That’s akin to asking a clan of vampires to discuss an overflowing bloodbath.

The Obama concept of a “moderate Arab bloc” is the stuff of fairy tales. No Arab nation has the stomach to confront the ISIS or Al Queda unless they themselves are directly threatened.

Obama may have a soft spot for Islam but he will never understand the labyrinthian mess of intertribal Islamic bastardry that rules the Middle East. The so called “coalition” against the ISIS is therefore predictably falling apart.

Obama’s "moderate bloc" is perceived as a group of Arab States that act in coordination and agreement with American policy. Bullshit, nothing could be further from the truth. Obama’s anti-American ally, Saudi Arabia, cannot even influence the Gulf States, each has its own agenda.

Meanwhile, Obama’s prime adversary, Iran, is conducting a sophisticated geopolitical tactic that is likely to succeed in getting Arab States over to its side. When it stresses the Palestinian problem and opposes American hegemony in the region, it is actually closer to the position of the Sunni Islamic States.

In fact, there is no "Shia" element in Iranian foreign policy. When Arab leaders speak about the Iranian threat they note that, "Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine were stolen by Iran from the Arabs," and they never mention any nuclear threat.

When the corrupt terrorist twins, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, do not agree with America’s Iranian policy, Egypt refuses dialogue with both Iran and Syria, which are both supported by Saudi Arabia. Iran now has boots on the ground in northern Iraq trying to fill the vacuum left by the US but there is no coordination with the coalition’s airstrikes because the coalition is actually the enemy... work that one out!

Egypt reluctantly agreed to an American request to replace its ambassador to Baghdad, but Egypt of course is in receipt of billions in US aid.

Naturally the Saudis aren’t short of a quid so they flatly refused the American request.

With the exception of an impotent Jordan, the Arab League is a nest of vipers who will turn on the West the moment it can subdue its own Arab enemies.

Ally Turkey not only refuses the US an airbase from which to attack the ISIS, it harbours Hamas and supports ISIS by purchasing its stolen oil at half price, to the tune of $1 million per week.

But here’s the doozy of all doozies: The Saudis have now allowed the US to construct training centres on Saudi soil, and who are the Americans training? You’ll never guess. “Moderate” Syrian rebels! I wonder if Obama realises that it is the Syrian rebels who are the backbone of the ISIS.

Must be a pretty clever bloke this Obama because not even Mohammed could tell a “moderate” from a “radical” ... unless of course handfuls of free US dollars were involved.

Tony Abbott may have followed Obama into this unwinnable madness but now they are both nursing bloody noses because Abbott did not pass his Arab studies test and Obama appears to be on the wrong side.  

The term, "moderate Arab bloc" is yet another slogan invented in the corridors of the White House. 


OT, to mark Australia Day a massive 500m diameter asteroid is passing the Earth tonight at about three times the Earth-Moon distance.

Some people should not be allowed to breed .......

Why would any normal, moralistic person have as a friend a muslim? They worship a paedophile, and by befriending a muslim, a person must, by dint of that friendship, condone paedophilia.

though a muslim and cannot be trusted.

Two days ago in Munich I met a couple of Turkish Guys at a trade show. One was complaining about the current Turkish regime, the either didn't speak English and was happy to smile every now and again and drink his beer. The first guy was saying that the current regime was voted in by the "uneducated 50%" of the population and pretty soon they would take over because they did what the mullah ordered and had 3 - 5 children each. He said that Turkey would deb taken back to the dark ages with the current regime. However, when I brought up a couple of items that touched on the edge of islam (and I was being non committed as I wanted him to talk) he went cold on the subject of his new Turkish regime. It has taught me that however much a muslim is anti some aspects of islam they are through and

I think you gave him the mozzer Larry, he just died...the coloured pencils are mightier than that sword.

Tens of thousands of deluded loons follow Marine Le Pen. 1.8 billion deluded, often violent loons follow some guy named Allah and his mate Mohammed. Why aren't they branded as being even nuttier?

Well Sandra, Patty can't say he hasn't been given the heads up, unfortunately Patty doesn't seem to have 2 brain cells that can interact with each other or to put it another way he is incapable of thinking for himself a very common problem now days. Ask any business in Australia how many people they have who can problem solve or think on their feet, the number is very low.

village idiots eh? Well looks like you take the cake - you have not read a thing that has been said. You do not suffer fools? Is this because they remind you of someone??

Right on Patty!

I have never read so much rubbish as I have from you three - Like talking to a family of village idiots. You are making complete fools of yourselves. Latest Islamic atrocities….Australian Jihadists raping Iraqi women, keeping them as slaves…I suppose this is a figment of someone imagination is it??? there is too much evidence that Islam is the biggest problem the worlds faces for you to deny it. the evidence is there. This is my last word on it - I do not suffer fools gladly - like I said - it is like talking to the village idiots…..You just don't have the capacity to understand.

No Problems Sandra, I am only trying to put forward something that many people have been researching for a long time because they are no longer prepared to accept the Official, read (Cabal version) of events, science, news and History. Generally speaking something has happened to these people like you and I that has given them a big wake up call and awoken them from their slumber in my case it was 911.

Thanks Marco - well summed up

Brian Woods has successfully registered the trademark name “halal”, sub-category “certification”. This trademark is registered in 164 countries. Let the games begin!



ATTENTION TO: H.o.n Minister for Trade Andrew Robb

As the registrant of the trade mark word HALAL with sub category certification, I wish to raise with you some possible conflicting legislations which may have been made prior to this registration.

It has come to my attention, that Government in contravention of section 116 of Australia’s constitution may have given legislated power to halal certification under a guise of it is a religious belief in contravention of the constitution in regards to interfering with religion matters.

Patty, Islam is trying to impose their sick culture on everyone else but they are just being used and manipulated as a tool. This is a massive problem here and in the rest of the world but it is not the Main Problem. As Sandra said Problem Reaction Solution. Create the problem, worldwide terrorism supposedly by Islamic extremists such as ISIS which is in fact a CIA, Israeli Arab joint venture. Get the reaction, outrage to whoever and whichever country they nominate and present the solution. Take that country or group out and put in your own puppet to govern the country you targeted in the first place as well as bring in new anti-terror laws to supposedly help stop the terrorists which you are in fact controlling.

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Great!!! at last you come up with a valid point Marcoeloco….You know…. the bit about a group with an interconnecting web across the world who are trying to impose their agenda on mankind…You are so right…. it s called Islam.

Well said Eric

I think what pelican is saying is the two party system is not working. What is now called centre right politics would have been seen as far left in Menzies day. A barren open space for new parties is now a reality. If Australia has slid that far down the tubes to the left we deserve all the pain that will be coming our way. The LNP need conviction in their traditional role and should engineer a Double Dissolution using the reduction of Islamic immigration as the catalyst, they would succeed on this platform, then get on with governing.

These women show us how it's done... Armed Women and Mothers Drive Back Boko Haram Attack… AFRICA - Several Nigerian media outlets have been reporting on local women in the villages of Attagara and Kawuri in Borno State who recently disarmed nearly a dozen Boko Haram terrorists. The notorious pseudo-Islamic terror groups tried to attack the Attagara and Kawuri communities over the weekend but the insurgents were instantly repelled by a group of armed women... At least three of the terrorists managed to flee, but community members say that seven were arrested and executed.