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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse” is a carefully worded title constructed by the Gillard Government and its terms of reference were carefully constructed so as to ensure the Commission goes nowhere near ALP constituencies surrounding mosques.

Gillard’s appointment of Sydney’s north shore greeny, Justice Peter McClellan as Commissioner was designed, as with every Gillard appointment, to inflict lasting political influence.

Gillard ensured the Commission was confined to investigating only churches, charities, community organisations and government bodies, so is the sexual abuse of children committed within Islamic “community organisations” out of bounds? Gillard thought so, and so too does Justice McClellan.

McClellan gave notice this month, in a letter to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, that the Commission intends following up on the Gillard-appointed Gillian Triggs’ outrageously false allegations regarding detention centres.

Yet offshore detention centres are well outside the Commission’s jurisdiction but, in the course of statements and examinations concerning on-shore centres, Justice McClellan knows full well that Triggs’ and Hanson-Young’s scuttlebutt will get plenty of air time, followed by plenty of ABC and Fairfax time.

This Commission is taking an ugly political turn Left.

Justice McClellan should hang around Ballarat for a while where yet another mosque is being built, or wander up the road to the approved Bendigo mega-mosque. Very fertile ground awaits him there regarding blatant child abuses as abhorrent as female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages. Or if Bendigo is too cold, try Lakemba.

These practices are not Triggs and Hanson-Young beatups... these are real. Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital alone has reported admitting between 600 and 700 affected females annually. God only knows what the figure is nationally.

FGM is illegal and conducted around the age of five within private Islamic communities, usually by old men inflicting tetanus with rusty razor blades.

How can that not be of interest to a Commission charged with investigating child abuse within community organisations?

Islamic sexual abuse of children should be a walk-up start for this Royal Commission as it is impossible to obtain precise data about the extent to which FGM is performed. A veritable gold mine of hitherto unknown information awaits any responsible Royal Commissioner, but apparently not this one.

Anything smelling of Islamic sexual abuse of children is clearly out of bounds.

But hang on, the “independent” Triggs report, she emotively called “The Forgotten Children”, detailed 233 assaults involving children and 33 incidents of reported sexual assault, with the majority involving children, but neither she nor Hanson-Young mentioned that most “assaults” were assessed as being either children on children or adults on adults.

Triggs’ long litany of lies became evident at a later Senate inquiry where she falsely claimed she refused a bribe by Senator Brandis to abandon her role as Human Rights President.

“I’m a lawyer”, she screeched when chairing another committee and was asked to withdraw a claim that there were armed guards at a children’s detention centre. She refused, and continued to make even more ridiculous assertions that there, “wasn’t a blade of grass to be seen” and that, “children were diseased, suicidal and Ill-cared for without decent medical facilities”.

Having recently visited the site Triggs was knowingly telling bald faced lies but was determined to mislead the Left Press who were eager to report her “opinions”, rather than the facts as presented by Minister Morrison.

So what is the current McClellan Royal Commission doing writing to Hanson-Young expressing its interest in on-shore detention centres (centres that are tightly controlled by the Immigration Department and of little interest to the Left) when the real focus is clearly centred on off-shore centres which are outside its jurisdiction and run by contractors?

Hmmm, I smell a rotten rat nibbling at the hated former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s heels... and at the behest of the evil duo of Triggs and Hanson-Young.

Whatever the case, the stench of the Gillard legacy of Left appointments lives on.


The earth is not moving

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The Muslim Adem Somyurek is an old school Labor politician, active in the factions and good with party numbers. His behaviour in parliament has led to him being sidelined, even by Labor a political block in Australia that has strong criminal connections.

these weak kneed piss ants will only target those who wont fight back. they will never foist their views on a culture that takes action by retribution.

The UN directs that all religious faiths are equal except in the case of Christianity whose adherents commit a criminal offence.

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PETA, Sarah Two-names , RSPA and the Greens have issued a direction via a booklet as a guide on how to speak to sheep, goats and cows. Phases like "can I now shear you please, and please hold still while I take this cutting-comb out of your arse" shall be used. As for our Mossie guests they are to use the following approved phase when fornicating with their goats; "please lift your tail"

This is messed up on so many levels. Watch "Dark Flowers: The Story of Self-immolation in Afghanistan" on YouTube

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It claims to be a teacher of the English language, if that were to be true it explains a great deal if indeed it is an example of the average intelligence of those chosen to teach our children our language.

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what a strange and disappointing world ! We Rant and Rave about crime and misconduct and we spend millions defending a couple drug runners and make heros out of them!? w R & R about child sex abuse and mutilation of women and we ignore the 100 to 300,000 abortions in Australia every year? We allow proven Murders to play with the court systems and waste tax payers money on 'technicalities and we will allow IS 'murders' to return to Oz to live on the Tax Payer's social security multiple benefits while we IGNORE the mass murders of Christians an other non- radicals around the world!! Mc Clellen, Triggs, Hanson-Young and the extreme left media are just one more blight on our country.

Cadbury has just retrenched 80 staff at its factory in Claremont, Tasmania. This was apparently due to lower sales. I tend to think the ripple effect of the halal boycott may be in play here. I feel sorry for the workers but Cadbury made their bed & now thaey must lie in it.