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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Justice Ain't Justice

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Our penal systems vary and are based on dogma. Religious dogma.

The Islamic woman who is raped, and cannot produce witnesses to testify that she was, will be stoned to death. The European woman who is raped and can point a finger at her “violator” will have him gaoled… in a “correctional centre”.


A correction center? Gaol corrects nothing! Gaol is a penal institution that inflicts penalties! Penalties as severe as irreversible death… State sanctioned murder. Thousands of innocent people have been executed.

DNA testing of the same evidence that earned them execution, now tells us they were innocent! We have murdered thousands of innocent people! Do we care?

No! We don’t care because we have invented systems to dissipate the blame… we all still sleep well at night.

The State can blame the judiciary, the judiciary can blame the jury the jury blames the other jurists. The executioner is anonymous or the process of execution is automated so no-one can be responsible.

Inept counsel, police under pressure from the Press or bent on proving an original suspicion, emotional juries and incompetent, sometimes corrupt judges… all get it wrong, too often.

The penal system is interwoven with politics.

The US has three million detainees in gaols and thousands on death row. Even if they are guilty, at what monetary cost and with what hope of reform?

Exhorbitant and none.

Good, honest, law-abiding young citizens are sent home to their parents from Iraq in body bags while the convict watches the war in a warm bed on colour television, waiting for his next hot meal to arrive.

Why don’t we have the “B” army for criminals? Train them, give them an outlet for their frustrations, teach them discipline, pride, accomplishment and dedication to something society believes is a good cause. Give them ambition to progress to the “A” army!

Give them guns to fight with… or are we worried about friendly fire when we were going to kill them anyway?

Criminals are not all bad. They built Australia.

Since when has incarceration “corrected” anyone or made anyone a better person?

We abolished the death penalty subsequent to Ronald Ryan only because we felt uneasy about doing it… for no other reason. What we do now is far worse and at a far greater cost, with no resolution, in order to assuage our delicate feelings. It’s easier to forget the felon spending life in gaol than it is to forget that we, the State, murdered him.

Half the incarcerated have severe mental problems. “But we need to keep bad people off the street!”, they say.

A “B” army would be productive (and off the street).

Why use “good” people to disarm bombs while the “bad” people laugh at their predicament?

Why not use the $4 million an hour it costs to incarcerate people of the world, for something good? It costs more to keep someone in gaol than it does to keep a sick person in a hospital… and we can’t even afford a hospital bed for the “good” people!

Why not use the “B” army to build and staff agricultural universities in third world countries?

Would a criminal have a better chance of “correction” after 10 years in a “correctional” facility or would he have a better chance of correction after the completion of ten years helping a third-world country to self sufficiency in food?

The answer (and the economics) is obvious!

Most convicts are real live people with broken minds. They have never experienced social, parental or peer discipline or responsibility. They are aimlessly locked into a culture of crime their children and their grand children will follow.

Inured judges blithely hand out sentences of 75 years for armed robbery and 7 years for murder... depending on what side of the bed they arose from that morning.

The criminal is “afforded” an incompetent State-funded legal counsel, who couldn’t get a copper off a parking ticket, while the well-heeled get off Scott free!

Justice ain’t justice!

Justice belongs only to those who can pay enough for it.


Whatever happened to "prison with hard labour"? That was a form of rehabilitation, and helped pay for prison upkeep.
Early Australia was built by such people, and many went on to great achievement.
If those early convicts had been put under the same regimen as today's prisoners, Australia today would be like Mexico, a totally failed state.

Assange taunted and goaded the US put lives at risk and then ran for cover refusing to face to his deliberate smart arse attention seeking leaking. Why should be escape criminal proceedings ...the spy who leaked to him is in prison...what makes Assange so "special" that he considers he is above the law. His piggish personal habits are another indication of the kind of bloke he do the allegations of rape...which I believe have the ring of truth...

Yes I read somewhere that Arseange was happy to live like a pig and his room was like a pigsty. Of course he expected his hosts would clean up after him and give him oddles of monay etc.

OT - The Dark Side of David Morrison - AOTY award

By Ben Fordham speaking with a former Lieutenant Colonel. Runs for 14 minutes and exposes Morrison for appalling actions in the Army and he should resign as Aust of the Year. Morrison sacked and stripped innocent officers re supposed Jedi Council sex ring.

Miranda Devine also cites further inappropriate actions of Morrison in her column.

The man is a hypocrite of the highest order.

There is also a petition running calling for David Morrison to resign with nearly 7000 signatures. Aim is for 10,000.

STOP the bloody Coal mine at KINGAROY !!!!!!!

I find it odd that Sweden wants Assange to face a suspect rape allegation, yet NYE held no interest in thei young women being raped by the uninvited country shoppers. Justice Larry, yes there is none, its all about a "legal process". Lawyers have fucked the world!
Procol Harum - Homburg 1967

I am sure I saw Kathy Lette talking about her star boarder during the height of the Assange hysteria.

Nice to see "gaol" spelled the correct way.

And I would love to see child rape legalised too. Oh wait, it already is in those disgusting and subhuman worlds of the boongs and ragheads. No, wait, I meant I would like to see child rapists get their deserved punishment, which in my world would be castration and being impaled on a post 20", or 50cms to those not in the know, in diameter, fence post. As for legalising cannabis, I think it already has been if you are only carrying enough for a few smokes. If you have a few lbs of it though you should be charged with dealing.

This article is far too long but if you plough through or cherry pick there are some interesting insights into headscarf wearing, etc., and how to survive in Turkey, without a religious agenda, as a moslem woman from America.

Posted this too far below .It is in answer to the Pope forgiving the Jews officially

If you actually bother to check the facts(always a problem here), neither group wanted a martyr. Both wanted a trouble maker out of the way for a while. JoN wanted official recognition of the Christians as a Jewish sect so that they could access the temple to pray. The Elders were not happy at his past behaviour there and regarded his "new ideas" as a threat. The Romans also regarded him as a troublemaker as he brought large crowds with him wherever he went and Israel was seething with rebellion. The problem was that the Romans wanted to set an example of a rebel and had every intention of crucifying the next one. The elders did not know this as they fully expected JoN to be locked up for a few years. IIRC he was arrested for a "breach of the peace" which under martial law which menat a military court.No one was really worried as they had already captured Barrabas the leader of the local gang and he was certainly "for it". But his supporters infiltrated the crowd and outnumbered the christians (never a large core group and decidedly smaller with him in gaol) and to every one's shock Barrabas was freed. Hence pontius Pilate and the elders wre forced to see him crucified by the roman military and NO one was happy about it. this led to 2000 years of jew bashing(despite Christianity being SOLELY a Jewish sect then) and the current crap we read here.

Great picture to head the story. British justice (which we have) was and still is brutal and uncaring. Witness four British Coppers keeping Assange surrounded for something they have nothing to do with. They just want the Americans to get hold of him so they can brutalise him and teach him who is in charge. This is the philosophy in Australia as well. Inmates do not teach new inmates how to be good people, quite the opposite. Put 'em in the Army, I don't think so. When they get out they will be super criminals and a real worry to the Police. What they need most of all is what they didn't get from the start, education. But they do need correction though, to right the dumbed down usless crap that dumbed down useless teachers tried to teach them in our schools and universities. So how about real full time correctional centres based on teaching them how to speak, read, write, spell, do mental arithmetic and, generally, how to be a decent person. Allow them to live in the community and pay them a benefit so they can attend classes full time. A compulsory passing grade of about 60% should be set as the point at which they are eligible for parole. I do admit that for this to work the teachers would need to be extremely competent and a small security presence would need to be maintained. But this has got to be much cheaper than our monolithic prison system

Despite Mr Maassen's reassurances if I were a German citizen residing in Germany I would be very alarmed.

Can anyone hear the alarm bells ringing out for Canada

Kenya played host to the MC10, and the Government had to deliver to the Empire
what it was obliged to under duress of the imperial system. Unless the
South gets together in solidarity with the people of the world in active
RESISTANCE against the Empire and the WTO, this war machine will destroy
not only the global South but also the global North.

The ALA have definitiely got my vote at the upcoming federal election